10 things loyal people never do in relationships

If you look at anybody’s list of things they’re looking for in a partner, you’ll probably find this one quality in there – loyalty. 

Why is loyalty one of the most sought-after traits we look for in people? Well, it’s pretty simple – we want someone who’ll stick with us through hell and back!

So, what exactly do loyal people do? They’re certainly faithful, that’s for sure. But they also show their loyalty by not doing certain things. 

In this article, I’ll discuss what those no-nos for loyal people are. Let’s dive in!

1) They don’t cheat

Let’s discuss the very first thing you can expect a loyal person to avoid like the plague – cheating. 

Loyal partners never even entertain the thought of it! 

Once they commit to a relationship, you can bank on their strength in avoiding temptation. They won’t ever allow a fling to jeopardize the precious bond they’ve built with their SO. 

That’s because loyal person have a crystal clear view of trust – they know it’s something that will never be the same again once broken. 

2) They don’t flirt with others

What about flirting? Especially the, uhm, harmless kind? You know, the meaningless banter or jokes that colleagues sometimes exchange…

Well, loyal partners don’t condone that, either. They have a strong moral compass that tells them that any kind of flirtatious behavior can hurt their partner’s feelings. 

Sure, they might find someone else attractive; they’re only human, after all. But rest assured, that’s all there is to it. 

They’ve got eyes only for you, and they won’t risk losing what you have for a few moments of flirting with another person. 

3) They don’t keep secrets

Transparency is another thing you can expect from a loyal partner. Whether it’s a trivial issue like accidentally breaking your favorite coffee mug or something more serious like dealing with a family crisis, they’re an open book. 

Let’s face it – in any relationship, even in the professional world, secrecy is never a good thing. 

We like knowing everything there is to know about the significant people in our lives. 

In a personal relationship, keeping secrets can be especially destructive. 

It creates a distance between the two people involved. True emotional connection can be hard to achieve because of the barriers those secrets form. 

The bottom line: when there are secrets, the consequence is a lack of trust.

4) They don’t lie or manipulate

Obviously, that strong sense of transparency renders loyal people incapable of lying and manipulation. 

A loyal partner wouldn’t dream of engaging in such deceitful behavior. They’re genuine, authentic, and always strive to communicate openly and honestly with their partner. 

They believe that trust is the bedrock of any successful relationship, and they’ll go to great lengths to preserve and strengthen it.

5) They don’t make big decisions without consulting the other person

Aside from that aversion to lying and deceit, loyal people also make it a point to be upfront about decisions. I’m not talking about decisions like where to eat for dinner or which movie to watch. 

I’m talking about the big-ticket ones like career moves, money matters, family issues, and other such heavy, life-altering areas. 

I’ve seen a good number of marriages dissolve because of this issue. In those cases, one partner would make a huge decision (usually involving finances) without consulting the other one. 

That’s quite a blunder, if you ask me. A major one. 

Because a relationship is all about teamwork. When you go off and make a decision without checking in with your partner, it erodes that sense of respect and collaboration. 

Your partner will feel hurt and disregarded. Resentment will grow, and pretty soon, you’ll stop thinking like a team. 

This leads me to my next point…

6) They don’t ignore their partner’s feelings

love someone and let them go 10 things loyal people never do in relationships

That feeling of being disregarded is something you’ll never feel with a loyal partner

For them, their partner’s feelings are important. They have heaps of empathy and are always attentive to their partner’s feelings

They make to listen, validate, and support them in times of need. 

Believe me, that’s a precious feeling. I once had a partner who would dismiss my feelings as irrelevant or trivial, and he rarely included me in making decisions. 

Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long! 

7) They don’t take their partner for granted

This is connected to my previous point. When someone ignores their partner’s feelings, it points to one thing – they take their partner for granted. 

Loyal people never do that. They consistently express their love, appreciation, and gratitude for the person who lights up their world. 

They know that relationships require constant nurturing and effort, so they make it a priority to keep the romance alive and make their partner feel valued and loved.

8) They don’t badmouth their partner

We all vent about our loved ones from time to time, but there’s a fine line between harmless venting and malicious badmouthing. 

Loyal partners never cross that line. They understand that speaking ill of their partner behind their back not only shows disrespect but can also damage their relationship’s reputation. 

So what do they do when they’re feeling dissatisfied in a relationship?

They go straight to the source – they address any issues directly with their partner and focus on finding constructive solutions together.

9) They don’t ditch their partner for friends

Just as they don’t talk sh*t about the partner to their friends, loyal people also won’t push their partner aside for the sake of friendship. 

This can be really tricky for a lot of people, especially extroverts. After all, we do want to have a balanced life, we want to keep our friendships intact along with our relationship. 

It can be hard to strike the perfect harmony between our romantic and social lives, but we can learn a thing or two from loyal people

It all boils down to prioritizing. And compromising! 

Here are some quick tips to stay loyal to your partner and still have a great social life: 

  • Prioritize quality time for your partner.
  • Communicate openly about your needs and expectations about socializing.
  • Plan in advance so that each aspect of your life receives adequate attention. 
  • Be flexible. Adapt and make adjustments when needed. 
  • Include your partner in social events. This is a handy way to bring your two worlds together!

10) They don’t compare their partner to others

Lastly, what else can you expect from a loyal person? They won’t be comparing you to others! 

Remember when I said they have eyes only for you? That’s why!

That doesn’t mean they’re blind to your faults, though. It only means they appreciate your uniqueness and that includes all your strengths and weaknesses.  

And they’re careful not to compare because they know it causes feelings of inadequacy, and that’s the last thing they want to do to you!

Final thoughts

These ten commandments of loyalty are the blueprint for a strong, enduring, and deeply satisfying relationship

Make no mistake, a loyal partner is worth their weight in gold. But – fair warning – they’ll expect the same degree of loyalty and honesty from you. So be prepared to step up!

If you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, cherish them. In a world where trust and loyalty have become rare traits, you’ve already won the lottery! 


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