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The end of “brilliant jerks”: How a Columbia Business School angel investor says we can fix Silicon Valley bro-culture

I think we can all agree that sexism in Silicon Valley is out of control and needs to be fixed. To discover how, we spoke with Founder of New York investing syndicate, 37 Angels - Angela Lee Angela is also an educator at Columbia Business School. She teaches women to become angel investors. More women investing in startups fuels innovation and enriches culture.…
Kat Dunn
August 20, 2017
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Zen Master Reveals How to Overcome the Fear of Failure and Use It to Your Advantage

Nobody wants to fail, but for many the fear of failure presents such a psychological hurdle that their fear of failure exceeds their motivation to succeed. Recent studies have shown that the fear of failure inhibits innovation within organization by suppressing new ideas and discouraging managers from pursuing risky concepts.…
The Power of Ideas
January 19, 2017