The best relationship of your life will be with a man who has these 9 traits

Finding a Prince Charming isn’t reserved for fairytales. There are decent men in the world. 

Of course, kissing frogs along the way can’t always be avoided. But with patience, you can get the best relationship of your life. 

There are certain traits to look for in a man. Don’t settle for less. 

Ready to know what they are?

Well, the best relationship you will ever have, is with a man who has…

1) A good sense of humor. 

Laughing is so beneficial! If your man can lighten the mood, you’ll navigate through hard times with a lighter perspective.

Humor can also help:

  • Reduce your stress.
  • Improve how you communicate.
  • Strengthen the bond you have.
  • Keep your relationship positive.
  • Bring a playful and exciting dynamic. 

Okay, look:

You might think you have a weird sense of humor and that no man could ever find the things you laugh about funny. 

But if he can make you laugh, just a little bit, it’s good! 

A different sense of humor isn’t a dealbreaker, though. Many other traits make someone a great partner. 

So, let’s move on. 

2) A sense of fun and adventure.

Being with someone who’ll explore new experiences and embrace adventure is a must! 

Let me explain:

I get it. You might not like camping, and planning a last-minute trip halfway around the world could be the last thing you want to do. 

But fun and adventure don’t have to be these things. 

It’s about having a partner who’s willing to step outside their comfort zone. 

And sure, spontaneity can help keep that flame alive. But it’s not the be-all-end-all. A man who does mundane things they’re not used to can be way more attractive than you imagine. 

Picture this:

You love growing food but match with a city boy who always orders in. He’s probably never even seen bare soil in his life!

Wouldn’t it be so attractive if he was willing to start a seed nursery for you? 

That’s what a sense of adventure means. If your man isn’t afraid to do things he usually wouldn’t, chances are he’d do anything you want him to if he knows it’ll make you happy. 

A partner who’s willing to learn, adapt, and be brave will inspire you. That’s why you should always choose a man who has…

3) An open-minded approach to life. 

The man you have by your side should be receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. A close-minded partner will make your life a literal hell. 

If your man is open-minded, he’ll be game for shared activities, engage in meaningful discussions, and make you feel accepted and understood.

Want to know the best part?

An open-minded partner will encourage personal growth! It won’t feel like you’re being held back by your relationship.

Of course, we all have things we don’t like or feel comfortable with. And your open-minded man will too. 

But if he doesn’t like something you want to explore or do, he’ll have a mature conversation about it instead of just blowing off the idea. 

Being with an open-minded partner can also help you see and explore the world like never before. Somehow, open-minded people just have…

4) An inspirational vibe.

And there’s nothing better than being with a man who inspires you to reach new heights!

If your man brings a vibe that makes you want to be better, chances are pretty good he’ll also:

  • Motivate you to get started and keep going when you feel stuck.
  • Boost your confidence by believing in you.
  • Bring positive energy and uplift your spirits when it feels like you want to give up. 

You’re more likely to feel satisfied in your relationship and life if your partner inspires you. 

Having a role model who’s on your side when you’re pursuing your own goals makes all the difference!

5) A reliable nature. 

If you want a rock-solid relationship, choose a reliable man. It’s all about having someone you can trust and depend on, no matter what. 

A reliable partner will always…

  • Keep their word.
  • Follow through on their promises.
  • Show up when you need them.

You’ll have the best teammate you can ask for! And count on them in the good and tough times. 

If your man is reliable, you’ll feel secure and have peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than being with someone who constantly makes you wonder if you’re worth their effort. 

For example:

I once dated a guy who promised he’d come to support an event my father hosted. I was so excited to have him there, but – you guessed it – he never showed up. 

The worse part was that I reminded him the morning of, and he confirmed he’d be there. 

Want to know his excuse? He lost track of time while hanging with his buddies. Typical.

Reliability makes a relationship run smoother. If you have a man who keeps his word, you know you can make plans and trust that things will get done. 

A reliable man is also more likely to have…

6) An emotionally mature way of thinking.

And honestly, finding someone with emotional maturity? It’s like hitting the relationship jackpot!

Can you imagine a partner who doesn’t lash out at you? 

One who understands if you feel hurt, no matter how silly it may seem? 

A man who communicates and doesn’t give you the silent treatment?

Well, emotionally mature men have these things figured out. They can express themselves without resorting to drama or playing mind games. 

It’s like a breath of fresh air!

Emotional maturity also means they take responsibility for their own actions. Being with a man who doesn’t expect you to fix everything for him is truly the best. 

Want to know another cool thing about these types of men?

They’re less likely to hold grudges and will handle the ups and downs of your relationship with grace and understanding. 

Now that’s two words you probably never thought you’d hear being said about men, isn’t it?

7) A giving soul.

signs youre in a relationship with a really smart person 1 The best relationship of your life will be with a man who has these 9 traits

If you could be with a man who genuinely cares about making a positive impact and helping others, why would you not? 

Don’t settle for someone who isn’t generous. It will definitely reflect in your relationship. 

But yeah, I get it.

If your partner constantly helps others, you might feel a little neglected. This happened to me.

My boyfriend at the time had a giving soul. He would help his family and friends with money, lend a hand when they needed one, and do random acts of kindness.  

Sometimes, I’d get really annoyed. It felt like he did so much for everyone else but not me. Truthfully, this wasn’t the case.

I lacked nothing. He did more for me than I could ever imagine a partner would. 

I only saw this years later, and while we’re married now, the damage (because of my jealousy) done in the past can’t be reversed. 

The thing is:

If your partner is generous toward others, chances are he’ll pay attention to your needs too. 

A giving man will go out of his way to make you feel loved and appreciated. You just have to see it.

And I’m not only talking about money and time. 

If your partner has a giving soul, he’ll be emotionally present. He’ll care about your well-being and be there to listen, offer guidance, and support you through hard times. 

8) Vulnerability

Another trait you should absolutely look for in a man is vulnerability. No matter how macho he is, your partner should be able to let his guard down. 

Want to know why it’s so important?

It’s because vulnerability allows us to be ourselves.

Imagine being with a man who trusts you enough to show you all his flaws. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to pretend and allows you to see him on a deeper level. 

Men who can be vulnerable are also more likely to be empathetic and understanding. 

You’ll have someone who’s authentic, can put himself in your shoes, and be there through the ups and downs.

The emotional intimacy between you will be like something you’ve never experienced before. 

But hang on…

That’s not the only thing that should be out of this world!

You should choose a man who has…

9) A sexually attractive aura.

Yes, I’m including this. 

Whoever you choose should have sex appeal. And, of course, this is subjective. 

Here’s why it matters:

Sexual attractiveness is like a magnet – captivating your energy and drawing you in. 

When you find a man sexually attractive, your relationship will be exciting and passionate. 

The chemistry will be undeniable!

Spark will fly!

That fire will keep burning!

And hey, sexual attractiveness isn’t all about appearance. 

A sexually attractive aura includes the whole package. If you find trust and emotional availability irresistible, find a man who brings this to the table. 

Trust me, it will make your relationship so much better. 

A sexually attractive aura will add some sizzle to the mix and help keep the already great connection you have alive. 

Here’s the secret, though:

If you want a man who can give you the best relationship of your life, you need to give him the best of his. 

Relationships require teamwork. If you keep taking what your partner offers without meeting their needs, they’ll be miserable. 

And if you don’t appreciate everything they bring into your relationship, they’ll probably leave. You don’t want that, do you? 

Great relationships exist. You should never settle for less. But remember that you need to bring something to the table too.

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