25 things that only confident introverts will understand

Are you an introvert who has decided to think for yourself instead of fitting in with society?

If so, then I have good news for you – you’re likely to be a confident introvert.

Sometimes you feel you’re smart and curious, but other times you just have a weird feeling that you just don’t fit in.

But if that’s the case, you should know that you’re not alone!

If you understand the value of being by yourself without having to worry about everyone else thinking you’re weird, then you’re at the right place!

Below, we’ll discuss 25 things that only confident introverts will understand.

1) You don’t need to impress anyone but yourself

Ever noticed how hard people tend to try to impress each other?

They go out of their way to try to make an impact on others. They try to dress up. They try to be witty and intelligent.

But why? Why do they make an effort to impress others, when the only person they should be trying to impress is themselves?

It’s because, in society, you’re expected to try to impress people. You’re expected to get along with everyone just for the sake of fitting in.

The simple truth is that they don’t do that for themselves. But that’s not what being confident is about!

So what about you?

As a confident introvert, you probably don’t care about what others think of you. You don’t try to impress anybody else.

And that’s because you know that it’s a waste of time. You know that your value is only in the fact that you’re yourself – not in how many people think of you as a good person or how much money they think you have.

So what do confident introverts do? They focus on themselves and their own goals, instead of wasting their time trying to impress others – like everybody else seems to be doing.

2) You have a lot more time on your hands than the average person

Do you realize how much time social interaction with people requires?

When you go out to a party, you have to spend time with people you don’t know. You have to spend time with people that are just as uncomfortable as you are.

You have to spend time with people who might be talking about something that you don’t care about – and might even be talking about something wrong.

And you know what?

For confident introverts, it’s a real waste of time.

I mean, why should you spend time with people that don’t even appreciate you – when you can spend your time doing the things that you want to do?

You have a lot of free time on your hands, so why not use it for something worthwhile?

Well, if you’re a confident introvert, that’s not a problem! You don’t need to go out of your way to meet new people – or even go out of your way to do anything at all, except for whatever makes you happy.

You don’t need a lot of friends and acquaintances because you know that the only person you’ll ever be able to trust is yourself. And if they can’t be trusted, then they’re not worth it in the first place.

3) Your purpose in life is in no way related to other people

This is the most important advantage of being a confident introvert – and the one that most people fail to understand.

Because when you’re an introvert, your purpose in life is never related to other people. And that’s exactly what makes you a confident introvert.

You don’t care about what other people think of you or how they interact with you – because you don’t really need them. And they don’t need you, either.

And that’s why being an introvert is the best way to be happy and free of stress and anxiety!

But if you’re a confident introvert but haven’t figured out what your life purpose really is?

Defining your purpose in life isn’t easy.

And there are far too many people trying to tell you it will just “come to you” and to focus on “raising your vibrations” or finding some vague kind of inner peace.

Self-help gurus are out there preying on people’s insecurities to make money and selling them techniques that really don’t work for achieving your dreams.



Sage burning ceremonies with some vaguely indigenous chanting music in the background.

Hit pause.

You as a confident introvert can’t accept any of these, can you?

The truth is that visualization and positive vibes won’t bring you closer to your dreams, and they can actually drag you backwards into wasting your life on fantasy.

But how can a confident introvert like yourself find a purpose in life when you’re being hit with so many different claims?

Let’s go back to basics:

Before you can experience a real change, you need to really know your purpose.

I learned about the power of finding your purpose from watching Ideapod co-founder Justin Brown’s video on the hidden trap of improving yourself.

Justin used to be addicted to the self-help industry and New Age gurus just like me. They sold him on ineffective visualization and positive thinking techniques.

Four years ago, he traveled to Brazil to meet the renowned shaman Rudá Iandê, for a different perspective. Rudá taught him a life-changing new way to find your purpose and use it to transform your life.

After watching the video, I also discovered and understood my purpose in life and it’s no exaggeration to say it was a turning point in my life.

I can honestly say that this new way of finding success by finding your purpose actually helped me as an introvert to become more confident.

Watch the free video here.

4) You’re not a weirdo for being quiet or shy

I know this is one of the hardest things to accept when you’re an introvert.

But let me tell you, it is completely normal for an introvert to feel weird and question themselves.

And you understand this better than I do, right?

What I mean by that is that it’s perfectly normal for you to think about the strange things you do – like when you like to be alone, or what makes your brain tick.

It’s okay if you prefer to stay by yourself more often than not; after all, that’s what makes being an introvert worthwhile! The only thing that matters is that you’re happy and comfortable with who you are.

The thing about introverts is that we are much more likely to think about these questions than other people, especially because we’re so used to thinking on our own. So if anyone asks us why we are so weird, we’ll be able to answer!

5) You don’t care what others think of you or your actions as long as it’s true for yourself

This is one of the things that I admire most about confident introverts.

I’m sure you know this already, but being a confident introvert means that you don’t care what other people think of you, regardless of how important they are.

So, if someone tells you that they don’t like something about your personality, or if they tell you that they think something bad about you, then it doesn’t matter.

The truth is that you’re just as important to yourself as you are to the people around you, so why would you care what they think about you? You have the power to live your life how you want, and no one can take that away from you.

Why does this happen?

Because confident introverts are more concerned with their own thoughts and feelings, rather than what others think of them.

This is why we’re so good at discovering our true purpose in life and at understanding ourselves better than anyone else.

6) You don’t have to be a social butterfly or join a popular clique in order to fit in

You can be the most introverted person at school and still feel good about yourself.

You can be alone the entire time, but don’t feel you’re left alone.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re definitely a confident introvert who doesn’t need to join a clique in order to have a good time.

This is because introverts tend to be more comfortable with themselves than other people are, so they don’t need to be a part of a group in order to feel like they belong.

So if all these relate to you, then chances are that you can be by yourself all day and still feel like you’re having fun.

7) You never try to follow social norms and fit in

Let’s be honest.

You may be an introvert, but don’t let other people push you into doing things that you don’t want to do.

If you’re an introvert and you know what’s best for you, then don’t let other people tell you to do things that they think are fun. Your brain knows what’s good for it, so trust it and follow your intuition.

Now, this doesn’t mean that an introvert can’t make friends or spend time with others, but it just means that they’re not going to try to be more social than they really want to be. They’ll only do things when it feels right for them.

Sounds like you?

Then you’re probably on your way to start thinking outside the box instead of unconditionally following social rules and orders.

You see, so much of what we believe to be reality is just a construction. We can actually reshape that to create fulfilling lives that are in line with what matters most to us.

The truth is:

Once we remove the social conditioning and unrealistic expectations our family, education system, and even religion have put on us, the limits to what we can achieve is endless.

I learned this (and much more) from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandé. In this excellent free video, Rudá explains how you can lift the mental chains and get back to the core of your being.

A word of warning, Rudá isn’t your typical shaman.

He’s not going to reveal pretty words of wisdom that offer false comfort for being an introvert.

Instead, he’s going to force you to look at yourself in a way you have never before. It’s a powerful approach, but one that works.

So if you’re ready to take this first step and align your dreams with your reality, there’s no better place to start than with Rudá’s unique method.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

8) You don’t need to be friends with everyone in the world

Average introverts find it hard to make new friends because most people are too busy trying to make friends with everyone around them at once.

But guess what?

If you’re a confident introvert, then worrying about making friends isn’t your typical concert. In fact, it’s not at all what you’re concerned about.

In fact, if you’re a confident introvert, you’ll be happy about being alone because it gives you time to think about yourself and your ideas without having to worry about the opinions of others.

The truth is that it’s important that you don’t force yourself into making friends with people just because they’re popular or beautiful.

You can find people just like you without trying too hard – and if not, then at least it doesn’t hurt too much!

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9) You don’t mind spending time with yourself

The fact is that most people are uncomfortable spending time alone. They’re afraid of being alone. They’re afraid of doing things by themselves.

They think it’s weird, and they have a hard time thinking about being by themselves.

But this is where confident introverts are different!

As a confident introvert, you know that spending time alone is not a bad thing. It’s not weird or bad or anything like that. It’s just what life is like for them – and they love it!

So why should they spend their lives in fear? Why should they be afraid to be alone? Why should they waste their time being unhappy when they could be happy?

Frankly, most people would try to keep themselves busy trying to keep up with the lives of everyone around them.

But the simple truth is that confident introverts enjoy spending time alone because it gives them the time they need to think about their ideas and dreams – and this is something most people can’t do.

10) You don’t need constant stimulation

This might sound like a negative thing to say, but let me explain.

I’m an introvert who considers herself a confidant. I like being alone as much as I like being with people, but it’s different when I’m alone. It’s not because I’m sad or depressed; it’s just because I need my own space.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t want company; it just means that I’m comfortable doing things on my own and having my own thoughts. And this is okay!

It doesn’t mean that other people can’t be around me or that I can’t be interested in them; it just means that I don’t need external factors to stimulate me in order to feel good.

And the same goes for you if you’re a confident introvert. You can be around other people, but you don’t have to. You don’t need constant stimulation to feel good about yourself.

11) You prefer one-on-one conversations over small groups or big parties

Do you know why introverted people are so comfortable with themselves?

Well, it’s because we prefer one-on-one conversations over small groups or big parties. We’re more likely to go out and meet new people in the streets than we are to go and hang out at school with our friends.

The reason for this is that we’re usually better at talking one-on-one than we are at going out and talking to many other people at once, which is why it’s much easier for us to make new friends than it is for extroverts.

So, that’s another thing that only confident introverts will understand.

12) You never try to be popular to be happy

Most introverts struggle with being alone because they believe that only people who are pretty or popular enjoy being alone.

But the fact of the matter is that confident introverts are not worried about being alone at all!

They like spending their time on their own because it allows them to think about themselves and their ideas.

It gives them the time they need to work on themselves, which is something most other people just can’t do!

So, if you’re a confidant about being an introvert, then you probably don’t care whether or not you’re popular.

13) You’re not afraid to be alone

You might think that being alone is a bad thing. But the truth is that it’s actually a good thing for introverts!

Most people are afraid of being alone because they believe that being alone means that they’ll be lonely and sad. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Introverts are actually more comfortable when they’re by themselves, because it gives them time to think about things, which is something we usually take for granted.

We spend so much time with other people that we sometimes forget how great it feels to have time to ourselves.

That’s why confident introverts understand the value of being alone.

14) You’re not afraid to speak up you just think before you speak

As a confident introvert, you probably understand that it’s important to give people the benefit of the doubt.

You might be thinking, “Who cares if I’m wrong? If I don’t say anything, then they won’t even know that I’m wrong.”

And you know what?

You never feel afraid to speak up. You just prefer to think before you speak. And even when people think that you just don’t like speaking, actually, you just value saying things that make sense.

15) You’re great at setting boundaries

Confident introverts are great at setting boundaries. They’re not the type of people who let other people walk all over them.

If you’re confident about being an introvert, then you probably know how to say no to people who try to be pushy and annoying.

You can tell your friends that you have plans with your family, or that you’re tired and need some time by yourself. And they’ll respect it!

And if they don’t respect it, then there’s something wrong with them, not with you!

16) You prioritize your personal time

Let me take a wild guess.

If you’re a confident introvert, then you know the value of their personal time. Why?

Because confident introverts want to spend their time on things that are important to them, like reading, working out, or spending time with friends and family.

You might be thinking, “Well, what’s so great about that?”

It’s kind of obvious.

But you probably don’t think about how important it is to have your own personal time. You don’t think about how much your own personal time will help you grow as a person and become more confident. But it does!

17) You’re in a constant dialogue with your inner self

Do you realize that your inner monologue rarely stops?

Confident introverts know that they should always be listening to their inner self. That’s because they’re in a constant dialogue with their inner self.

They’re always trying to figure out what they want, what they value, and what they need. And if you’re confident about being an introvert, then you probably know how important it is to listen to your inner voice!

18) You don’t have to fake smile to please someone else

When was the last time when you faked a smile just to please someone?

Let’s face the truth. Confident introverts know that they don’t have to fake a smile just to please someone else.

They know that if they don’t feel like smiling, then there’s no point in forcing themselves to smile.

And you know what?

They’re totally fine with that! They prefer not having to fake a smile, because faking a smile is always uncomfortable. You feel like you’re being fake when you’re trying to be fake! It’s wrong! It feels unnatural!

And it’s not who they are. And if you’re confident about being an introvert, then you probably know how important it is to not feel pressured by others. So that’s why confident introverts don’t have to fake smiles all the time.

signs she feels guilty for hurting you 25 things that only confident introverts will understand

19) You’re more productive while thinking alone

Have you ever heard that people in groups can work better than people who work alone?

Well, that’s completely otherwise for confident introverts.

They’re just more productive while thinking alone. Why?

Because they can focus better and think more clearly when they’re working by themselves.

They can also get more done in less time, so it makes sense for them to be productive while thinking alone.

20) You don’t try to make an impact on someone else

Making an impact isn’t something confident introverts bother with.

They know that they don’t have to try to make an impact on someone else. That’s because they don’t have to impress anyone and they don’t care what others think of them.

Confident introverts know that they should always be true to themselves and do what’s best for them. In other words, confident introverts are true to their own inner voice!

21) You can stay calm when things get hostile with others

When was the last time you got upset with someone? And how did you react? Did you shout at them and get upset? Or did you calmly walk away, cool as a cucumber?

If so, then you’ve probably been around confident introverts before!

Confident introverts often remain calm when things get hostile with others because they’re totally okay with who they are. And if that’s the case, then why would they ever get upset or angry at someone else?

Confident introverts aren’t going to change who they are to please others.

They know that they’re the true version of themselves, and they’ll never try to hide that.

22) You think of small talk as something meaningless

Small talk is something that confident introverts simply don’t need. Why?

Because they don’t have to use small talk to make a good impression on others. They don’t have to be polite with others for the sake of being polite.

Confident introverts think that if they have to speak to someone, then it’s better to have a deep, meaningful conversation about things that matter to both parties.

Otherwise, they’ll simply say something to break the ice and move on to more important things.

23) You’re happy with who you are

Do you notice that you’re not concerned with what other people think of you?

Or maybe you’re also not concerned with how others see you as a person.

It’s probably because confident introverts are happy with who they are. Confident introverts are totally okay with who they are and what they’ve become, and that’s why they’re so comfortable in their skin.

So if you’re an introvert who is happy with yourself, then there’s no need to worry about what others think of you. You’ll always be yourself and be happy as long as it makes sense to do so.

And this is because of one simple reason:

Confident introverts know that they’re totally fine being themselves.

24) You don’t worry about the things that you can’t control

Now we’re going to talk about the things that you can’t control.

Well, if you’re an introvert who is confident in who they are, then you’ll be able to see what they can and can’t control. And as such, they’ll never worry about the things that they can’t control.

Because if you have a problem with something, then it’s up to you to solve it. You don’t have to worry about it because there’s nothing that you can do about it.

Confident introverts don’t think of the things that they can’t control as a problem. They think of them as opportunities for growth and development. Because if anything, there’s always something that we can learn from our problems or challenges in life.

25) You’re not afraid of silence or being alone with your thoughts

And the final thing that every confident introvert will understand is that they’re not afraid of silence or being alone with their thoughts.

And this is because confident introverts know that everyone has the right to be alone with their thoughts and be in silence as often as they need to.

You see, confident introverts think that everyone should have time for themselves and take breaks from society every now and then. Because there’s no reason why we should all be attached to our phones 24/7.

And if you’re an introvert who is confident in yourself, then it’s fine for you to do things like this. Because if you’re happy being alone, then it doesn’t matter what other people think of it.

Final thoughts

To sum up, while average introverts have to deal with thousands of problems while interacting with the social world, confident introverts don’t have to worry about any of that because they know that they’re totally fine with themselves and the way they are.

So if you’re an introvert, these 25 we’ve just discussed probably make sense to you. And here’s one last thing that every confident introvert will understand: the ability to know how good you are, but not care how good it makes others think of you.

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Nato Lagidze

Nato is a writer and a researcher with an academic background in psychology. She investigates self-compassion, emotional intelligence, psychological well-being, and the ways people make decisions. Writing about recent trends in the movie industry is her other hobby, alongside music, art, culture, and social influences. She dreams to create an uplifting documentary one day, inspired by her experiences with strangers.

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