10 things organized people often do before bedtime

Now I’ll admit, there are times when I don’t stick to all of these. 

But over the years I’ve picked up on the habit of being super organized. It’s just something that I need because I’ve realized how my mind is a reflection of my environment.

And the more I thought of it like that, the greater its impact became.

So join me as I simultaneously walk you through my nighttime routine and psyche.

Here are 10 things organized people often do before bedtime.

1) They know when to call it a night

First I need to clarify that I wasn’t born with a type A personality.

It’s something I’ve had to develop on my own and a part of that was recognizing when it was time for me to turn the computer off (or whatever else) and head to bed.

Sure, this includes setting a bedtime for yourself to stick by. But it’s also about saying “no” to all nighters and that extra cup of coffee. 

It might seem like a good idea to get ahead for work by staying up but you’ll regret it when you see the sun come up and you feel like a zombie.

I also have the tendency to be time-blind so using timers for when I’m really invested in whatever I’m doing has helped a lot.

So staying organized is having boundaries with yourself when it comes to your well-being. And not waiting until you’re burnt out to get organized.

View your nighttime as something sacred because whatever energy you end on will spill into the next day.

2) They check emails and calendars

It’s like saying, “last call for my attention before you don’t exist to me!”

Give yourself an hour to go through, respond and plan any tasks that might come up during this check. 

That also means anything that will take an hour to do can wait until the next day.

This is also where you will plan for your day ahead for things unrelated to work. So make sure you give yourself enough time between tasks to get to that appointment and so on.

Having a good sense of your schedule for the next day will give you a peace of mind at night. But also help you feel prepared the next day and not get overwhelmed.

Especially if you have a habit of staying up late because of nighttime anxiety. I’ve found that doing little things like this have helped me grow trust with myself.

Something else that can help you plan out your day ahead is by preparing your outfit!

3) They set out the next day’s outfits

This is more than just about looking good, people!

It’s about choosing the right outfit that will help you feel less restricted for whatever your day holds.

For example, maybe don’t wear something uncomfortable if you know you’ll have to run errands, meet a colleague, and then pick up kids from soccer practice.

Along with formulating the right combination of armor for the day, this is where you can also pack your bags!

Ensuring you have all the right documents, clothes to change into, and et cetera!

This way, you won’t be scurrying around looking for your wallet, then keys, then bus pass, and then your other keys in the morning.

You can instead focus on gathering all your electronics that you so graciously charged the night before.

4) They charge their devices

For some reason using corporate allegory really helps me stay organized even if it’s for inanimate objects.

It makes it more interesting, so I think of my devices as trusted and valued employees.

And don’t they deserve a break from being on? Or to be charged nightly so they can fully support me during the day?

Don’t they deserve the peace of mind that comes from having a routine as well?

I always keep a portable charger at hand and that’s my main priority when it comes to charging time. Then I like to plug in my laptop, tablet and phone.

Not only will they be ready for me the next day, but this ensures that I am less likely to use them beyond this point.

5) They disconnect from the world

How this goes depends on my emotional state.

If I’m needing a little bit of entertainment, I’ll put on a show to play in the background for the rest of my routine.

But sometimes, I just want to completely disconnect and be away from social media and whatever else that reminds me of civilization.

Because as someone who gets distracted easily, I’ve come to realize that staying organized is about limiting where your energy goes.

By limiting what energy comes.

6) They tidy up their kitchen and living areas

organized people before bed time 10 things organized people often do before bedtime

It’s like I’m the owner of a restaurant as well as an employee.

Even if it’s not a deep clean, doing the dishes and wiping the counters before I go and do the rest of my routine really helps me the next day.

This way I won’t walk into my kitchen and look for someone to blame only to remember that I had the closing shift.

Your morning self will thank you for the sense of peace you’ve created the night before.

The next one isn’t for every day, because I’m only human. But it certainly makes the rest of my week go by smoother.

7) They meal prep

This can be as simple as putting rice in the rice cooker so I have it for the next few days.

Or as complicated as doing the most by cutting up vegetables and putting them in the freezer. It really depends on your eating habits.

So meal prep for me can be something that I do by looking up recipes I’m interested in with all the ingredients I have at hand.

On my laziest nights, just seeing what fresh produce needs to be used up before they go bad is enough.

There are tons of videos on YouTube if you need some inspiration.

Get creative and incorporate your energy levels to see where you can be more flexible so you don’t exhaust yourself trying to feed yourself.

8) They do their self-care routine

Now, for my favorite task – my skincare routine!

Even the most treacherous and stressful days feel long gone when I get to wash my face, brush my teeth, use my water flosser and everything else that helps me feel brand new.

And I think it’s because another huge part about staying organized is about taking care of your mental energy.

Meaning being organized is so much more than how your life looks. It’s about how in control you feel without exhausting yourself.

So invest in your nightly wash up routine!

The more comfortable it helps you feel, the better. Because now it’s time to talk about leisure time.

9) They make time for leisure

This is where you can grab a book, sketchbook or whatever else that will help you reconnect with yourself.

Without it all feeling clinical or professional.

The main thing that keeps people up at night is stress from work or other responsibilities. Or just not having an outlet for their thoughts.

So the point here is to make sure you have this time to just relax and have fun.

Sometimes I’ll go against my own rules and allow myself some YouTube before bed. As long as you know it won’t overstimulate your senses, it’s fine as a treat.

Or if you’re the type who needs extra help when it comes to relaxing, try mindfulness in place of slow entertainment.

10) They practice mindfulness

Nothing like a little self-reflection or intentional silence that can help lull you to sleep.

If you want to follow this article’s routine chronologically, this is where you can also set the mood for sleepytime by dimming the lights.

And even taking a melatonin if insomnia is something you struggle with.

I like to personally journal about what I was grateful for that day, as well as what I look forward to for the next. Just get it all out on paper so it doesn’t take up space in my brain.

There are tons of journaling prompts that you can incorporate into your routine online.

But if breathing exercises or meditation is more your speed: lay down, relax, and enjoy what is the end of your day.

Start by breathing mindfully. Then mentally scan your body from head to toe, and release any tension if it comes up.

Same goes for any thoughts that may come up. They can all wait for tomorrow.

And make sure you set your alarm before you pass out.

The key to staying organized is staying flexible

For me, that’s been about having variations to this routine.

Sometimes I’ll leave a little more work for my morning self, while sometimes I’ll treat her like a princess who shouldn’t dare lift a finger.

It all comes down to what’s going on in your life and most importantly – you. 

So picture yourself as the CEO of your own life, calling the shots and managing your different roles. In the process you’ll discover what works and doesn’t – just as a business owner would.

It’s not about looking perfect and like the advertisement for a home goods store.

Making it about prioritizing your sanity will help you see it as something that resembles self-care rather than the tedious task that is adulting.

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