10 things classy women never apologize for

What does it mean to be a classy woman? Do you consider yourself one?

Every woman strives to be classy, and that’s because a classy woman is unapologetically herself.

Being a woman, it’s hard enough to command respect in your life. People are always making assumptions about you, and you need to know your value in order to succeed.

Here’s a list of things classy women never apologize for, so you’d better take some notes!

Let’s get started…

1) Changing their mind

First of all, a classy woman won’t apologize for changing her mind. And I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not very nice!”

But let me explain what I mean – and why it’s actually a good trait to have…

A classy woman keeps a schedule and knows how to set her priorities straight. So maybe, if a guy is hoping to hang, she can still decide she wants some me-time that day.

But not to worry, because she’ll let him down politely. A classy woman knows that being respectful is important.

That said, she’s not going to apologize for changing her mind!

A classy woman has a sense of authority about herself and knows the decisions she makes are for her own benefit.

This leads me to my next point…

2) Making their own choices

Here’s the thing: a classy woman is always going to make her own choices. And you best believe she won’t apologize for it!

In life, we all have to make choices. And sometimes, we make a choice to please someone else – it could be a family member, a manager at work, or a romantic partner.

That said, a classy woman stands tall making her own choices. She never feels like she has to please anyone, because – let’s face it – people often won’t do the same for us!

If you want to become a classy woman, remember that you always have a choice to do what you want. 

And if someone tries to make you feel otherwise, maybe it’s time to let them go. In fact, a classy woman would do just that.

3) Feeling their feelings

Let’s look at another thing a classy woman won’t apologize for: feeling her feelings! And we all know that sometimes, we just have a lot of feelings…

There’s a belief out there that women are more emotional than men, but this isn’t entirely true: it’s simply the way that we characterize emotionality in women as something that’s more “irrational”!

A classy woman understands that having feelings is normal. That’s why she’ll never apologize when she’s having a bad day.

In fact, many people expect a woman to grin and bear it when she’s feeling down. But why cater to their expectations?

A classy woman knows that as long as she’s not bothering anyone, she won’t care to force a smile on her face.

4) Putting themselves first

Next up on the list? Classy women never apologize for putting themselves first!

Like I mentioned earlier, classy women never bother pleasing anyone because it’s unlikely that people would do the same for them. And this is the same idea: it’s all about putting their interests first.

Without being egoistic, of course!

A classy woman knows how to walk the fine line between confidence and self-centeredness. She knows it’s easy to look like a b*tch, and she never wants to come off that way!

What makes her so classy is her ability to be friendly in interactions, even when she looks self-assured. Believe it or not, this is also what makes her attractive to other people!

5) Wanting to look good

Speaking of being attractive to others leads me to my next point…

A classy woman always wants to look her best when she’s out in the world! In fact, she’s someone who carries herself with grace and confidence, in addition to looking good. 

That said, she may come across people who want to make judgments about her looks. Maybe she looks too “provocative” in a lace dress or too “conservative” with her knee-length skirt!

I know – it’s specific. But that’s how the haters work!

Classy women never apologize for wanting to look good, especially since they know how to do it well…

6) Having a point of view

words that make you sound less confident 10 things classy women never apologize for

Another thing that classy women never apologize for is having a point of view! As I mentioned earlier, a classy woman makes decisions that benefit her and HER only.

This is something that comes with having an unshakable point of view. That’s why it’s always hard to get a classy woman down!

Here’s an example: even in a male-dominated environment, a classy woman knows how to stand her ground and to never just listen to what others tell her to do. 

In fact, having a point of view is what drives her whole personality!

Let me explain.

Having a point of view allows a classy woman to leave an impression no matter where she goes, knowing she has inspired someone else to be their authentic self…

7) Setting boundaries

Now that we’ve discussed how a classy woman thinks, let’s talk about how a classy woman enforces these rules in her life: by setting boundaries!

Let’s get this straight: setting boundaries doesn’t have to be extreme. And a classy woman knows how to set boundaries while making sure both parties feel respected.

But how does she do it?

Let’s go back to my previous example of a guy wanting to hang out with her, but she decides she isn’t up to seeing other people that day!

The act of turning him down is a way to set boundaries gracefully.

And she may even say something along these lines:

“I really enjoy your company, but I think I’d like to take some time to myself today. How about next week?”

8) Wanting space (we all do)

In that same vein, wanting space is something a classy woman knows how to ask for. And she never apologizes for it!

Sometimes, we all get overwhelmed by our responsibilities and don’t have enough energy to dedicate to our loved ones.

But it doesn’t make us a bad person – it only makes us human!

Going back to my previous point about society expecting women not to show their feelings, a classy woman knows she’s entitled to her own space. AND feelings.

In fact, taking time to herself allows her to process her emotions so that she can feel all right again and ready to show her stuff!

9) Asking for extra help…

I know what you’re thinking: if a classy woman is so sure of herself, why does she need to ask for help?

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, we just can’t crack a problem at work or are struggling to fix a leaky tap in the house! 

Instead of standing in a corner trying over and over again, it’s always more logical to reach out to someone for help. That way, we can get things back up and running!

A classy woman knows there’s no shame in asking for extra help. After all, she has better things to do than sit around twiddling her thumbs!

10) …And wanting to succeed

Here’s the final thing classy women never apologize for: wanting to succeed! But don’t get them wrong: they’re not trying to rule the world…

Classy women are simply aware of their goals and are motivated to achieve them – without tooting their own horn!

With a good head on their shoulders and a passionate heart, there’s so much to learn from classy women. But most of all, remember this: never be afraid to be yourself!


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