10 things classy women never do in social situations

Classy women know how to carry themselves, particularly in social situations. That’s because they’re kind, respectful and optimistic around others.

That said, there are certain things a classy woman would never do in social situations, which is what this article is about.

So here are 10 of those things you wouldn’t catch classy women doing in social settings.

1) They’ll avoid criticizing and judging others

Classy women are all about positivity and uplifting others. So, you can see how criticizing and judging people doesn’t fit in with what they are all about.

A classy woman wants to keep the chatter light and cheerful, not rain down on others with criticism for the things they do.

She understands the power of words and how they can hurt others, so she’ll choose them carefully. Any input she offers into a conversation like this will be impartial.

Fact is, a classy woman wouldn’t surround herself with people who get joy out of speaking negatively towards others.

2) They won’t partake in gossip

So, it should come as no surprise that a classy woman won’t partake in gossip. They don’t like it. And here’s why.

I already mentioned that a classy woman avoids criticizing and judging others. Well, this is what gossiping tends to involve. Being critical and judgemental.

Gossiping goes against what a classy woman stands for – being positive and respectful to others. Talking about other people in this way serves no purpose to her.

Classy women believe people should do what they want, and they’ll do the same. She might disagree with their choices, but she’s not going to waste time gossiping about them.

She’s way more focused on her ideas, goals, and well-being to be bothered about what so and so said about this person and so forth.

When caught in this dilemma, a classy woman will either make objective comments, stay silent or remove herself from the situation.

3) They won’t act disrespectfully towards other people

Classy women live by the ethos of treating others how they want to be treated: with kindness and respect.

Since she wouldn’t want to be disrespected, she won’t disrespect others.

A person’s class or status doesn’t matter to her. She’ll treat anyone with respect as long as they give it right back. They could be homeless, a sales assistant, or the CEO of a global company. She won’t act any differently.

Classy women can’t stand people who are disrespectful for no reason. As I said earlier, she knows that words matter, so she’s not going to abuse her words to make someone feel like trash.

4) They don’t whine and complain

Another thing that classy women avoid is complaining. Of course, there will be things that upset or irritate her. Her partner might be doing her head in, or her friend is getting on her last nerve. But what she’s not going to do is dwell on those things.

She’ll either talk to the person bothering her directly or let it go.

Since classy women have a positive mindset, they’ll choose to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

So, her man might be doing her head in, but he treated her to a lovely dinner after a long day at work.

Her friend could be getting on her last nerve, but she’s going through a lot at the moment.

Classy women have a way of spinning the negative into a positive, so they don’t get stuck with a ‘woe is me’ mindset and complain their life away.

5) They don’t focus all of the attention on themselves

I’ll tell you one thing a classy woman is not: an attention seeker. While they have no problem talking about themselves, they won’t hog the spotlight.

To bring up the point about classy women valuing respect – hogging the spotlight can disrespect others, so they don’t do it. Not only that, but it can leave others feeling ignored.

Classy women realize that it’s not all about them. There are other people in the room, so she’ll give others a chance to speak, ask questions and listen to what they’ve got to say.

6) They don’t boast or brag

Another thing a classy woman will never do in social situations is boast or brag about the things she has, even if she’s doing well for herself.

Classy women are confident and comfortable in their skin, so they don’t need validation from others. That’s also why they’re not attention seekers.

Classy women don’t see themselves as being better than anyone else, so they won’t act like it.

To put it bluntly, they’re humble folk.

7) They don’t pretend to be someone they’re not

Since classy women are comfortable within themselves, they have no need to put on an act in social situations. Why would they?

I mentioned that classy women don’t need validation from other people. They love themselves for who they are. If people don’t like their true selves, so be it!

The security that classy women feel about who they are comes from years of working on themselves, their well-being and self-learning. That’s why she can be herself in social situations without shame.

8) They also don’t overshare their life

You’ll never know everything that’s going on in a classy woman’s life because she doesn’t overshare.

As private people, they won’t tell you their every waking thought. Nor will they tell you all about the intimate details of their love life or recent spats with their partner.

Classy women believe that some things are best kept private. Plus, oversharing only leads to gossip, judgement and people giving their unsolicited opinions, which she’d rather not deal with.

You can’t blame a girl for not wanting everyone to be all up in her business!

9) They won’t start arguments

Classy women are not immune to getting upset or riled about something, especially if it compromises her values. But they’re not going to start arguments in public over it.

A classy woman wouldn’t want to air her dirty laundry for everyone to hear.

She also handles her emotions well, so she won’t allow them to get the better of her.

Classy women give themselves time to calm down before discussing any differences behind closed doors maturely. By doing so, she doesn’t let her emotions affect her actions or choice of words.

10) They don’t blast out expletives

Now, I’m not saying a classy woman doesn’t cuss. But she doesn’t need to swear excessively to get her point across.

Classy women are well-spoken, so they have a large vocabulary. That means they can express frustration or anger without blasting out F-bombs every five seconds. An elegant woman can more than keep it clean in social situations.

Put simply – she’s not one for using foul language because she doesn’t need to!

Final thoughts

In social situations, classy women know how to show class through kindness and optimism, so the people around them feel heard, comfortable and respected.

Since classy women have respect for those they surround themselves with,  they’ll never seek to disrespect, criticize or judge others for their life choices.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in this, it’s to follow a classy woman’s lead and keep it classy.

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