These 5 myths were stopping me from living the life of my dreams

While I was in Sao Paolo, I had a lot of time to enjoy its beauty and culture.

Then I also had a lot of time to just think about my life. Looking back, I realize that there are 5 myths that I busted to live the life of my dreams. And I’m going to share them with you:

If you can’t watch the video above right now, keep on reading for the 5 myths.

Myth #1: I had to find my purpose first

I used to always believe that purpose comes first before I can figure out what I want to do with my life.

But what I’ve discovered from my good friend Rudá Iandé is that purpose is something that emerges over time. Purpose comes from analyzing your life and seeing what you feel good about. Purpose comes form looking backwards, not from thinking ahead.

Myth #2: I need a home

I always used to believe that I needed to have a home or a “physical location” to live a meaningful life.

But over the last 15 years, I’ve moved around so much from city to city, all around the world. And I really don’t have very much except for my backpack. But my very few personal belongings made me realize I don’t need a home to find my purpose.

My home is deep within me.

Millions of people out there want to be free from the suffocating place they call “home”. They look to the place they have as a prison which is oppressive and limiting.

I am not saying you should not buy a home. Of course, it is good to have a home because it is a place that gives you a sense of belonging. What I am trying to say is that whatever your choice in life is, it will never be perfect.

So enjoy what you have.

The way you’re living is far more important than finding the perfect way and waiting till you get there to start being happy.

Try to find the peace, power and meaning in whatever that is happening right now in your life right now.

Life is not perfect and never will be.

Myth #3: I need to defeat my anxiety

I used to think that my anxiety makes me weak.

I had this idea of myself as a successful entrepreneur that could do many things in this world. But, what I finally learned is that anxiety is a very normal part of the human condition.

Myth #4: Myth of perfection

I always had this perfect image in my mind. It’s that of the life that I wanted to live, the success I wanted to have, the house I wanted to live in.

Even the perfect car.

Of course, the perfect girlfriend.

Yes, the perfect EVERYTHING.

But, I realized that there is no such thing as perfection.

Life is full of flaws and that’s okay.

When I lived with this perfect image in my mind, I was so distracted by the images in the future of what I was trying to create. I failed to see the beauty all around me that was always there.

As soon as you bust the idea of perfection, I think you can start to appreciate what you already got.

Myth #5: The life of my dreams needs to be achieved

Because I had this perfect image in my mind, what soon followed is the need to achieve it.

As soon as I realized that this was a myth that needed to be busted, I started living in the here and now.

Sometimes, we spend our life dreaming of the life we want that we forget to live the life we are actually living now.

There’s so much magic, mystery and power all around us.

That perspective is what shapes what we see. It shapes our reality and in that way, I’m dreaming my life into existence.

And as soon as I realized that, I started to really live my life fully, full with power and unafraid of my flaws.


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  1. Sam Ola

    Perfection is acceptance of you as you are and the inner self grows daily with love unhindered . That is the perfection many seek but the way which is common with a lot is the search for a perfect you modeled after someone or something else.
    Another common situation is where we dream of this and to be that. This can never be that so be the best this or that as originally created . Sharing my position that has kept me happy and free from personal errors is simple –
    I wake up everyday saying wow ! Another day to enjoy me,another day to travel through doing love of all as myself . I never condemn me so do not condemn anyone even when the actions are evil and wickedly. I am a perfect imperfect me that has overtime sought and eventually found my perfect place .An imperfect me is a case of a misunderstood person , hexagonal pole is imperfect in the pack of round and square poles but when in the right hole stands out perfect. I know me and finding my place like you Justin has found your place makes the perfect living above the dreams and desires powered by our ignorance in development. Still learning through experience as an hexagonal pole in an hexagonal hole.

    Thanks , like Ruda’s myth busters. True to say – “My home is within me” …..”Thinking backward to discover the patterns that clearly defines our purpose”

  2. George light

    Friend, perfection is possible, I know the source of true perfection (trust me, perfection is truly possible).

  3. Tracy Chen

    The content of this article connects me as it largely talks about the reason that I felt not too good when I think about my future and my dream.
    I am currently in the situation of self-recovering and forming my future life which requests some focus and a lot of learning and reflection, while my loving parents can’t understand me and trying to direct/control my current life.
    In my current life, I lack of a person to talk with about my life. This person should be someone I trust who can support me, respect me on my ideas while also like to talk to me directly about the difference of out opinion, willing and able to be together with me in discomfort zone. So I am trying to balance some negative emotion with my parents with my own life of learning/growing etc. Though I know my parents love me very much, and when I am not trying to focus on my dream which they don’t quite understand, our family atmosphere is quite nice and pleasant. But I have a gut feeling that if I don’t try for my life dream, I would regret it in the future, though I am even not sure the result of my trial.

    1. Georgi Petrov

      Believe or not, I’m in the exact same situation. And the questions I am asking myself lately are:
      How to live amongst people who do not understand you?
      Around people who are not as ambitious as you are?
      Should we give up on them, to pursuit our dreams ?
      And at the same time… … is it worth it to chase your dreams so much? Don’t you often have to put everyone who doesn’t understand you away from you, in order to focus better on achieving your goals ?
      And if someday you achieve what you are chasing. And you take a break and you think about how many friends, familiy, people who loved you…you lost because of chasing your dream. Would it matter if you have no one to share you happiness with ?
      I’m thinking about those things a lot for the past few months. I am trying to find a balance between all of it, but I still can’t.

      My English is not so good, apologies for that.

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