10 things a strong woman would never do for a man

When it comes to love and romance, it’s easy to compromise on the things that matter the most to us, especially if we feel like it’ll bring us closer to that ever-elusive fairytale relationship. 

But there are those among us who refuse to settle for less. They refuse to lose themselves in the process of finding love. 

They’re resilient, determined, and sure of what they want and deserve. 

Here are 10 things a strong woman would never do for a man:

1) Change herself for him

A strong woman is unapologetically herself. 

No matter how much she likes a man, she won’t change things like:

  • Her appearance
  • The way she speaks 
  • Her hobbies 
  • Her likes and dislikes 

Just to please him. Why? 

Because she would rather wait for a man who accepts her just the way she is. And let’s be honest, this is a slippery slope to go down…

One minute you’re dying your hair to the color he likes, the next you’re censoring your own opinions just to keep him happy. 

A strong woman starts as she means to go on!  

2) Abandon family or friends 

Another important thing a strong woman would never do for a man is stop seeing her friends or family. 

The truth is, this can be tricky. 

There’s no guarantee that your partner will become best buds with your childhood friends or your siblings. They might not get along with your parents. 

But as long as they’re respectful and civil, a strong woman will appreciate their efforts. 

What they won’t tolerate though is being told who they can and can’t socialize with. 

And a strong woman knows how important it is to have a social network outside of her relationship.

Tell her to stop seeing her loved ones and she’ll likely show you where the door is! 

3) Compromise on her values 

Values and morals are what makes a woman strong.

Over the years, she’ll have learned to never compromise on them, for anyone. 

Now, let’s say prince charming comes along. He’s everything she’s been looking for. 

But there’s one problem…His core values don’t align with hers. 

Let’s use the example that she’s vegan. She might consider dating a non-vegan if he’s respectful of her choices. 

But prince charming decides to mock her values and try to convince her to eat meat. 

This is a major no-no. A strong woman stands firm in her beliefs and won’t change them for a guy, especially one who doesn’t respect her. 

4) Give up on her goals 

Another thing a strong woman would never do for a man is give up on her goals and dreams.

Firstly, because she’s worked hard for them. 

But secondly, because any man worth being with wouldn’t ask her to do this in the first place! 

He’d be supportive and proud, not insecure and threatened. A strong woman requires a man who will believe in her, and not be a roadblock in her path to success. 

And hey – she’ll do the same in return. 

She’s not oblivious to the fact that every relationship requires compromise. Just as she values her goals, she’ll do her best to see her partner achieve his too. 

5) Tolerate disrespect 

zodiac signs who prefer intellectual conversation over small talk 10 things a strong woman would never do for a man

Disrespect has no place in the life of a strong woman. She won’t tolerate it at work, with friends, and certainly not in her romantic relationship. 

And this is for the simple reason that she has self-respect. 

She knows her worth. She knows how she deserves to be treated. She also refuses to compromise on her boundaries. 

 So when it comes to finding a man, if he:

  • Is abusive, controlling, or toxic 
  • Is rude to her or others 
  • Oversteps the limit of her boundaries 

She won’t entertain his crap. That man will be out of the door before he even knows what’s going on! 

6) Become submissive 

And just as she won’t tolerate disrespect, she also won’t accept being told what to do or how to live her life. 

In other words – she wants equality in her relationships

That means sharing the responsibilities, whether that’s finances, household chores, or raising kids. 

She knows it isn’t her place to do everything just to keep her man happy and comfortable. 

And she’s certainly not down for sacrificing her needs and happiness when there are plenty of great men out there who will happily pull their share of the weight. 

So, when it comes to relationships, she’s all about balance

7) Stifle her voice 

Following on from the previous point, a strong woman will also refuse to give up her voice for a man. 

Often, we hear about women who feel they have to tiptoe around their so. They don’t say how they really feel in case they upset or anger him.

A strong woman has likely seen this within her own family or friendship circles. And she knows she doesn’t want to suffer the same fate. 

She’ll give her opinion no matter how uncomfortable it makes her man feel. She’ll tell the truth and be upfront instead of sweeping issues under the rug. 

Her voice is her power and she’ll be damned if she lets a man take that from her.

8) Lose herself 

Most of us have been in relationships where we’ve sacrificed so much of ourselves that we stop recognizing the person we used to be. 

A strong woman has likely gone through this in the past too. 

But now, she knows better. 

Her individuality and independence are incredibly important to her. As I mentioned earlier, that’s why she keeps a strong social network outside of her relationship

She wants to keep hold of who she is. 

That’s why she’ll never lose herself to a man. The moment she feels herself slipping away is the moment she knows it’s time to leave. 

9) Ignore her intuition 

Ever been in a situation when your gut is telling you one thing, but you ignore it and listen to the advice of someone else instead?

My guess is that often, you’ll wish you’d stuck with your gut feeling. 

The truth is, a strong woman has probably learned this lesson the hard way. Most of us do. 

But she’s not about repeating mistakes. 

Now, when a man tells her to do something, or a relationship doesn’t feel right, she trusts her intuition. 

And she’ll only do what she feels comfortable doing. 

10) Become his mother 

And to end our list, another thing a strong woman would never do for a man is act like his mommy! 

That’s right – there are plenty of men out there who hop straight from their mother’s womb to their wife’s kitchen. 

They want someone who will organize their calendar, fix their problems and wash their dirty laundry. 

But a strong woman doesn’t want a man-child – she just wants a man. 

Someone she can build a life with. Someone who she can lean on during tough times, just as he’ll lean on her. 

Any hint of being irresponsible or immature is a red flag. 

So, now we’ve covered 10 things a strong woman would never do, no matter how loved up or attracted she is to a man. 

Ultimately, being strong doesn’t happen overnight. 

No one is born that way. It’s through experiences, getting to know oneself, and setting boundaries that strong women take control of their lives. 

And when it comes to relationships, perhaps we could all take a leaf from their book! 

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Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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