7 subtle signs someone is in love with you but won’t admit it, according to psychology

So you are wondering if someone might be harboring secret feelings for you? 

I know. It’s a tricky situation, isn’t it? 

People can be so good at hiding their true feelings. 

But the experts can provide some guidance. Today, we delve into seven subtle signs that someone might be in love with you but hasn’t quite come out with it yet. 

These signs are easy to miss if you’re not paying close attention, but with a little effort, you can start to piece together the puzzle of hidden affection.

Let’s get to ‘em. 

1) They gaze just a little too long

I know, I know, it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. 

Prolonged eye contact is more than a simple glance—it’s a powerful nonverbal cue that can indicate deeper emotions, possibly love. 

The experts support the idea that the eyes are “the window to the soul.” 

Psychology Professor Ronald E. Riggio, for example, has noted that “Gazing into another’s eyes can signify love and attraction and spur the release of hormones associated with love and affection.”

Psychologist and author Dr. Suzana E. Flores seems to echo this. She has stated, “When someone is in love with you, they will stare at your eyes more directly and for a longer period of time; they want to be completely present with you.”

So, do you find he or she looking a bit deeper into your eyes for that bit longer?

Don’t just shrug it off. They might be unconsciously expressing their attraction or deeper feelings toward you.

While it’s important not to overinterpret every glance, a consistent pattern of prolonged eye contact combined with other signs of affection can be a strong indicator that someone has more than just casual feelings…especially when it comes along with these next signs. 

2) They remember the little things (because they really listen)

Someone remembering your small preferences and experiences—like your favorite ice cream flavor or the name of your first pet—may seem trivial, but these details can reveal how deeply someone cares. 

As put by the folks at Healthline, “A partner who loves you will take an active interest in the details of your life.” 

They do this by engaging in active listening, which involves not just hearing but asking questions. 

So ask yourself: 

  • Does he/she seem genuinely focused on what you are saying?
  • Do they recall details from past conversations you’ve had, even minor ones?
  • Do they show a genuine interest in your daily activities and feelings?
  • Have they remembered significant dates or personal milestones in your life without being reminded?

This level of attentiveness indicates more than just good communication skills; it suggests a deeper emotional investment. 

3) They always want to be around you

Here’s a fun fact for you: A 2016 study found that lovers often exhibit traits similar to those seen in addictive behaviors. 

As crazy as it sounds, I am not exaggerating; here’s what the researchers had to say: “In early romantic relationships, lovers display some characteristics of addiction.” 

The result?

One’s attention and energies become intensely focused on the object of affection (i.e., you), and they will want to be around you as much as possible. 

They might, for example, constantly seek opportunities to spend time with you, look for reasons to be in your company, or invent excuses to bump into you even in unlikely places.

Put simply, if someone is in love but hesitant to admit it, you might notice a strong desire to be around you as much as possible. 

4) They open up to you

Often overlooked, vulnerability is a profound indicator of deep emotional connection and trust. 

In fact, it’s difficult to have love without it.

Brené Brown, an expert in the study of human connection, emphasizes this. She has said

 “We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness, and affection.”

When someone is in love with you but hasn’t admitted it, their willingness to open up about their feelings, fears, and dreams can be a significant sign. 

Do they tell you about their challenges, feelings, and vulnerabilities, trusting you with parts of themselves that they might hide from others? 

This level of emotional transparency often indicates deeper feelings of love, even if they haven’t explicitly expressed it yet.

This is especially true for men, who are often conditioned to uphold a facade of emotional strength. Research by Relate and Eharmony, in fact, suggests that only one in five men are comfortable opening up in dating situations. 

This next one is a pretty black-and-white indicator of deeper feelings. 

5) They want to (or have introduced) introduce you to their family

attract an intellectual woman 7 subtle signs someone is in love with you but won't admit it, according to psychology

It will come as no surprise that introducing a romantic interest to one’s family is often a clear sign that the relationship is being taken seriously and might indicate love. 

Psychologist Jacquelyn Johnson seems to agree. She has noted that this gesture extends beyond a casual connection and indicates a significant level of commitment and pride in the relationship. 

Basically, when someone chooses to bring you into their family circle, it suggests they are considering a future with you and are eager for their loved ones to know and accept you as part of their life.

However, keep in mind the timing of such an introduction can vary widely depending on individual circumstances, particularly regarding one’s relationship with their family. 

If someone has a complicated or strained relationship with their family members, they might hesitate or find it challenging to make such introductions, regardless of their feelings towards you. 

That being said, when someone has already made this move or expresses a desire to do so, it’s a substantial indicator of their feelings. 

They’re not just sharing their time and space with you—they’re inviting you into the more intimate and personal aspects of their life. 

6) They include you in their future

Does the person you have in mind talk about future plans that include both of you

This shift from “I” to “we” in discussions about the future can be a significant indication of commitment and love. 

As Dr. Flore, who I mentioned earlier in this post, told INSIDER, “If they suddenly start speaking about a possible future with you, it’s a sign that they are falling in love or are already in love with you.” Couples therapist David Khalili has also highlighted the importance of this behavior. 

In short, if they frequently use “we” instead of “I” when discussing what lies ahead, it’s a strong sign that they see a shared future with you. This readiness to plan together not only shows their affection but also their desire to build a lasting relationship with you.

7) They accept you as you are

Last but not least, acceptance in a relationship is a profound indicator of genuine, deep-seated love. 

This is widely acknowledged by experts in their field. 

The team at Healthline, for example, has alluded to this, and psychologist David Tzall has highlighted that such acceptance is a cornerstone of enduring love. 

But how would you notice this?

Well, if you can say “yes” to the statements below, it’s a good sign. 

  • They celebrate your successes without feeling threatened.
  • They show patience and understanding toward your flaws and mistakes.
  • They encourage your personal interests and passions, even if they don’t share them.
  • They respect your decisions and boundaries without pushing their own agenda.
  • They genuinely enjoy your quirks and often mention what makes you unique.

This level of acceptance is a strong indicator of both love and the potential for a lasting relationship.

The bottom line

That just about wraps it up from me today, folks. 

In essence, these behaviors, often overlooked or dismissed as minor,  can indeed be significant indicators that someone may be in love with you but hasn’t yet confessed.

Paying attention to these signs can help you understand the true depth of their feelings.

As always, I hope you found some value in this post. 

Until next time. 

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