Super Reading by Jim Kwik: Is it Really Worth Your Money?

Do I want to read thousands of words per minute? Heck yeah. That would make my life easier. But is it possible? I didn’t think it would be.

Before I took this Mindvalley quest, I didn’t believe “speed reading” was a real thing. But I was desperate to ease my workload a bit and have some time for other, more important things.

I took Super Reading to become more efficient. I didn’t want to waste so much of my time stuck on technical books and manuals. So I decided to give it a try. After 21 days, I more than doubled my reading speed. But will it help you, too?

This is my experience taking Super Reading by Jim Kwik. I’ll give you a sneak peek into what you can expect on this quest and whether or not it’s really worth your money.

Who is Jim Kwik?

I first heard of Jim Kwik as the “brain coach” used by tech magnate Elon Musk. I was curious because he apparently trained SpaceX’s rocket scientists and researchers, too. That’s when I heard about speed reading for the first time.

Speed reading is all about accelerating the reading process. Used properly, it will make you at least 5 times faster than the average reader.


Through a combination of various techniques developed by many experts in the last few decades—it’s a fairly new concept.

Jim Kwik is one such leading expert. He’s been coaching students in speed-reading, brain performance, and memory improvement. He’s an expert on all things that induce accelerated learning.

But what makes Jim qualified to teach about accelerated learning?

Well, Kwik spent his whole life re-training his brain due to a childhood head injury. For years, he tried to work around his “broken brain.” The injury left him learning-challenged, which pushed him to develop different learning habits, systems, and tactics.

Today, Kwik is a familiar fixture in the brain-improvement field. Aside from making his rounds on global media, he hosts the Kwik Brain podcast, which is the #1 training show on iTunes. He’s also authored many books, including the NY Times bestseller Limitless: Core Techniques to Improve Performance, Productivity, and Focus.

Let’s see if he’s worth the hype, shall we?

What is speed reading?

Speed reading can help you read around 1500 words per minute. Insane, right? Even I was skeptical about this.

So before I enrolled in this program, I decided to dig into the science of it.

To fully understand how speed reading works, you have to understand the reading process first:

On average, we read about 250 wpm with a memory capacity of 70% — meaning we capture 70% of the words we’re reading.

How do we read? Well, the first step is to look at words, known as “fixation.” This takes about 0.25 seconds. The next process is “saccade,” where the eyes move to the next word. Each saccade takes 0.1 seconds. That means we read about 4-5 words (per phrase) at once. The final process is when our brain makes sense of the words—comprehension.

I know it’s a knowledge bomb, but that’s where speed reading comes in. Since we cannot shorten the saccade process, speed reading is all about helping you make quicker fixations.

This is accomplished by skipping what experts call “subvocalization,” or sounding out words internally. Speedreading gets you to comprehend the word without sounding it out in your brain. There’s also another method called “chunking,” which involves breaking down individual pieces of information and grouping them together in a meaningful way. Both methods ideally save time, which allows us to speed read.

So yes, even though speed reading is a fairly new method, it is definitely possible to read thousands of words per minute.

What is the Super Reading Quest?

Jim Kwik Super Reading Review testimonial 3 Super Reading by Jim Kwik: Is it Really Worth Your Money?

Overview – My experience while taking the quest

Super Reading by Jim Kwik is a 21-day Mindvalley Quest on speed reading.

In this program, Jim Kwik runs you through his own speed reading methodology. He shares neurostimulation techniques to strengthen memory retention. It’s done in the usual Mindvalley bite-sized learning format. But since this is a course on speed reading, it is more practical than the usual Mindvalley program.

And I’m telling you: This course is intense.

It’s not something you just watch, it’s something you take part in. This means you have to focus on each lesson, listen, and take notes. I used a lot of mental energy while taking lessons. I couldn’t even participate properly when I was tired. I had to be 100% present to learn speed reading.

But I loved it.

If there’s one thing I dislike about Mindvalley programs, it’s the fluff. Sometimes I just want the instructors to get on with it. (And I’m not gonna lie, I use that 1.5x speed button a lot.) In the case of Neale Daniel Walshe’s Awaken The Species, for example, it could pass off as a series of poems.

Kwik, by contrast, was no-nonsense and straight to the point. I appreciated this. There’s a noticeable lack of sidetracking about his personal history, for example.

His personal history is amazing though. You should check it out.

Super Reading is different because it gives you a skill to master. It’s not just about getting inspired, though Jim Kwik is certainly inspiring. He’s successful for a reason. But about 70% of the time, it really was about learning technical skills and developing a growth mindset.

This was honestly the most practical course I’ve ever taken on Mindvalley.

(If you’re wondering what else Mindvalley has to offer, Ideapod has created a fun Mindvalley quiz to help you choose the perfect course for you. Take our new quiz here).

What’s inside the Super Reading Quest

Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Quest is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Learning the technique – Going through a step by step process on how to read faster while increasing comprehension. Developing effective memory retention techniques, how to read technical information, etc.

Part 2: Developing the Mindset – Unlearning limiting habits and learning patterns you were taught at school. Understanding the psychology about what’s going on inside your brain that really activates your genius.

Jim Kwik super reading review

When you start, you have to pick a book to read. It shouldn’t be technical, but something you would enjoy, like a novel.

You’ll go through 10-15 minutes of video lessons each day. But most of these lessons will include “reading drills.” These drills will challenge you to read hundreds of words in a span of minutes. In one exercise, I even had to try to read lines that initially took me 4 minutes—in 2. Phew!

So give or take, you’ll need to set aside 20 to 40 minutes a day to watch the lesson, practice speed reading, and do your own tasks.

There’s a follow-along downloadable workbook available every week. I don’t think it’s necessary to use it, but the tips and exercises could come in handy. I printed these pages and used them for my own note-taking. So if you’re the kind of person who learns better when they write things down, use the workbook.

The first 2 weeks are intense, but the last week is focused on the psychology behind speed reading. It’s the unlearning part, which I think is just as challenging in its own way. You’ll have to let go of what you think you knew about reading and start from scratch. But what you’ll learn in the end is a better and more efficient framework for reading.

It’s sometimes scary having to completely start from scratch. But when you let go, you’ll learn that the things you were holding onto were actually holding you back. When you start from zero, you can reach heights you never dreamed of.

In a nutshell

What I liked:

  • It’s practical. The skills you’ll learn can be applied in your daily life. (Everybody reads, after all.)
  • There’s no fluff. The course itself is very minimalist, from the video production to the content. The lack of unnecessary chatter allowed me to focus and motivated me more.
  • Jim Kwik is a no-nonsense teacher. He’s not pushy but he’s still challenging you in the right ways.
  • The classes are enjoyable! I looked forward to my reading exercises every day.
  • It sums up all everything you need to know about speed reading in one neat package—including that extra push to finish a goal.

What I didn’t like:

  • To be honest, most of his techniques aren’t really groundbreaking. You can easily learn them from books or other courses. (If you’re saving the cash and are willing to self-learn.) This is for someone who wants a one-on-one guided approach to speed reading.

Does the Super Reading Quest really work?

I’ve got to be honest. I was very skeptical before I took this quest. First, I didn’t believe it’s possible to read 1,500 words per minute. Second, I didn’t want to make reading a chore.

When I browsed through Super Reading’s Tribe (the exclusive Facebook group), I even saw someone saying they increased their reading speed to 3,000 words. I thought, could I ever get even close to that?

But as I went through it, the results were quick and almost instantaneous. I started with a reading speed of 248 words per minute. By week 2, I was reading 490wpm. And by the last week, I was reading 804 wpm.

I increased my reading speed up to 3 times.

So yes, the Super Reading Quest really works.

I read 3 novels and 1 technical book while going through this program. With my work schedule and personal life, that’s saying something.

But I think what struck me most while taking this course is that it didn’t decrease my love for reading. In fact, it introduced me to something new—it incorporated a new challenge to an otherwise routine activity.

One of my biggest fears was that taking this quest would take the fun out of something I do mainly for enjoyment. I love to read. I thought speed reading would ruin that. But it didn’t. Instead, I learned a very valuable life skill. One that will serve me for the rest of my life.

What Jim Kwik’s Super Reading gave me is the ability to do more of the thing I love: reading. 

So what’s life like now that I can read faster?

I can see some major changes:

  • I’m faster at work. I’m a writer and that means I need to go through tons of research, pick up the most important bits, and condense them into a digestible format. This course basically made my job easier. Now I have more free time!
  • I’ve developed a stronger growth mindset. Being able to learn how to read 3x faster just proves I can take on any learning challenge. I’m learning a new language right now, and I’m learning it fast.
  • I no longer have to struggle to find the time to read for enjoyment.
  • I have better retention, focus, and clarity. I used to be such a fuzzy reader. I had to have a quiet environment and even the subtlest background noises would bother me. Now, I notice I can literally read anywhere!
  • I don’t need to use so much energy to comprehend what I’m reading. Technical information is also easier to digest.

All in all, I took away only great things from this Mindvalley quest. I got my money’s worth. And I learned a real, applicable skill that I could use in any aspect of my life.

How much is Super Reading by Mindvalley?

Right now, you can get Super Reading by Jim Kwik for only $349. That’s a lot cheaper than its normal price of $999. Once you enroll, you’ll get full, lifetime Digital access to the entire program. That includes all the video materials, workbooks, and the bonus 4 coaching call recordings with Jim Kwik himself.

I find the lifetime access extremely useful because Mindvalley usually upgrades their courses every year. So you will always have access to any new course content in the future. All Mindvalley quests can be accessed on all devices: Android, iOS, Desktop, and tablet.

You can also subscribe to the Mindvalley Quest All Access for $599 per year. This all-access pass allows you to unlock everything else on Mindvalley. Right now, they have about 40+ programs from noteworthy experts. Check out our review here!

I have this subscription and managed to enroll in some life-changing quests for the past 3 months in quarantine. So take a look at what Mindvalley offers. If you’re interested in 2 or more programs, taking the Mindvalley Quest All Access will be a good bargain.

Note: Upon my research, I found that several students are having trouble getting refunds from this quest. So it’s really important to weigh if you really want or need this course if you don’t want to go through a similar thing.

Super Reading Tips and Hacks

Super Reading is a demanding course. I found that if I followed these hacks, I got way more out of Ji Kwik’s course.

Set aside 40 minutes every day

You need to set aside real time to complete this course. I’m not talking about the typical 15 minutes that most Mindvalley classes need you to do. You need around 40. But that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. Far from it. I looked forward to doing my Super Reading exercises every day.

Do the quest at your daily peak

Don’t do your daily lesson when you’re feeling sluggish. Jim Kwik moves rapidly, and his exercises demand that you do too. Figure out what time of the day you’re most productive, and be sure to do Super Reading at that time.

Make time for the Q&A

Each week, Jim hosts a Q&A where he tackles your classmates’ burning questions on Super Reading. While it’s not live, it is very informative and you definitely don’t want to miss it. It takes up around an hour, so make sure you set aside EXTRA time each week for his Q&A.

What people say about Super Reading

If you’re still not sure, here’s what other students think of Super Reading by Jim Kwik:
Jum Kwik Super Reading Review testimonial Super Reading by Jim Kwik: Is it Really Worth Your Money?

Jum Kwik Super Reading Review testimonial 2 Super Reading by Jim Kwik: Is it Really Worth Your Money?

Jum Kwik Super Reading Review testimonial 3 Super Reading by Jim Kwik: Is it Really Worth Your Money?

Is Super Reading right for you?

Super Reading was incredibly helpful for me. I can use the skills I learned in many areas of my life. However, I don’t believe it’s for everyone.

If you’re someone who doesn’t really need to read, (either you don’t require to read a ton for work or it’s not something that interests you) this course might not be particularly life-changing for you. If you have a fixed mindset, this program isn’t for you either.

You’ll need to use a ton of mental energy and be really dedicated to this program for it to work. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your money.

But if you’re someone who loves or needs to read a lot, Super Reading is an absolute essential. You’ll learn better and understand things faster. You’ll quicken and sharpen your mind in ways you never imagined.

I think this quest can benefit anyone who is always learning, whether for personal or career purposes.

But when it comes down to it, Super Reading by Jim Kwik is really perfect for someone who doesn’t want to waste their time. I can imagine this will help a lot of on-the-go professionals who can’t afford to pore through countless of materials. People who’d rather use their time on macro-managing, leading, or brewing ideas.

So if you’re someone who wants the best use of your most important resource—time—this quest is invaluable.

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