The Lost Book of Remedies Review (2020): Is it Worth it?

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the lost book of herbal remedies review

(This review does not give medical advice. Natural remedies should only be used in combination with modern medicine, and where it is safe to do so. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor).

In the current pandemic crisis, staying fit and healthy is vital.

Whenever I get a cold, I would always go to the pharmacy for a quick fix. Most of us do.

But I don’t particularly like going to the pharmacy. It’s expensive and I wondered if there’s a better way to fix minor ailments.

I would much prefer to try a natural remedy where possible.

So, I recently started to look for a healthier alternative online. Something I could use that was 100% natural and had no nasty side effects.

That’s when I came across The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

I decided to download the eBook and check it out. In my The Lost Book of Remedies review, I’ll reveal everything you need to know about it. What I liked, what I didn’t, and whether the book is worth it for you.

Let’s take a dive into the whole new natural world of remedies.

What is The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies?

the lost book of remedies review

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a self-help reference book for natural plant and herb remedies. Herbalist and doctor, Nicole Apelien, and survivalist Claude Davis, co-authored the book.

One of the main draw cards of the book is that anybody can use it. You do not need any plant or medical knowledge, and you can use it instantly. Two free eBooks also come with the main book.

It’s not only a reference guide for everyday health problems. It also covers several other areas of your health. The book:

  • Explains how to remove toxins and chemical substances from your body
  • Helps to locate the cause of health problems and tips to repair the body
  • Gives you hands-on experience to help you survive off the land in an emergency
  • Provides you a basic primer for overall body maintenance for health problems.

However, it’s important to note that the book does not claim to be a complete alternative to modern medicine.

If you have any health concerns, especially a serious condition, you should consult your doctor before trying any of these remedies.

Check Out The Lost Book of Remedies Here

Who is Nicole Apelian?

lost book of remedies nicole apelian

Nicole Apelian is a qualified doctor, herbalist, and survival expert. Her MS diagnosis inspired her interest in natural healing.

She is famous for being on History Channel’s survival series “Alone” in 2015. With her hands-on knowledge of natural plant remedies, she managed to survive for 57 days in the wild.

She has used her extensive knowledge of natural remedies for her own body. This has helped her travel the world and live a full life without her MS pain.

Why do I l like about natural plant remedies?

As a savvy women, I like to find useful ideas for everyday problems. As I mentioned earlier in the review, I am always on the lookout for natural remedies.

Natural healing sometimes feels like a dying art.

So, when I hear of an old tradition to heal, I’m always interested to learn more about it.

Using a natural remedy when the opportunity arises appeals to me.

Our grandparents knew some of these remedies and passed the knowledge down. But over time, people forget to do it and the interest waned.

The pharmaceutical industry has killed off some interest in natural healing. It’s just easier to pop into the pharmacy and buy something “ready-made”.

But as time has gone on, more stories are coming out of the long-term side-effects from pharmaceutical drugs.

This has opened peoples’ minds to alternative ways. This new interest has led to a resurgence in people trying natural remedies.

This change in how we look after our bodies naturally is right up my street.

Of course, I don’t advocate ruling out using all pharmacy tablets. But I love the fact that people are opening their minds to natural alternatives when it’s appropriate and when it’s safe to do so.

A closer look inside The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

the lost book of remedies bookThe Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is the ultimate reference guide for natural health. It is packed full of information with 550+ natural remedies.

It comprises of 300 pages in total and has color pictures throughout showing circa 181 North American plants, lichens, and mushrooms.

There is a surprising amount of information included in the book.

The focus is mainly natural healing using your homemade remedies. Also, about how to survive from the land in an emergency.

Hopefully, you won’t end up having to survive from the land. But it is handy information that could save your life one day.

It’s a simple book to use as the index is comprehensive. You start by looking for your problem in the index.

You can then go straight to the remedy. It then explains what herbs or plants you need and how to use them.

As good as an encyclopedia

When you read some of the Latin names for herbs and plants, it can be a bit off-putting. It all sounds a bit complicated.

But the layout of this book is set as a reference guide. All the plants and herbs are in groups related to their type and location.

Every individual herb and plant has a color photo and detailed description. Sometimes, there are even 2-4 pictures for each one.

We’ve all seen the films when somebody eats a berry from a bush or tree and falls ill.

Understandably, we all hold this fear that this could be us.

But this book eliminates your worries. This attention to detail means you can identify herbs and plants safely.

Hands-on approach to learning

I’m a strong advocate of learning by doing. I couldn’t wait to try out some of the remedies and see how they worked.

If you like learning new things and seeing real results, these natural remedies will appeal to you.

The instructions in The Lost Book of Remedies are clear, so you can take your time and follow the steps. I have no medical knowledge at all.

Learning to understand your body

Nicole explains that most health problems happen because of the negative effect of pills from our doctors. The tablets we regularly take can attack and suppress our immune systems.

So, when we need our immune systems to kick ass, they fail to do it, and we get ill.


Modern medicine can have a few negative effects. For instance, auto-immune diseases were few and far between 150 years ago.

But Nicole calms our fears by advising to use natural health products as much as possible. By doing this, we can help to boost our immune system.

Over time you can build up a natural resistance to illnesses.

The natural remedies can help with pretty much anything. The range can be anything from a common cold to something more serious.

Two free eBooks

There are two eBooks that come with the main book. These are both free.

  • An Awesome 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden. The first eBook gives instructions on how to set up a medicinal herb and plant garden. It explains how you can do it in a small backyard. This book is helpful if you don’t have the luxury of much outdoor space.
  • Every Disaster Medicine Guidebook. The second eBook discusses survival situations and potential disaster scenarios. It explains how to use the land and nature to survive. You can learn some super survival skills and how to protect your health.

How much does it cost?

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is available in three different packages. All three options cost the same. The only difference is that any physical formats have an additional fee for handling and shipping.

The digital eBook format is $37. If you want the digital eBook and a physical book, there is an additional $8.99 for handling and shipping. If you just want the physical copy, it is also $37 plus the shipping and handling charge on top.

Check Out The Lost Book of Remedies Here

My personal experience with book

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this book, and I am glad that I bought it.

As I mentioned earlier, I love learning about natural remedies. So, I am finding it fascinating.

It’s a great reference book that covers everything from the common cold to more advanced problems. I like the fact that it is there for me whenever I want to use it.

I was surprised by how many “basic” herbs and plants you can use in the treatments.

I didn’t realize everything was so readily available. Now when I go out hiking with my friends, I pick up the odd plant and herb, so I have a supply at home.

I enjoy checking the plants and herbs in the book. I find the pictures and descriptions are helpful to identify them.

As it is such a big book, I haven’t managed to work my way through it all yet. But I am looking forward to learning more as I go along.

I’m not into the survivalist side of things, as I’m a content city girl who hoping to avoid ever needing to have to survive in the wilderness. But if learning how to survive in the wild is your thing, this book will also be helpful with that.

Pros of The Lost Book of Remedies

I enjoyed using the book to understand more about natural remedies. Here are some of the main highlights.

  • A survivalists’ bible. It’s rare to find such a comprehensive book written by two expert survivalists. Nicole Apelian demonstrated her survival skills on the History Channel series “Alone”. She survived for 57 days in the wilderness. Also, Claude David is a well know survivalist. Their combined knowledge is priceless.
  • Eliminate side effects. All the natural remedies are scientifically tested and are known to work. You can comfortably use them, knowing there are no side effects. This reassurance is a bonus compared to the potential side-effects with modern medicine.
  • Herbs and plants are available everywhere. I was surprised when I used the book to locate plants. The “tools of your trade”, the herbs and plants, can be found everywhere. They are easy to find.
  • Photographs aid identification. Other books use sketches to show the herbs and plants. This book takes it a step further with real color photos. The photos make identification easy. It can boost your confidence that you have the right items for the remedies. Also, you know what is inside your treatment.
  • Quick access. There is a digital version of the book, which means you can download it instantly. You don’t have to wait for it to be delivered.
  • Saves you money. Ultimately you save loads of money by doing everything yourself. Unlike a trip to the pharmacy, you don’t need to pay for herbs and plants.
  • Suitable for all. Anybody can use this book to start making natural remedies. You don’t need to have any medical or survival knowledge. The reference system is second to none. Also, there are step-by-step instructions for the treatments, so it’s easy to follow.


Nothing in life is perfect. In the interests of writing the most complete The Look Book of Remedies review possible, there are the issues I found with the book:

  • Large reference book. At 300 pages, it’s a large book. If you are intimidated by lots of content, you might not like the book. However, if you can view it as a reference book, you might see it differently.
  • No freebie hard copies. I’m not sure if this is an error on their part or something they just overlooked, but the two free eBooks are not available as hard copies.
  • No quick fixes. If you’re an impatient person, you might want to keep using the pharmacy. Some of the treatments will take time to work correctly. I would look upon the remedies as “a process” for living healthier rather than as a quick fix.

Check Out The Lost Book of Remedies Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Lost Book of Remedies is generating a lot of buzz online. Consequently, there many questions being asked about it online.

Here are my answers to some of the main ones.

What is The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is a digital eBook of around 300 pages. It is primarily a reference with step-by-step guides to make natural remedies. You can also learn how to survive from the land.

How much does it cost?

The leading digital eBook costs $37. When you pay an additional $8.99 for handling and shipping, you can opt for a physical and digital version or just a physical copy.

Is The Lost Book Of Remedies safe?

Yes. It is all 100% tested to make sure there are no side effects. I would recommend using the book as a valuable reference guide for natural treatments you can make. But do not rule out using modern forms of treatments when they are more appropriate, especially during an emergency.

Is it a scam?

The Lost Book of Remedies is definitely not a scam. Although some people talk negatively about it online, my bet is that these people have never actually read the book. The book teaches you about natural remedies and gives you basic survival skills in the event of an emergency. It’s probably the most comprehensive book of its kind online.

Who is Nicole Alepian?

Nicole Alepian is a qualified doctor, herbalist, and survivalist. She appeared on History Channel’s “Alone” series in 2015 and survived in the wilderness for 57 days. Nicole co-authored The Lost Book of Remedies.

Does it really work?

Nicole Alepian and Claude Davis are survival specialists. They both have years of hands-on experience. Both have physically shown what they can do on TV. Nicole was featured on History Channel’s “Alone” series and used her specialist skills to survive. As an example, she cut her hand, prepping a fish. Nicole was able to stop the blood flow and heal it naturally. She has also used natural treatments for her MS.

Is The Lost Book Of Remedies worth it?

Yes, The Lost Book of Remedies was worth it for me. You can learn over 550 natural remedies, and for $37, the cost is very reasonable. On top of the treatments, you can also learn some survival skills. The icing on the cake is that you can save tons of money by making your remedies from scratch.

The Lost Book of Remedies review: Final verdict

The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies is an exciting insight into the world of natural remedies. One of the main takeaways from the book is how easy it is to make some of these treatments.

It’s a great product to use for little treatments here and there. And I would recommend using the book only for minor ailments. If you have a more serious condition, you should always consult a doctor before trying any natural remedy.

Another major plus point is the money you can save from making your treatments.

It’s worth remembering our ancestors used to possess this information but unfortunately much of it has been lost in recent generations. Therefore, this book is a great resource for learning some lostand valuableknowledge.

Check Out The Lost Book of Remedies Here

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