If someone does these 11 things in a relationship, they’re a romantic at heart

Perhaps your partner isn’t a “big gesture” kind of person. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t secretly a romantic at heart.

There are so many ways to show love, care, affection, and, of course, romance.

If you’re unsure whether your partners’ actions are romantic, here are 11 things they might do for you if they’re a romantic at heart.

1) They give you the “bigger half”

No matter what it is, they’ll knowingly (and happily) give you the “bigger” or “better” half.

The cliché is that they’ll give you the bigger pizza slice or the last piece of chocolate. But other things they do for you can be more subtle.

Like giving you the bigger side of the sink for your toiletries on holiday. Or letting you have the comfy chair in the restaurant booth.

It’s all intentional and it’s all for you. Because they want you to be happy and comfortable, and have the best in life.

2) They call you just to hear your voice

Whether it’s in the morning, for 10 minutes during their lunch break, or in the evenings before they go to bed, they’ll want to hear your voice.

They may not say the reason is because they miss you. But they’ll ask if you’re free for a quick call at random times. Or just call you unexpectedly.

They do this because they want more of you, like the hopeless romantic they are.

3) They plan dates and organize things, including the small stuff

A clear sign you’re dating a romantic person is if they plan dates and organize things to do together, just so they can spend quality time with you.

It can be small, inexpensive nights in. Like buying pizza dough and your favorite toppings, and setting the table for a candlelit dinner after a long week at work.

Or it can be big “grand gesture” moves. Like planning a weekend away full of activities you love. Or booking a table at one of the best restaurants in the city.

Whatever it is, if they’re a planner and they organize things for the two of you, mostly to spoil you, they’re a romantic at heart.

4) They buy you gifts for no reason (and not always the extravagant kind)

Receiving gifts (and not always the big, expensive things) is a clear sign you’re dating a romantic person.

Like when they go to the gas station, they’ll pick you up an air freshener for your car. Just because they know you haven’t changed yours in a while.

Or they’ll buy your favorite chocolate at the supermarket, because they saw it and thought of you.

Even if they don’t want to admit it, it’s a romantic gesture.

5) They look at you lovingly

A romantic at heart loves nothing more than staring into your eyes, or just staring at you!

You could be doing something amazing or something completely mundane, like watching your favorite show or working at your desk.

They watch you, stare at you, or look at you lovingly.

You’ll find yourself asking them, “What?” or “What are you looking at?”. A person hiding the fact that they’re a romantic at heart may say “Nothing” or look away.

An obvious romantic will tell you they love you or that they just want to look at you.

Either way, it’s clearly an action of a romantic at heart.

6) They tell you to get home safe

Assuming you live apart or have just started dating, another sign that someone’s a bit romantic is if they text you “get home safe” messages when you leave them.

What’s even more romantic is if they make sure you get home okay by taking you home themselves, or booking you an Uber if you’re not with them.

It’s all because they want to protect you and look out for you, and they care about whether you get home safe. And, obviously, they’re a bit of a romantic.

7) They watch your movies/TV shows (and don’t complain about it)

When you love someone, you want to make them happy. A clear sign that someone is a bit of a romantic is if they take part in things you like.

A good example is if they offer to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Because they don’t mind what they watch as long as they get to spend time with you.

And they don’t complain the entire time either. And if they do, it’s lovingly or in jest. Not to ruin things or make you feel bad about watching it!

8) They tell you they love you for no reason at all

When you’re mid-conversation, opening a packet of pasta in the kitchen, or halfway through a text conversation, they’ll tell you they love you.

It’ll be random, unexpected, and in no way related to any conversation you’ve just had.

But they’ll say it because they love you and they want you to know. Because their little romantic heart is so full of love for you that they just can’t keep it in!

9) They keep “you” lists

Everyone’s different and likes to remember things about the people they love differently. But another clear sign you’re dating a romantic is if they make little lists about you.

Like a list of things you love, from your favorite TV shows to your top choice of foods.

Or a list of facts about you, like your shoe size, clothes size, ring size, or whether you prefer gold jewelry over silver.

Or a list of items you’ve said you want one day, like a brand of perfume or an item of clothing.

It could even be a list of things you’ve done together, like dates you’ve been on.

Or future plans to do together, like a list of countries they want to take you to someday.

The list goes on… (pun intended).

10) They wear clothes you like

When you’re a bit of a romantic, you want to look good for the person you love.

You want to make an effort with them on your dates, coffee walks, and any other place you spend time together.

And if you’ve complimented an outfit, coat, T-shirt, hoody, or a pair of shoes of theirs, they’ll wear them just for you.

Also, unless they really, really have to, they’ll never throw these items out. They’ll also be upset if they get damaged or become unwearable.

11) They send you good morning and goodnight texts

Another clear sign you’re dating a romantic is if your partner makes time to send you good morning and goodnight texts, without fail, every single day.

Not because they feel obligated or because you’ve asked.

But because they love you and they want to. And they want nothing more than for you to wake up with a smile on your face, and go to sleep knowing you’re loved.

Final thoughts

Dating someone who’s a romantic at heart isn’t for everyone. After all, some people like to show love in their own unique ways, and traditional romance isn’t for them.

But dating a romantic person can be one of the most beautiful things. Romance movies are popular for a reason because most people love them. And all they want is to give love and to be loved in return.

If you recognize some of these signs that your partner is a romantic at heart, you’re in luck. Because chances are, you are truly loved.

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