9 things intelligent women never put up with

Intelligent women are headstrong, know what they want and are not afraid to get it. Whatever they face, they’re always up for the challenge and never turn down an opportunity to learn and better themselves.

They’re ones to admire.

Another thing about intelligent women is that they have standards, so there are certain things they won’t stand for, which I’ll be going through in this article.

Here are 9 things intelligent women never put up with.

1) Arrogant People

Intelligent women have a low tolerance for arrogant people who:

  • Act like they’re above others
  • Won’t listen to reason
  • Belittle others to make themselves feel better
  • Have big mouths and love the sound of their own voice!

While intelligent women are confident, they know they’re not perfect. They have their strengths and weaknesses they have to work on.

Arrogant people, however, have their heads stuck up there, you know what! There’s only so much an intelligent woman can take of these types of people before they have to distance themselves from them.

2) People who live in ignorance

Intelligent women are keen to learn about the world around them. People, history, books, cultures – there’s so much out there! They won’t pass up an opportunity to learn things that will help them grow and increase their knowledge.

Since intelligent women are open-minded and like to learn from others’ points of view, they struggle to deal with people who live in ignorance.

I’m talking about people who believe everything the media tells them and fit others into certain stereotypes. And people who don’t care to educate themselves because they’re not interested in learning the truth.

It’s hard for intelligent women to understand people like this who are happy to live in ignorance.

3) Close-minded People

This one is similar to people who live in ignorance, though there is a slight difference.

Ignorant people might not be aware of it. They were brought up a certain way, so they might not know any different.

Close-minded people, however, are set in their way of thinking. They refuse to accept or even understand any opinion that differs from theirs.

Intelligent women understand that everyone has different backgrounds and experiences, so they’re open to hearing someone else’s view. This makes it hard for wise women to deal with people who shut down anyone who disagrees with them.

Brainy women know they’re not always right, whereas close-minded people think their opinion is the only one that matters.

They can’t reason with these people! So, an intelligent woman sure as hell isn’t going to put up with them.

4) People who can’t accept change

People who strive to learn and grow as people will change for the better as they get older. They won’t be the same person they were 5 years ago.

Intelligent women are always looking to learn, develop and grow, so they won’t stand for people who live in the past and can’t accept change.

An example of this is someone who constantly points out their past mistakes and drags them down, especially when they’re doing well.

It probably makes some people who live in the past feel better when they hang onto the mistakes someone has made.

But intelligent women learn and grow from their mistakes and are better people for it. They are constantly taking steps forward, while these past-living people stay stagnant.

Smart women have no problem leaving these people behind while they keep moving forward!

5) Naysayers who are always so negative

People who can’t accept change fall on the negative side of the scale. Everything is all doom and gloom!

But another thing intelligent women won’t put up with are naysayers who never have anything positive to say.

Like if they tell someone negative they want to do something. Instead of being supportive, they’ll give a thousand reasons why they can’t do it.

Or when they achieve something, that naysayer criticizes, nitpicks and puts them down instead of congratulating them.

Intelligent women want to make a positive impact in the world. Anyone who tries to dampen her spirits and put down her aspirations with negativity is a big no-no.

6) People who try to manipulate her

If there’s one thing an intelligent woman will never put up with, it’s someone who tries to manipulate her. If someone does this, they should know they’re messing with the wrong woman!

Intelligent women know their own minds. They’re strong-minded.

Wise women can see from a mile off when someone is trying to manipulate them. That could mean trying to make her doubt herself, deceive her or blatantly lie to her face.

Women with wits about them don’t associate with toxicity, gaslighting or any kind of manipulation.

They will show manipulators the door before allowing themselves to get sucked in by walking red flags.

7) People who waste their time

Intelligent women have things to do, places to see, and goals to achieve. They value and use their time wisely, so they won’t settle for people who are out to waste their time.

Time wasters who play with her feelings, mess her about, tell her one thing when they mean another – there’s only so much an intelligent woman will put up with before she says enough is enough.

A smart woman knows her worth. Friendships, relationships, it doesn’t matter. If she’s not appreciated and treated right, she’ll do and find better.

8) People who undermine her because she’s a woman

Intelligent women are more than just confident and strong-minded. They’re also go-getters.

That means she has the confidence and drive to go after what she wants, despite what anyone thinks.

An intelligent woman won’t put up with anyone who undermines her or tells her she’s incapable of doing something because she’s a woman. Or anyone who treats her differently because of her sex.

So, say she wants to be a police officer. She’d hope to be treated with the same respect as her male peers, not talked down to because of her gender.

Undermine her, and she’ll only work harder to prove herself.

9) People who treat others unfairly

It’s not just undermining an intelligent woman because of her sex that grinds her gears.

She also won’t stand for people who mistreat others. I mean people who discriminate, disrespect and put others down.

Intelligent women believe in fair and equal opportunities. It’s like that saying, ‘Treat others how you want to be treated‘. Wise women live by this.

Don’t be surprised if they speak up to defend someone being mistreated as they would themselves.

Final Thoughts

Intelligent women are not the kind of people to play around with.

They have no time for toxicity, manipulative or negative people that shoot down their aspirations or drag them down for their past mistakes.

Intelligent women have standards, so know that they will never put up with anything less than what they deserve (and rightfully so)!

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