The world situation in the coming decade, according to a modern day prophet

It is finally upon us. We are fast reaching a critical inflection in the progress and evolution of humanity. When one looks at the modern history of humankind on this planet, it is easy to become cynical. However, there have also been periods of remarkable progress where civilizations flourished and where we had found a way of integrating human development and culture with ecology. We also understood then that our fundamental purpose was evolution of our own life and consciousness. Then, humanity fell asleep. We entered a so-called dark era. Superficiality set in. We became disconnected from our own nature and hence it was a matter of time that we also separated ourselves from the outer nature. We started existing in a bubble created by our own minds where imagination superseded reality. But imagination can be illusive, reality is existential.

Nature is always real. In our imaginary propensity, we created many things that went against the fundamentals of nature. Now nature will push back. It merely seeks balance.

yogi The world situation in the coming decade, according to a modern day prophetAt the beginning of the year, I first shared with you Sri Maharshi’s foretelling of events of the coming decades, especially until the early 2030s. You can read that message here. While this earlier message provided an overall context of how things are shaping up for us, there was one gap which required more elaboration. This gap had to do with the time period during which there would be acceleration towards a more promising future. It seems to many of us, gauging from the existing global mood, that things are in a state of utter despair. The significance of the current message is that while this may be so, we are about to embark on a dramatic shift, an inflection in consciousness, that will topple global structures as they relate to politics, economics, and society in the coming decade. This, in turn, in parallel, will lay the foundation of a new era, a conscious era, where humanity will progress towards a brighter and equitable future. As in the original message, humanity is foretold by Sri Maharshi to attain a balance in living by 2033.

Whenever I used to perceive or try to understand the world situation, while I felt that there was enough in the current environment to be gravely concerned about, I also felt this collective sense of positivity coming from uncommon people that could rise to challenge these oppressive forces. Ever since the first revelation of Sri Maharshi earlier this year, we had been meaning to delve deeper into the dynamics of the upcoming shift which is the topic of this message. We finally got a chance to connect on the occasion of Guru Purnima, eternally a significant day in Indic culture. It is a day where we acknowledge those light bearers who have guided the positive movement of the life force, since the dawn of humanity. It is therefore appropriate that this message from these adepts through Sri Maharshi is sent out now to help people prepare for the most significant time in recent human history. A lot of this will come to pass within a decade and while these times could seem tumultuous, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, to use the old cliché.

While I mentioned this in the original article, it is worth repeating. The purpose of this is not to alarm, neither comfort, but to convey a message on behalf of these yogis who wish to prepare humanity for the coming period. If this seems odd, the reader should know that this is how things have always been, especially in the region now known as India. For all ages, the yogis, sages, and seers have always sought to guide humanity, or help us navigate through various circumstances. Much of this is ignored by modern/Western history, which did not find a way to reconcile it with their adopted rational mindset, but there is ample evidence regardless to validate that such proclamations have been made time immemorial and were in fact instrumental in shaping the course of humanity.

So while all this may seem like utter nonsense to many people, we believe that some will resonate with the message herein and continue or accelerate their own intentions and efforts to manifest an equitable and compassionate world. The intention of disseminating this is to continue bolstering their motivation to take the right action for the cause of humanity. It is also to establish on the record that which is yet to come thereby setting a strong intention of manifestation also. In doing so, we all take tremendous ownership and responsibility. We do this consciously and with full presence of mind. We simply request the reader to keep an open mind and heart. The first part of Sri Maharshi’s message is elaborated below.

Nature has been screaming silently for some time and we have not heeded her call. Sri Maharshi professes that a massive disturbance has been created in the earth, air, and water elements. Starting as early as September 2018, and possibly August itself, this will start to unravel slowly and manifest in increasingly devastating ways. The pace and intensity of nature’s re-balancing act will increase significantly after 2020. The earth will start witnessing major tectonic shifts that will cause the water layer beneath the surface to get displaced, which in turn will have a calamitous reaction on human water and food supply in certain areas. In turn, however, it will also create new channels of water which will give birth to new streams, rivers, and even water systems. These major geological changes will also compel people to find innovative ways of harnessing water for their survival. These changes will particularly impact the area between Asia, America, and Australia but it will also affect other water bordering countries.

Further deterioration of the quality of air along with increase of strong thunderstorms will further exacerbate the ecological situation. Add to this the damage due to earth tremors and nature’s churn will be complete. As a result, communicable diseases as well as new diseases will rise rapidly. The animal kingdom will also feel a major impact during this time. This will create a big imbalance in the world but it will also force people towards a new way to live.

Economically, during this period of ecological churn, the rising instability in America will continue to benefit Canada, Australia, and Latin America – thereby making them more self-sufficient. They will also seek a more independent path to their economic development. New progression and immigration in those countries will continue to rise.

The geo-political shift will also reconnect and forge better relationships between European and Asian countries. As these events unfold, Asia would start to take a greater leadership role in both economics and politics. At the same time, the rise of Asia will provide a new strategic direction for European countries to intermediate between Asian countries and Canada, Australia, and Latin America. There will also be a renewed progression of Asiatic culture and heritage and the rest of the world will show a larger acceptance for this cultural emergence. This exchange, especially between European and Asian cultures will create an even more meaningful integration between the two civilizations. This shift will also give new meaning and purpose to world politics and provide new directional thinking in strategic planning including defense.

Even the continued Middle East breakup will create a new sense of belonging towards rising Asian countries among its constituents. This will facilitate an easing of social relationships between the two cultures that may even include an increase in marital relationships. Until 2022, China, the Emirates, Saudia Arabia, and Russia would see great progress. Russian leadership will play an increasing role in being a bridge between Asian economies and others, effectively making both Russia and the rest of Asia stronger. However, due to the aforementioned ecological changes, after 2022, this progress will shift to India. India will become a greater player and enabler of global harmony. The rest of the world will recognize India’s intent to facilitate genuine progress for humanity. America will increase its appreciation of India even more during this time.

Internally, Asiatic progression will come primarily due to educational progression. In this period, Asiatic progression will be at a height due to rapid increase of education. This educational progression in India will be the primary factor of the country’s reemergence. After 2022, there will be an educational revolution in India led by Indian benefactors who, among other initiatives, will also aim to establish institutions of global repute in the country – inspired by the Ivy League institutions of the West but with an Indic inspiration. This educational revolution will also bring the world to progress their educational pattern from technology to ancient Indic sciences, art, culture, and medicine.

On the societal front, largely, human behavior and inter-personal relationships will also decline during this period. There will be a rising phobia towards relational commitment creating a major aversion towards marriage or live-in relationships. However, the rapid degeneration of values will eventually give way to self-value and integrity. Imaginary fascination that encourages mimicry and idolization that is synonymous with popular culture will start to decline. A new sense of religious friendship and new understanding will also come to humanity. This new understanding will lay the groundwork of a new type of religion which will be more oriented towards humanity and living.

Very significantly, society will start to get divided between women and men after 2022. Women will become very independent, and very comfortable with the realization that they do not need men either to survive or to thrive. This segmentation of society along gender lines will redefine relationships in the coming era. The coming era will enormously empower women. Women will increasingly occupy positions of leadership in all areas of life and will likely play a more significant role in the coming world then men.

Society’s obsession with technology, especially personal technology, will also take a hit. People will start to tire with the constant harassment that our digital lives have facilitated for us! There will also be a decline in communication and a weakening of the internet due to poorer electricity and infrastructure caused by the ecological havoc. As we start to orient ourselves towards that which is real, we will naturally move away from technology. We will prefer to spend time on real human interactions, immersions in nature, and arts and culture. As much as we may believe today that the future is technology led, the opposite is likely to occur in that we will move closer towards the basic fundamentals of living.

Most significantly, in the coming years and especially after 2022, world politics and leadership will not be recognized by the world population unless it is clearly aligned with human values. People would have completely gotten tired of political harassment. In the coming four years, global political leadership would have degenerated so much that the global population will feel compelled towards self-reliance rather than depending on governance. This shift will naturally bring about a huge change in the quality of political leadership after 2022. This political degeneration will lead humanity towards self-respect and self-sufficiency for a better existence. This will finally weaken the political hold on the populations and also bring about a greater fellowship of people between both developed and developing countries.

Put together, these several factors will create the perfect storm that will eradicate our adopted but unsustainable ways of living and move us back to a way of life that is more harmonious. Naturally, a big revolution in the world will then take place in the sector of farming, food processing, new agriculture, Ayurveda, living, and healing – creating a new direction for humanity. Older ways of living and culture will undergo a revival. This evolution will cause humanity to think in a better way for a better world where we live with a more integrated sense and embrace a transformed pattern of survival.

This new evolution in living will eventually bring about a general increase in human values and relations. However, the ecological situation, unrelenting economic wars, the steady breakdown of the political-economic nexus, and the deterioration of society would have weakened us financially and forced us to re-evaluate the role of money in living. But perhaps we would have realized by then what Jesus meant when he said that “man does not live by bread alone”. Our new values will then provide us the strength of character and the integrity to face the new world. And then humanity’s real journey will begin in earnest, once again.

(To be continued)

For Yogiraj Sri Maharshi,

In fellowship and love,
Nitin Dixit

Nitin Dixit

Nitin Dixit

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