Superbrain review by Jim Kwik: Don’t purchase it until you read this

This article is a Jim Kwik learning review of Superbrain, the online course by Mindvalley.

I want to remember more of what I learn.

So I decided to take Superbrain, the online course by Jim Kwik.

Kwik promises that by taking his 34-day online course, you will drastically improve your memory and learning power. It combines speed reading, peak performance techniques and much more to deliver on this promise.

The question is:

Does it work? Or is brain training a scam?

That’s what I’ll focus on in this review article of Jim Kwik’s Superbrain.

Who is Jim Kwik?

Jim Kwik is the founder of Kwik Learning — a company dedicated to improving your brain performance.

He’s a world-class speed-reader, and has made it his life’s mission to teach people how to speed read, improve their memory, and accelerate their learning. Jim found his passion for learning after suffering a brain injury during early childhood. This injury forced him to re-learn how to learn.

He studied some of the most advanced brain learning techniques, figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

Kwik ended up doing more than healing his brain. He managed to get it operating at an elite level.

He created strategies to help himself and others unlock their brain’s true genius. And now, he wants to share these with the world. He teaches you these techniques in his Mindvalley masterclass: Superbrain.

What is Superbrain?

Superbrain is a 34-day Mindvalley Masterclass led by Jim Kwik that promises to unleash your brain from all limitations and help develop a super memory.

Jim Kwik developed this course to go over the things he learned while healing his brain from a TBI. He wanted to forget less and relearn all of the things that he lost.

He uses these methods to support NYU, Columbia, Stanford, Nike, Elon Musk, and more. Jim Kwik is very accomplished and has been helping the world’s best.

But, this isn’t a speed reading course. In 34 days, you aren’t going to learn a magic skill that you can practice.

Instead, this course teaches you the skills that you have to further develop over time.

Over the course of 30 days, Jim Kwik takes you through an accelerated masterclass to learn eight key skills:

  • Develop an invicible memory
  • Learn faster and better
  • Accelerate your career

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Who is Superbrain for?

Superbrain is a great brain training course that is tailored for business professionals who are looking to increase their productivity, boost their memorization, and improve comprehension. While these skills are practical for anyone, it definitely seemed that the real-life applications for Superbrain were focused around business professionals.

I will say, I’ve read that a lot of business minds are enrolling in Superbrain. That makes sense.

They want to be quicker at learning and networking. During the course, I did feel like it was tailored to a business professional.

I definitely think this course is also beneficial for those who are looking to increase their reading speed + comprehension, as well as those hoping to boost their productivity. Students and others who have a passion for learning certainly will enjoy Jim’s class.

Who won’t like Superbrain?

This is a class built around brain hacks and brain training. If you’re not looking to use and reuse tricks and techniques to boost skills like memorization, then you probably won’t get much out of Superbrain. It’s a class more focused around specific techniques with real-world applications rather than theories of learning.

It’s best for the hands-on, practical learner.

If you think you’d get better bang for your buck with another Mindvalley course, we have created a great new quiz to help. Our new Mindvalley quiz will reveal the perfect course for you.

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Do you want Jim Kwik to be your teacher?

Whenever I take any class, my first question is, “Will I learn practical skills that genuinely impact my life?”

Mindvalley creates a lot of hype around their online courses, which is why I always do my best to see through the hype and examine the teaching ability of the instructor.

Before diving into the Superbrain, I wanted to see if Jim Kwik was the real deal.

So I enrolled in the free masterclass on developing a Superbrain by Mindvalley. Jim Kwik shares some techniques to improve your memory in this masterclass.

mindvalley masterclass superbrain Superbrain review by Jim Kwik: Don't purchase it until you read this

Fair warning—if you sign up for this masterclass, you will encounter some of the hype by Mindvalley. But once you get through this, you’ll see what Jim is like as a teacher.

I found Jim Kwik to be very honest, clear and straightforward. His story struck me as genuine and real. So I decided to sign up for the program.

In the rest of this article, I’ll share some of the benefits you will experience from brain training, followed by a description of what you’ll find if you decide to enroll in the course.

elon musk and jim kwik Superbrain review by Jim Kwik: Don't purchase it until you read this
Jim Kwik with Elon Musk.

What it’s like taking Superbrain

I want to walk you through my experience taking Super Brain. Here, I’ll show you what you get when you sign up, along with a breakdown of the course itself.

First of all, The Superbrain course is a month-long, 34-day course that teaches you how to learn faster while remembering more. It’s not a quick fix to make your brain better.

Along with 34 days worth of brain training content, Superbrain also has four bonus sections, Q&A resources, and daily exercises.

Let’s take a closer look at what this all looks like, starting with signing up.

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Signing up for Superbrain

You can sign up for Superbrain on Mindvalley. The course is easy to enroll in, and a new session starts every few weeks (see the next start date here). There are usually two concurrent sessions going, so you can choose to play catch up on one or wait a few days to start another.

When you sign up, you have the option of taking the free masterclass. This one’s called How To Develop A Super Memory. It’s like a welcome video, and it gives an oversight into some of the course.

It’s also why I recommend checking out the free masterclass first to see if Superbrain is for you.

mindvalley masterclass superbrain Superbrain review by Jim Kwik: Don't purchase it until you read this

The goal of this introductory video is to make you realize that your brain has unlimited potential. It gives you a 12-page workbook and 10 brain hacks.

Then, when you sign up and pay, you get to the warm-up. Before starting, five videos are about an hour long. This is the welcome, and it goes over what the course is, how to prepare for it, using the FAST learning method, how to take better notes, and 10-morning habits geniuses use.

The daily assignments

In this course, you have assignments each day. You can’t skip ahead, and each day’s assignments only unlock on that day.

You start the day with a video. It’s doable because the videos range from five to fifteen minutes long.

Each week is different, but for the first week, your classes look like this:

  • O.M Can Help You Remember
  • The Sun Is Up
  • The 10 Secrets To Unlocking Your Superbrain
  • Implementation Day – Spaced Repetition Concept
  • Nutrition & Your Body Folders
  • Environment & Killing ANTs

After you finish watching the video, you complete your assignments. The assignments vary from posting in the “Tribe,” which is a community Facebook group, to journaling and eating better.

Eight sections of Superbrain

Superbrain has eight different sections. These are broken up into about two sections per week.

The eight parts of Superbrain are:

  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Remembering Long Lists
  4. Remembering Names
  5. Vocabulary and Languages
  6. Memorizing Speeches and Texts
  7. Numbers
  8. Lifestyle Integration

The F.A.S.T. System

A key component of Superbrain is the F.A.S.T. System — a system Jim himself developed.

F: Forget

You need to approach learning with a beginner’s mind. This means forgetting and letting go of your negative blocks around learning. Open yourself up to your own limitlessness.

A: Active

You need to be active in your learning. This means being creative, applying your new skills, and stretching your brain.

S: State

It’s no good trying to learn when you’re in a sour mood. Emotional state is critical to your learning outcomes; make sure you’re in a positive and receptive mood before you begin each lesson!

T: Teach

Teaching is one of the best ways for a person to learn. By this, I mean if I teach you history, I’ll actually get a better grasp of history in the process. By teaching others, we can increase our own knowledge!

Bonus content

In addition to the bonus content, there are four additional bonus sections that you can access. They are:

  1. Overcoming Procrastination in five easy steps
  2. 8 Cs to muscle memory
  3. Remembering your dreams
  4. Speed Reading

To top it all off, there are actually 2 other bonus features! On days 8 and 30 of Superbrain, Jim Kwik delivers prerecorded Q&A sessions with Mindvalley members, allowing you deeper insight into the Superbrain course.

I always love a bonus, and particularly enjoyed the Overcoming Procrastination module.

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Superbrain: Pros and cons

As with everything I review, there were some stand-out features I loved, as well as some elements I wasn’t as crazy about. I want to break these down for you, so you can make your own decision as to whether Superbrain is right for you.

Pros of Superbrain

  1. Content is created well: As with all of Mindvalley’s content, this Superbrain course is professional. The videos are stunning, Jim Kwik is personable, and I felt like I was in the class.
  2. The videos are short: I also liked how I didn’t have to dedicate a ton of time to the videos each day. Since they were only five to ten minutes on average, it was easy for me to watch them. But, this also comes with some cons, as I’ll talk about later.
  3. Not unrealistic: The things that he teaches you aren’t unrealistic. I never felt overwhelmed by the content. It was easy to understand. Plus, I felt like I could implement it easily.
  4. You always have access to the material: Even after you finish the course, you can go back and review everything.
  5. Interactive community: The Superbrain community on Facebook was pretty active. You do have to sift through Mindvalley’s other course-focused posts, but it wasn’t hard. I could interact with my peers frequently.

Cons of Superbrain

  1. Some of the content is available free: One thing that bothered me is that some of the content is already available for free. Since we’re paying for the course, I would’ve appreciated the free content to be bonus material rather than actual lessons. It’s not every piece of content, but some of the videos are posted online free.
  2. You can’t skip ahead lessons: Since some of the videos are short, I wanted to skip ahead. But, you can’t do that. Logging on every day for a five to ten-minute video can be hard, especially with my travel and work schedule. You can go back and watch videos you missed, but I would’ve rather skipped ahead when I knew I’d miss a day.
  3. Not useful for everyone: Some of the lessons, like remembering names, isn’t useful for everyone. That’s when I felt that this course was businesspeople focused. While I’m sure it helped them a lot, not everyone needs to memorize names.

My experience with Superbrain

Overall, I liked the Superbrain course. Though some of the sections didn’t apply to me, the first section pulled me in.

One of my favorite things I learned from Superbrain is how negative thoughts impact our learning skills. He talks about how we have automatic negative thoughts. To learn better, we need to change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

We’re more likely to learn with positive thoughts than negative ones. That tied into many of the things I study and learn daily, and I was surprised to see how impactful negative thoughts truly are.

I found the videos to be easy to watch, and I put my all into them. I would say that this program is one of those that you get what you put into it. If you aren’t giving it your all, you may not learn much.

The videos are helpful, but you get more out of it with the activities. Whether you’re journaling or teaching someone else the concept, I found that’s what cemented it for me.

There were times I was a little confused in the video, but once I did the activities, it made more sense. Still, a few videos I did have to watch a couple of times to understand.

But even with those hiccups, I had a good experience with Superbrain. I’d recommend it for anyone wanting to exercise their brain or improve how they learn.

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The benefits of brain training

Brain training isn’t new. It’s been studied by scientists for the last 100 years. But it’s only been in the last few decades that researchers have tried to exercise the brain.

We know that the brain is a muscle. Though it’s used every day, it’s not necessarily challenged every day. It’d be like walking around your yard. That’s not going to challenge your leg muscles to walk five steps.

It’s the same with our brains. We use them daily for simple functions, but unless we’re in school or teaching hard subjects, our brain isn’t getting the workout that it may need.

As we age, our brain seems to slow down in its learning. But studies have shown that our brain maintains its plasticity—or the ability to learn—throughout our whole life. The problem is that we’re not using it correctly.

Some of the known benefits of brain training are:

  • Improve mental performance
  • Switch between tasks faster
  • May lower risk of developing dementia
  • Possibly boost IQ test score
  • Helps you get better at specific tasks
  • Better concentration
  • Improve memory

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain is primarily dedicated to the latter three benefits, though it potentially could help in all highlighted areas. Regardless, it’s a great way to give your brain a much-needed workout.

Does brain training work?

Brain training does work, but only when it’s done effectively. There are a few studies that show when adults are taught a new skill, their volume of grey matter in the brain increases.

The problem arises when the brain training program isn’t effective. Brain Training is not regulated, so you often can get companies that make outrageous claims (we’ll cure your Alzheimer’s) with nothing to show for it. In fact, there have been numerous lawsuits against brain training companies due to their inflated health claims and misleading marketing.

As a result, these lawsuits have made it hard to distinguish good brain training from bad brain training.

Again, brain training can work! But it’s important to understand that it’s not going to solve Alzheimer’s or turn you into an Einstein-level genius. It can, however possibly boost grey matter, and can help you implement some workable mind skills.

Is Jim Kwik’s brain training a scam?

Jim Kwik is here to teach you specific skills (speed reading, memory exercises) which he labels brain training. These are concrete skills with practical outcomes.

This is a 34-day class that is designed to teach you skills that you can continue to hone indefinitely.

After taking Jim Kwik’s Superbrain, I can assure you that the class isn’t a scam. He delivers on his promise: teaching you specific skills to improve performance.

Superbrain is brain training with a focus on reading comprehension, memory improvement, and productivity hacks.

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Similar Quests on Mindvalley

unnamed Superbrain review by Jim Kwik: Don't purchase it until you read this

If you’re interested in more classes like Superbrain, you owe it to yourself to check out all the other quests (courses) that Mindvalley offers. They have over 30 quests that are dedicated to self-improvement.

Here are a couple of our favorites.

Speak and Inspire

Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols is a transformative class dedicated to helping you become a dynamic public speaker.

Speak and Inspire is dedicated to helping others learn to speak their truth. Like Superbrain, this quest is focused around using simple, 10-minute-a-day learning techniques to hone a real-world skill (in this case, public speaking).

Super Reading

Like Superbrain, Super Reading is also taught by Jim Kwik. It focuses nearly exclusively on speed reading (which Jim does touch on in Superbrain), giving you a deeper dive into this subject.

If you’re interested in improving your reading comprehension level, this might be the quest for you!

Read our Super Reading review here.

The M Word

The M Word stands for Mindfulness, but it certainly could also stand for Meditation. The M Word on Masterclass is dedicated to using practical meditation focused around mindfulness to bring tranquility to your daily life. It’s a great way to help manage stress, enable smarter decision making, and improve your overall happiness.

The Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass

So you’ve taken a look at all of Mindvalley’s offerings and thought, “I can’t decide.”

“There are just too many good courses.”

“If only there was a way to try them all without paying for each one!”

Turns out, you’re in luck! There’s a program called the Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass. 

This pass gives you immediate access to 30+ Mindvalley programs for only $599. That’s less than the price of two courses!

When you sign up for the Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass, you get:

  • Immediate access to 30 quests (and upcoming quests⁠—usually one new quest per month). Be warned: 30 quests is a tremendous amount of content, similar to an entire university degree.
  • Access to all the quest communities and Facebook groups. Some Facebook groups are VERY active.
  • The Mindvalley Life Assessment, a 20-minute questionnaire that tells you which areas of your life to focus on. They got it right with me, telling me to focus on self-love and thinking big.
  • Free live calls with the instructors. I attended the one with Jim Kwik who teaches Superbrain. He seemed pretty focused on promoting his new book to the community, but to be fair, he did share a lot of interesting tips.
  • 10-day money-back guarantee. They have a new refund page where you just need to fill out a few questions, and if you’re within the 10 days you’ll automatically get a refund.

It’s a great deal if you’re looking to get the most out of your time with Mindvalley.

Learn More About Mindvalley All Access Pass

Superbrain vs. Out of the Box

After going through the Superbrain course, I couldn’t help but reflect on my experience with Out of the Box.

This is the online workshop by the shaman Rudá Iandê. Just like Jim Kwik, Rudá Iandê has been helping celebrities and other famous people for most of his life.

But Out of the Box is a much deeper learning journey.

In the workshop, Rudá Iandê takes you through a series of videos, lessons, challenges, and exercises that result in you getting to know yourself at a very deep level.

You start to understand the way your subconscious memories and experiences from your past have impacted the life you’re living today.

From this understanding, it becomes much easier to reframe the life you’re living. Hundreds have taken Out of the Box and reported that it has had a very deep impact on their life.

Learn More About Out of the Box

I found that Superbrain is more focused on skills to help you learn better. Out of the Box is more about developing a deeper kind of self-knowledge that changes many of the fundamental pillars in your life.

These two online courses go very well together. You can learn more about Out of the Box by checking out the free masterclass with Rudá Iandê on developing your personal power.

personal power masterclass ad Superbrain review by Jim Kwik: Don't purchase it until you read this


Conclusion: Is Mindvalley’s Superbrain worth the money?

If you’re interested in learning how to take better care of your brain, Superbrain is an awesome course.

I’ve already used some of the methods talked about. And it made me realize how important my lifestyle is to keep my brain healthy.

Like I mentioned earlier, this course isn’t something you watch and move on from. You’ll need to do the homework, but when you do, you get a lot out of it.

If you’re willing to put the time in and want to remember more by training your brain, I think Superbrain is definitely worth the money. Everyone will learn something from this course, and if you’re like me, you’ll use many aspects of the course to better yourself and your brain.

You can find out Superbrain’s next start date here. On the same page, you can learn more about what you get when you enroll in the course. You can also check out the free masterclass with Jim Kwik here.

Check Out Superbrain

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