The problem with thinking you’re special

Every single one of you reading this article is special. 

Your unique sense of humor and your own personal preferences make you stand out in a crowd, and that’s something to be proud of. 

However, if you think that makes you better than anyone else then there’s a problem.  

So, I ‘m going to be brutally honest – you’re not better than anyone else. So why do you think you are?

Here are ten problems with thinking you’re special.

1) It doesn’t help you get what you want

Most of us have one goal in life: to be happy. 

However, as soon as we decide that we’re better than someone else that goal changes. 

You might be surprised, but thinking you’re special doesn’t help you get what you want. In fact, it will do the opposite. 

Let’s say that there’s a promotion up for grabs. You think “I’m special and so I deserve it more than anyone else.” 

You’re not going to convince the person handing out promotions to give it to you just because of your sense of self-importance.

2) It can make you lose sight of what’s truly important in life

If we’re constantly thinking that we’re better than others, then it’s natural to try to outdo everyone else and be the best version of ourselves. 

But that can cause us to neglect other parts of life. 

If you think that you’re special, it’s very easy to start focusing so much on your own needs and wants that you stop seeing what’s truly important. 

Take, for example, a person who thinks they deserve special treatment at work. They’ve allowed their sense of self-importance to cloud their judgment so much that they think their co-workers are the problem – not the fact that they’re being lazy.

That’s why I believe you need to focus on the following things before your own wants and needs:

Your spouse or partner.

Your parents.

Your children (if you have any).

3) It can make you lonely

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and thinking that you’re better, it’s natural for people to get away from you because of your superior attitude. 

In order to avoid being irritated about someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else all the time, many people choose to stay away from them. 

Loneliness is a bad thing, so think before you write someone off as not good enough just because they don’t think the same way that you do.

If you have the acceptance that you are not any more distinguished or outstanding than anyone else, you will be able to fit in with other people and can be accepted and appreciated by the group. This will prevent you from feeling isolated.

As Justin Brown says in his YouTube video below, ” When we didn’t think about ourselves as so different from others, we thought in terms of we instead of I. So when we face up to challenges we did it with the support of others and we more reflexively came to other people’s aid as well” 

I’m Sorry to Tell You, But You’re Not Special

YouTube video

4) It can make you judge others 

When you think you’re better than everyone else and have no empathy for other people’s struggles, it’s very easy to pass judgment on them. 

You don’t care about their problems so they’re the problem. They should try more, or they shouldn’t expect things to be handed to them.

This is a completely unfair way of thinking because at one point in your life you did nothing but struggle and had no help from anyone.

I have a friend who’s an outstanding businessman. He’s extremely successful, but he struggles with the fact that his parents didn’t give him the support he needed when he was a child. 

Because of this, he’s quick to judge people who can’t help themselves even if they really need the help. 

He’s so focused on his own wants and needs that he can’t see things from other people’s point of view.

This is one of the main problems with thinking you’re special.

5) It can make you look like an idiot

You probably have a bunch of friends who love you and support you no matter what. 

They love being around you because of your unique sense of humor, not because they think that you’re better than everyone else

So, if you think that everybody else is inferior and you’re better than them, it’s probably not the best idea to start constantly telling everyone else what you think about them. 

It’s supposed to be a good thing when we think of others as being special. 

But if we keep thinking that everyone is inferior and we’re better than them then people might start getting insecure and stressed out around you.

6) You are unable to relate to anyone of lower status than you.

You think that only your equals match your intelligence because they are the only people who can appreciate you. 

You don’t want to waste time dealing with people who aren’t smart enough for you. That’s a problem because you are not strong all the time. 

Sometimes you need someone to be on your side so you can lean on to get past things

My advice is, sit down and have a friendly chat with someone. You’d be surprised, you might actually enjoy it.

6) You’ll have trouble finding the right career for you

If you think that you’re better than everyone else and you’re waiting for the right opportunity to come around, it’s not going to happen. 

The only way that we can find the right career is by having a great attitude, being open-minded and looking at all of the opportunities available to us. 

For me personally, I thought that I was special, and I thought that I deserved to be a celebrity. So, I looked around for opportunities to become a famous singer or an actor. 

But then I realized that it wouldn’t make me happy, so I decided to stop being special and look for the right career for me instead. 

7) You’ll have trouble finding the right love for you

If you’re constantly looking to be the best (in whatever sense it means) in your life then it’s going to be very difficult for you to find the right person for you.

I’m not saying that nobody is better than you, I’m just saying that if we think we’re better than everyone else, then people are going to start thinking that we’re arrogant and hard to get along with. 

Plus, they’re going to be scared off by the way that we act.

So, if you’re looking for the right person, it’s a good idea to not think that you’re better than anyone else.

8) When everything becomes about performance

If we’re constantly waiting for the right opportunity, thinking that we’re better than everyone else, thinking that life is only about our careers, or trying to be the best in everything that we do then it’s not going to make us happy.

We shouldn’t wait around for the right opportunity to come around or think that there’s only one way to succeed.

Life is supposed to be about the journey and not just the end result. 

We shouldn’t think of ourselves as being separate from others either – everyone deserves a chance at happiness and success. 

9) You put on yourself to live up to your own expectations

If we think that we’re better than everyone else, then it’s natural for us to try to live up to our own expectations. 

But if we’re constantly trying to live up to our own expectations, then we’re not going to be able to find true happiness. 

If everything that you do has a purpose, then you won’t have time to just enjoy yourself and take in the moment. 

If everything you do has a purpose, then you won’t have any fun at all. 

So, learn to let go of your expectations, but you still be an achiever

10) The dark side of believing you can’t fail

If you think that you’re better than everyone else, then it’s easy for you to get caught up in thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. 

When you think that way, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to even try things. It’ll be very hard for you to risk failing. 

You might think they have no room for failure, so you might try to take shortcuts or do things at a faster rate than what would’ve been the best approach. 

That way, you don’t have to accept the fact that you failed.

That’s definitely not a good thing if we want to grow our overall confidence and self-esteem.

The solution? Stop thinking you’re special.

I know that this might sound like it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it’s actually a big deal. 

If we believe that we’re better than everyone else, then it’s going to have an impact on our lives and our relationships. 

If you think that you’re better than everybody else, then you’re not going to be able to find the right career for you and it’ll be harder for you to find the right love for you and you might end up alone.

It also won’t make you happy at all because no matter how great or amazing something is when it’s your only focus. 

You won’t experience happiness because there will always be another thing that could go wrong.

So, if you think that you’re better than everyone else, it’s time to stop doing that and start doing things differently. 

Stop thinking you’re special and start thinking that everyone deserves a chance at happiness. 

Never try to be superior to anyone else, instead always be willing to accept each other for who they are. In the end, we’ll all be happy and have a better understanding of each other.


I hope this post helped you to understand why it’s better to not think that you’re better than everyone else. 

If you do want to think that you’re special or if you just want to know how to avoid thinking that you’re better than everyone else.

Accept the fact that everyone is different and you’re great but not that special.

Enjoy your life more and don’t let it steal your happiness!

Picture of Nguyet Yen Tran

Nguyet Yen Tran

Yen is a freelance writer and a researcher specializing in mental health, self-awareness, and psychology. Her hobby is studying human behavior throughout their reaction upon situations. Be sure to check out her other posts on our blog.

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