13 things elegant women never do (so you shouldn’t either)

Elegant women have class, respect and love for the people around them, and positivity you can’t help but be drawn into.

They also know how to carry themselves with decorum and grace.

With that being said, there are things you’d never catch an elegant woman doing.

So, these are 13 things elegant women never do (so you shouldn’t either!)

1) They never swear

Elegant women never swear, even when they’re angry. That’s because they know how to express themselves without bringing out the cuss words.

You see, elegant women have a vast vocabulary, so they don’t feel the need to swear at every other sentence.

Plus, they wouldn’t want to offend or upset anyone, so the best way to do that is by leaving swear words out of the equation.

2) They never drink too much alcohol

Elegant women have great control over their emotions, but drinking too much alcohol can get in the way of that.

Having one too many beverages can make you lose your inhibitions, do and say things that you’re not in control of – things that are simply out of character.

Knowing this, elegant women will stick to a couple glasses of red when they’re out, so they can stay in control and respectful to the people they’re surrounded by.

3) They never neglect their health or self-care

Another reason elegant women don’t drink too much is that it’s not good for their health.

Elegant women value their minds and bodies and so will never neglect their mental or physical health.

They’ll make sure not to binge on chocolate bars, sweets or sugary foods that aren’t good for them.

And they’ll regularly move their bodies and exercise to get those calories to work.

Elegant women also take great care of their appearance to make a great impression. It helps them feel good about themselves too.

You’ll generally find elegant women well groomed, nice-smelling and with an impeccable sense of style!

This brings me to my next point ….

4) They never dress inappropriately

Elegant women never turn up to any event or meeting dressed inappropriately – they know how to dress for the occasion.

If the dress code is formal attire, they’ll follow the dress code to a T. You won’t see them in jogging bottoms and a T-shirt!

If an elegant woman wants to look sexy, she’ll still ooze sex appeal without exposing too much skin.

Basically, elegant women will never dress in a way that brings unwanted attention on themselves.

5) They never start arguments

Elegant women also know how to conduct themselves since they are mature and respectful of everyone around them. So, even if they are boiling with anger, they won’t pick fights or start arguments.

Anger, sadness, frustration – whatever they’re feeling, elegant women have a firm grip over their emotions.

When an elegant woman is upset, they’ll allow their feelings to simmer before dealing with the source of their problem calmly.

Another thing – elegant women know that arguments don’t solve anything, while a mature, grown-up discussion does. After all, when has screaming at the top of your lungs ever resolved anything?

6) They never dwell in negativity

Elegant women don’t associate with negativity since it serves them no purpose. All that spreading negativity does is hurt them and others around them.

So, an elegant woman will try to see the good within the bad instead.

She may have had a nasty breakup, but that doesn’t mean she regrets the relationship.

Rather, she is grateful the relationship happened because there were good times. She also learnt a lot from it, which she’ll use to improve her future relationships.

This mentality helps elegant women keep a positive mindset and bounce back quicker from negative experiences.

7) They never get involved in gossip

Speaking of negativity. Gossiping can get nasty and be quite damaging, so it’s no surprise that this is also something that elegant women also avoid like the plague.

But there are other reasons why elegant women don’t like to gossip.

They don’t like prying into someone else’s life and getting involved in their business. Their business is their business.

Elegant women are also constantly working on themselves so they are confident and secure in themselves. That means they don’t feel the need to belittle others to make themselves feel better.

Instead, they’d rather focus on the positive aspects of a person and uplift them, so tearing them down through needless gossip is not an option.

8) They never compare themselves to others

As I said, elegant women are comfortable and confident in their skin.

What you will never catch an elegant woman doing is comparing herself to someone else or, even worse, wishing she were someone else.

Elegant women understand that everyone is unique, so there’s no point in trying to emulate someone else. They’re proud of their quirks, flaws and individuality that make them who they are.

They also understand that everyone’s journey is different and that life is not a race. Since elegant women continuously work on themselves and their goals, they know they will reach their destination in time.

9) They never spend too much time on social media

A time-wasting activity that elegant women don’t engage in is spending too much time on social media. That includes scrolling through endless posts, pictures, comments and anything else that sucks their time away.

Elegant women use social media to keep in touch with their friends and family and check in on them. Perhaps they’ll read up on the latest news too.

But as far as excessive social media scrolling goes, elegant women will do something more productive instead.

They’ll read books, exercise, travel, catch up with loved ones, or spend quality time in nature – anything that helps their personal and professional development.

10) They never try to be perfect

Elegant women know they’re not perfect, but don’t try to be.

They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Their character flaws, mistakes, and struggles – all things that they are constantly working on.

They make the best of their strengths while working to even out their weaknesses. Elegant women may even document their progress too through journaling.

Want to know another thing about elegant women?

They are humble, so don’t sugarcoat their experiences. If they struggled to achieve something, they have no qualms talking about it. They’ll talk about the good and the bad.

As for their character flaws? They’ll embrace them because it makes them who they are.

11) They never compromise their values

Elegant women have certain values they live by and won’t throw away these values for anyone.

These are values such as being treated with respect and kindness, honesty, and so forth. Anyone that enters their life must possess these qualities, or else they may find themselves out of an elegant woman’s life quicker than they entered.

They won’t tolerate anyone – friends, family or their partner, who undermine them, treat them poorly, use them or make them feel like they’re not valued.

I mentioned before that elegant women have spent time working on themselves, which is why they are so self-assured, confident and secure.

Well, they won’t let anyone comprise that through their actions, which is why anyone who compromises their values has to go. Plain and simple!

12) They never focus solely on themselves

While elegant women are confident, that doesn’t mean they will dominate conversations and talk only about themselves.

Sure, they’ve got a lot of things going on and have a wide breadth of knowledge. Still, that doesn’t mean they will spend the entirety of the conversation talking about how great they are!

A conversation is a two-way street, at least if two people are involved. So, they want to hear from the other person too.

Their thoughts, opinions, stories, jokes – elegant women are interested in hearing someone else’s perspective.

Therefore, they’ll avoid talking about themselves too much and throw questions to the other person or people – whoever else is a part of the convo as they want everyone to feel included.

13) They never live in the past

Want to know another time-wasting activity that elegant women never do?

They never live in the past.

What’s the point in being trapped in a jail cell of memories from the past and wishing you’d done things differently?

There’s no point.

Elegant women know they can’t go back and change things. They may have screwed up and made errors in judgement, but there’s simply no changing that.

All elegant women can do is learn and grow from their past ways so they can live in the present moment and move onward towards a positive future.

Final thoughts

There you have it! These are 13 things that elegant women never do.

First and foremost, elegant women will treat people with respect and kindness. They are considerate of others and, despite being confident, are humble, constantly working on themselves.

If you exhibit these qualities, then you already have an elegant air about you!

Let us continue to uphold the standards of elegant women and thrive!

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