7 things high achievers never do in their free time

If you came across an advertisement describing a high achiever, it might read something like this: 

“I’m a really hard worker and value punctuality because it creates the right impression.” “I don’t waste time procrastinating, and I’m always looking for ways to set and achieve meaningful goals.” 

When you’re driven by success, you don’t waste time reaching your goals. This means that you take the time to find value in everything you do, even if it means being productive in your spare time. 

But don’t worry, they’re not machines. 

Goal-driven and productive people just know how to balance every aspect of their lives. 

How do they do this? 

Well, they live according to a motto, and that motto describes the 7 things high achievers never do in their free time. The first one is getting off their phones, and for good reason! 

Let’s delve a little deeper.  

1) You won’t find them glued to their phones. 

If you’re constantly taking calls and you never plan for any downtime, it’s near impossible to stay balanced, focused, and healthy. 

High achievers are focused when they have to be, but in their free time, they aren’t glued to their phones or tablets, and they don’t take work-related calls

Their free time is meant for personal improvement or winding down, whichever they need to recharge their batteries. 

It’s an important lesson to learn. 

Putting your phone away and focusing on a conversation at the dinner table or immersing yourself in the moment when you’re having fun with family and friends is about setting healthy boundaries for yourself

These boundaries are not about shutting out the world but understanding that everyone needs time out to focus on their needs and what makes them feel good. 

If you’re always on call, you never get a break, which means the balance between your work and personal life is nonexistent. 

2) They don’t waste time in the morning. 

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? 

If you don’t follow any type of structure, it just makes you miserable, and you’ll find it hard to stick to schedules or maintain your focus throughout the day. 

For this reason, most highly successful people have an early morning routine that they stick to because it helps them with structure and keeps their eyes set on their targets. 

So, what does their typical morning look like? 

While you do get a few successful night owls, most high achievers rise as soon as their alarm sounds early in the morning. They don’t hit snooze because that leaves you groggy and simply delays the start of your day. 

To get themselves motivated, they have breakfast, and in their spare time, I know of a few well-rounded people who get an extremely early fitness routine in. While most of us are sleeping or only getting out of bed at 6 or 7 a.m., others are already at the gym working up a sweat. 

How’s that for motivation? 

To be productive, you must create a healthy mental space. That means using your spare time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead with absolute clarity and a go-getter attitude

3) They don’t get bored. 

pic1701 1 7 things high achievers never do in their free time

Did someone say boredom? It’s probably a forbidden word in the vocabulary of a high achiever

When you have free time, it’s easy to get sidetracked, binge-watch movies, or just do nothing for most of the day. 

But you won’t catch goal-oriented people bored with nothing to do, even if their “to-do list” is empty. 

They make every second count during their time off, whether they’re reorganizing their wardrobe or creating a new schedule for the week. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they live every moment of their lives according to a schedule. What they do is organize aspects of their day or week to help them complete tasks on time and stay on point at work. 

During their free time, successful individuals don’t allow themselves to get bored by leaving their day up to chance. They have fun, strengthen relationships, get fit, or self-reflect through meditation or journaling. 

My point is that they utilize their spare time in a productive way that will help them live a full and rewarding life with little to no regrets. 

4) They avoid procrastination. 

What is the point of constantly delaying something that you can do today? Don’t worry, I’m not casting judgment if this describes you. I was the worst at leaving things “for tomorrow.” 

You know, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” then the next day comes, and you think to yourself, “I just don’t have time right now; I’ll do it tomorrow,” and so it goes on and on. 

Eventually, you get nothing done.

For a truly motivated person, there is only today and what they can do productively with their time. 

Procrastination is not their middle name. 

There’s no sense in delaying something that you can do presently because your workload or chores just accumulate, and before you know it, you’re waking up in the middle of the night feeling overwhelmed and unhinged. 

A high achiever with some spare time is definitely not going to dawdle, and because procrastination doesn’t get you anywhere, you’ll never catch them postponing something they can do today. 

5) They don’t lose sight of their health. 

Talking about high achievers and their health it reminds me of an entrepreneur I came across on my social media feed. She had built a local fashion design business, which led to her traveling the world, but she also focused on maintaining a strict routine at the gym. 

I can’t lie; I was a little envious. 

How do you find the time to prioritize fitness when you’re so busy building a brand and touring abroad? 

That’s the secret of a high achiever, and it’s how they manage to maintain their success. 

When they aren’t working on their careers, they’re working on their minds and bodies. This doesn’t always involve the gym, but simple activities like meditation, taking a walk in the park, or spending time outdoors do the trick. 

Their dedication to maintaining their health keeps them revitalized, focused, and ready to tackle the next task or goal with enthusiasm and strength. 

Look, this enthusiastic approach to keeping fit isn’t exactly easy. Even I’m guilty of not having the time or the “motivation” to stick to exercising. 

It’s certainly not an excuse. 

It just means that I recognize that I have to work harder and smarter with my spare time to overcome my hesitation and reach my goals. 

6) They don’t become stuck in negative self-talk. 

youre an old soul 7 things high achievers never do in their free time

Even if they’re having a bad day when they aren’t working, a high achiever will stop themselves from getting stuck in a mental loop of negativity. 

Driven people spend quite a lot of time reflecting on their lives and whether they’re taking the right steps toward their goals. 

If their plans seem to be steering off-track, they simply rethink their strategy. 

For the rest of us who aren’t considered high achievers, being left alone with our thoughts often leads to questioning our decisions and replaying our failures. 

It’s a recipe for negative thinking. 

The more you tell yourself you can’t do something, the more you believe it. 

So rather than dwell on the things they cannot change or become despondent about deviations in their life plans, successful people focus on moving forward with positivity and self-improvement. 

7) They avoid isolation. 

We know that success comes at a price, and sometimes, high achievers sacrifice time with their family and friends to meet their goals. The pressure of their busy lives makes it hard to focus on their home lives. 

Despite their sacrifices, they know when it’s time to close the books, put the phone away, and spend quality time with the people they love. 

You won’t find them isolating themselves because their well-being relies on the strength and support of their relationships. 

While they work hard, they play even harder

Their time off is spent maintaining connections that are important to them and showing the people in their lives how much they care for and depend on them. 

If they need some alone time, they spend it wisely, whether on self-reflection or goal planning, but they never isolate themselves. 

If you deliberately shut people out of your life, you simply don’t have support when facing challenges and tough times. 

Final thoughts

High achievers are considered successful people who are always looking for ways to attain their goals, which means using their time constructively. 

Even their spare time is precious, so you won’t find these individuals isolating themselves or failing to take care of themselves when they aren’t working. 

They strike a healthy balance between entertainment, relaxation, self-care, and pursuing their dreams. This means carefully structuring their days to maintain their standard of success

If you feel like you need to get your life in order, think about how you spend your free time. 

Are you organized and productive? 

If not, there’s no better time than the present to create a wellness plan that you find manageable while getting closer to your goals. 

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