6 things lazy people do at the start of every day

If you truly want to succeed in life, being lazy probably isn’t in your interests. 

When you’re lazy, you only use a fraction of your potential… and once you get into that self-defeating cycle, it can sometimes cause irreparable damage. 

So at this point, it’s worth taking a deeper look at your daily routines. 

After all, there’s a fine line between lazy and assertive behaviors–and the distinction comes down to the little things, to the unconscious but ultimately destructive habits. 

In this article, I’ll take you through some of the typical things lazy people do to start the day. 

If you want to go places in life, you’d be wise to avoid these items. Let’s get to it!

1) They snooze the alarm

Occasionally sleeping in should be acceptable, even encouraged–but when hitting the snooze button becomes a predominant pattern of your mornings, something needs to change. 

Laziness and feeling unmotivated are practically synonymous in life. 

So unless you suffer from a sleep disorder, if you frequently struggle to get out of bed, this is indicative of an underlying lack of motivation. 

Not good. 

If you can hack it, start the day with a bit more enthusiasm, ready to tackle challenges and make the most out of opportunities, not by hitting the snooze button multiple times. 

2) They check social media in bed

The majority of us are guilty of it. 

We instinctively turn to our smartphones almost immediately after opening our eyes first thing in the morning. 

Even before thinking of getting up and starting the day, many of us will mindlessly scroll through reels, under the covers, using up valuable time to watch random and inane TikTok street interviews and podcast clips. 

You don’t want to be like everyone else. 

You don’t want to be like the billions of other people out there scrolling, witnessing people do exceptional things. 

You want to be the person doing those things. 

And a good first step to getting to that point? 

Avoiding your phone as soon as you wake up, making your morning count. 

3) They skip breakfast

I know, I know. Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days. 

But still, a nourishing morning bite will give you the necessary sustenance you need to be productive, providing you energy and enhancing cognitive function

As a human being, you need fuel. 

Regularly having breakfast at a set time will also provide you with more structure. 

Believe it or not, sometimes routine is a good thing. 

Don’t just settle for coffee; and at the same time, don’t gorge yourself with syrupy pancakes and fried chicken at your local diner shortly after waking up. 

Instead, get a light snack like some eggs, toast, or fruit to get you going.

4) They choose a low-effort outfit

The high-achievers of the world tend to always look tidy, taking pride in how they carry themselves. 

Coincidence? Unlikely. 

How you dress is often an extension of who you are as a person. 

So if you dress sloppily, grabbing the first or most comfortable unironed clothes within reach, and generally look unkept all the time, this means you take minimal effort to get ready–which points to laziness.  

Similarly, your grooming routine can tell a story too. 

If you stick to the bare essentials, like quickly brushing your teeth or splashing water on your face, skipping more time-consuming grooming habits such as having a skincare routine or shaving, this is relatively lazy behavior too

5) They delegate tasks

When my ex and I decided to move in together, we made it clear that we would divide daily chores equally. 

In theory anyway.

While she did her household tasks sporadically, after a while, I realized that most days, she’d conveniently forget. 

Towards the end of our relationship, I felt like a glorified butler or chambermaid, regularly cooking dinner, washing dishes, walking, feeding, and cleaning after the dogs… and so on. 

At the end of the day, she was lazy. 

But she would often have an excuse for her indolence like “I’m tired” or “I feel sick,” thus delegating her share of chores to me… and if I didn’t do them, nobody would. 

Hence, I was partially to blame. 

I’d often give in to her demands, enabling bad behaviors. 

When I finally put my foot down, we’d end up arguing–which in hindsight, contributed greatly to our permanent fallout. Live and learn. 

If you want to be assertive and take control of your life, you have to know how to do certain tasks on your own. 

While delegating has its benefits, it shouldn’t become your status quo unless it truly is merited.  

Left unchecked, delegating can be a counterproductive, self-entitled habit. Tread wisely.

6) They plan an overly laid-back morning

Lazy people often seek to put as little exertion into daily life as possible–from their relationships to their jobs and so on. 

This is one of the primary reasons they tend to fall behind in life and disenchant those close to them. 

In the mornings, this means they’ll go through hoops, adjusting schedules, putting off work, and minimizing tasks in the early hours of the day. 

They want to stay relaxed, unhurried, and unbothered–usually to an excess degree. 

For much of his twenties, my brother was like this.

He was a chronic procrastinator, always finding clever ways to push tasks back as far as possible. 

His relationships suffered because he never fulfilled his promises. 

He has been dumped countless times since no self-respecting, decent partner would put up with his lack of reliability. 

It’s not like he was particularly busy otherwise… while he would procrastinate, he was simply scrolling through Instagram or watching food vlogs on YouTube. 

At times, it was as if he was physically incapable of moving. People would have to pry him from bed or the sofa to get going.

Yet somehow, he was able to score his dream job. 

But months later, he was let go. He was heartbroken. 

He simply lacked the necessary proactiveness the role required. 

Because of his devastation, he has since committed to changing his ways. And he has made major strides. 

Final words 

I’ll be honest with you, as difficult as it is to change fundamental, ingrained behaviors, it can be done. 

It has always been done, and it always will be done. 

While my brother still has a ways to go, he is making regular progress; and for that, I’m proud of him. 

If he can beat laziness, so can you. Keep going. You got this. 




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