7 things a strong woman won’t say sorry for

Growing up, I was taught that being polite meant always saying sorry. But life has shown me otherwise.

Maintaining a strong, independent personality meant that I had to live intentionally and confidently without uncalled-for apologies.

If you are in doubt that you are coming off as rude or offensive by merely celebrating who you truly are, then let me put your mind at ease with seven things you, as a strong woman, should never be saying sorry for.

1) Saying no

Life can be a whirlwind; sometimes, our schedules are as packed as a suitcase bursting at the seams.

So, guess what? Having previous engagements, a brimming calendar, or just not feeling up to something is completely legit. No apologies needed.

Let’s say you’re on a crowded bus or maybe at a bustling party, and someone’s encroaching on your personal bubble. You are not obliged to feel sorry for asking for your space.

Drawing those lines, both in the public and your private sanctuary, is your right.

Remember, it’s not about being rude or unapproachable; it’s about honoring your own needs and feelings.

So, the next time you contemplate uttering that “no,” do it with a smile, and let the strength of your choice ripple through your life.

2) Being assertive

Knowing what you want and asking for it is at the heart of leading an authentic life. So, why should you feel guilty for being yourself?

Apologizing for respectfully communicating what matters to you will only downplay your authority on the matter. Do not be tempted to sugar-coat your ideas or needs for fear of appearing bossy or pushy. 

Be direct. There’s no shame in being upfront about what’s on your mind. 

Think about it – when you speak your truth without all the fluff, you claim your space, voice, and right to be heard.

3) Showing emotions

We are emotional beings capable of bringing color to life. So, why stifle and apologize for the very essence of what makes us human?

As little girls, we are rewarded when we show empathy; when we reach adulthood, we are undermined for being emotional.

Feeling things deeply isn’t a chink; it’s a superpower. It’s what makes you incredibly human.

So, showing your emotions isn’t akin to waving a white flag of weakness. It’s more like raising your banner of authenticity.

You’ve just nabbed that promotion and your heart is doing the happy dance? Jump, shout, and let that excitement burst forth like confetti! 

And hey, if a breakup has you feeling like a stormy sea, it’s all right to let those tears flow like rain.

Own your feelings by expressing them with no regrets.

4) Asking for help

True strength lies in your ability to ask for help when needed.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, nor should you feel guilty when you ask for a helping hand. We’re wired to be social creatures, you and I, designed to lean on each other when the going gets tough.

You’re staring at a task that’s a bit like a mountain and need a hand to conquer it. Guess what’s the smartest move? 

Saying, “Hey, I really appreciate your help in wrapping up this report,” instead of apologizing for needing assistance.

Not only does this boost your confidence, but it also lets you stay utterly, unapologetically true to who you are.

You need help. You ask for it. Unapologetically. 

5) Life choices

Never, ever apologize for the choices you make in life.

You are the captain of your own ship, and you are responsible for making it safely to your destination.

Those choices that define your path? They’re your compass settings, and you alone know the coordinates that resonate with your heart’s true north.

Whether it’s deciding to pack your bags for an overseas adventure or choosing a child-free life, you owe no apologies, and you’re under no obligation to justify your choices.

You are not just a wanderer; you’re an intuitive being. Each decision you make is infused with your experiences, wisdom, and that deep-seated belief that you’re charting a course that’s right for you.

So, stand your ground and don’t belittle your life choices through never-ending cycles of regret.

6) Your passions

Choosing to go after what you are passionate about and not what society deems safe is also a life-altering decision that strong women are not afraid to take.

Chasing after what ignites your soul, irrespective of societal norms, is a monumental choice.

You needn’t apologize for making your chosen work or cherished hobbies a priority. These are not mere indulgences but powerful expressions of your true self.

When strong women like you unapologetically embrace their passions with open arms, they not only live a full life but they inspire others to do the same.

7) Putting yourself first

In a world of expectations and age-old stereotypes, women have often shouldered the roles of selflessness and constant sacrifice. We’ve been nudged to excel as full-time empaths, all while our personal needs take a backseat.

You are not selfish in caring for your mental, emotional, and physical health. On the contrary, it is an essential practice, an act of kindness to oneself.

So, instead of timidly saying:

“I am sorry, but I might need the afternoon to myself to go for a walk.”

Why not embrace a more self-assured stance: 

“I need some time to recharge; planning a refreshing walk this afternoon.”

Self-care is not selfish; it is a vital practice that allows us to show up as our best selves. 

Final thoughts

Words have power.

They can shape our self-image and mold the way we see the universe. So, it’s not just about picking words; it’s about picking them with care.

We can remain true to ourselves while being kind and compassionate toward others by knowing when to apologize.

And when you find yourself in a situation where a genuine apology is warranted, that’s when you utter those words from the heart – a sincere “I’m sorry.”

It’s not about bowing your head in shame; it’s about standing tall in your accountability.

Picture of Lily Gareth

Lily Gareth

Beirut-based writer with a flair for all that is artistic. Follow her on Instagram: @raysofdisarrays

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