The secret to finding your purpose in life, revealed by Rudá Iandê

How many people actually know their purpose in life? Are you one of those lucky few?

Not me.

I’ve always been confused by discussions around “purpose in life”. I know it’s important, but have struggled to articulate my own life purpose.

Then something incredible happened. I was walking along the streets of São Paulo with the shaman Rudá Iandê. I told him that I didn’t think it was possible for me to truly articulate my own purpose in life.

He then shared a remarkably simple framework for me to immediately discover my purpose in life. I was honestly blown away, and pulled out my camera immediately.

Check out the video below. It’s just a few minutes, and by the end I think you’ll have a better understanding of what your purpose in life truly is.

Let me know in the comments below your reaction to the video, whether it’s made an impact on you. If you can’t watch the video right now, keep on reading for the transcript.

Also, if you want to learn more of the teachings of Rudá Iandê, check out our free salon where we discuss his new online workshop, Out of the Box. You can register by clicking here.

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Video transcript: The secret to finding your purpose, revealed by Rudá Iandé

[00:00:08.12] Justin: Wow, the shaman Rudá Iandé just helped me discover my purpose. I didn’t think it was possible but he actually just did it now. We recorded this on the streets of São Paulo, we’re walking along and Rudá suddenly explained to me the framework to discover your purpose and right after that, he showed me mine.

[00:00:29.27] Rudá : Okay, I am here with Justin and we’re having a very good conversation about purpose in life and this common feeling of trying to find our purpose. Why are we here and I have been studying that a lot and questioning [this point]. Let’s go. We can all go. So the immediate purpose is not to be

[00:01:02.02] Justin: not to be hit by the cars in São Paulo.

[00:01:06.23] Rudá : The first place you should look for finding our purpose, in my perspective way what I’ve been learning is to look to in my own dreams like what I expect in my emotional dreams, what I expect to receive in terms of emotions. Right, I want to be loved, want to be taken care or to settle or to find freedom. What emotions you must pursue in your life and you feel frustrated for not having achieved it because we look for these, for such emotions, that something we expect life bring it to us, someone else bring it to us. Actually, this particular place is very powerful. When we have very clear which are [emotional woes], we can shift something inside of our consciousness and we can start turning what to expect because this feeling, this [necessity] comes from a very deep place and it’s actually something we are only giving the right perspective to is not that we should look that far in any external source but we can turn ourselves into that. So, when I realized that I was so looking for to be recognized, to be taken cared of and so on, I decided to become that for myself and for other people around me. In this way, I could find my purpose in life and find fulfilment on turning what I most expect people to give to me.

[00:03:09.17] Rudá : So, in my case, Rudá then asked me what are the feelings I desire right now and I answered well, I desire the feeling of love, of real connection with people around me. I want the feeling of stability and security that I’ve got some kind of foundation in place. And I want the feeling that I’m creating – creating systems, structures and building blocks. These are the three feelings I desire the most. Then Rudá pointed out that I’m actually already living out those feelings by creating that for other people. I’ve created Ideapod, which is a structure that helps people to communicate, to share their ideas, helping Rudá while I’m here in São Paulo to communicate his very profound and complex ideas through this medium. I also get the feeling of warmth and love to so many people around me and the way I interact with them, the way I want the best for them in everything that I do. That’s really embedded in the heart of what I’m doing and creating. The feeling of creativity – of creating systems and structures – that’s exactly what I’m doing right now in everything that I do by creating the Ideapod media platform. It is a system – we hire writers, we hire developers. We’re creating a system so that we can do what we do every day. So, actually, I’m living out my purpose. I think so many of us have this feeling that we don’t have purpose in life, that we need to find it first before we can actually go out and do something. But it’s a really amazing approach to stop and to say “What are the feelings I desire right now and how are they playing themselves out in my life, right now?”

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