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The Future of Parenting in the Age of Technology

By May 13, 2017 No Comments

On Monday 15 May 2017 at 5pm (Los Angeles time), Good Parents, Inc will sponsor an Ideas Salon themed: “The Future of Parenting in the Age of Technology”.

Register here if you want to know how wearable tech can offer better insights into your kids’ well being.


There is simply no manual for how to be a good parent.

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If only there were.

As a parent, our kids’ wellbeing is our priority. Yet, as we balance family, work, community commitments and personal health, it can be hard to know:

How are our kids really going?

For all the advice online on how to be a good parent, we don’t always know whether all our hard work is paying off.

The question then is:

Can technology can help us be better parents?

It is easy to forget that the purpose of technology is not to be used for its own sake – but to improve our lives. To give us back time that should otherwise be spent with the people we love.

To explore how technology can enhance our humanity, San Francisco and Hong Kong-based tech company Good Parents, Inc have partnered with ideas-sharing platform Ideapod to answer this question: “How can wearable tech offer better insights into our kids’ wellbeing?”

Good Parents, Inc have developed the Kiddo, a wearable that tracks key biometrics for children and offers real-time health, wellbeing, stress and development insights through a mobile app. The Kiddo will make it easy for parents to understand their children’s health and ensure they never miss important issues.

On Monday 15 May 2017 at 5pm PT (5pm in Los Angeles, 8pm in New York, 10am on Tuesday in Sydney), Good Parents, Inc will sponsor an Ideas Salon themed: “The Future of Parenting in the Age of Technology”. Salon guests include:

  • San Francisco-based advanced and specialty materials expert, Jaganath Swamy (CEO and Co-Founder of Good Parents, Inc)
  • San Francisco-based scientist and engineer, Jean Rintoul (Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Good Parents, Inc)
  • Nashville-based global consultant, Christine Owenell (CEO of Owenell Global Consulting); and
  • Sydney-based health & fitness coach, James Anderson (Founder of PHAT Solutions).

Our thought leaders will share their personal experiences as full-time working parents and as a children’s wellness coach. They believe that connected devices can help busy families cultivate healthy habits. The discussion will explore health and wellness trends in schools and will ask each of our guests to describe the future of parenting in the age of technology.

The well being of the next generation impacts not just individuals but society more broadly. From the playground to the workplace, from the clinic to the classroom – healthy habits enrich humanity.

At the heart of our discussion is the desire of Good Parents, Inc to improve child development and growth metrics by creating a new ecosystem that engages parents, health insurance companies, corporate benefit programs and schools.

If you are curious about how to ensure your kids are leading happy, healthy lives then register here.

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