5 subtle signs a man is being deceitful with you, according to psychology

Do you have a sinking feeling that your man isn’t being as truthful as he should be?

Everything seems alright on the surface but deep down you sense that something isn’t right. 

And there have been signs – subtle signs – that all point to this direction, but you just aren’t sure.

Today, we’ll uncover 5 subtle signs that your man is being deceitful with you, according to psychology. 

Hopefully, this article will give you the answers you need.

1) Inconsistent stories

Someone who’s lying will have to try their best to ensure their stories match up, and it’s not an easy thing to ensure everything is consistent.

Once cracks start to form in the story, the lie can very easily be revealed.

Therefore, someone who’s being deceitful with you will tend to have inconsistencies in what they say, however, it may not be obvious at all.

For example, you may have brought up a situation with your partner and realized that something doesn’t add up. You highlight it, and he gives you an explanation.

After talking further, you realize that the explanation he gave still doesn’t add up. 

Even though you repeatedly highlight this situation, he’s either unable to give a suitable explanation or ends up avoiding the topic altogether.

He may even be over-embellishing, where he adds too many unnecessary details, which doesn’t help to clear anything up. If anything, it reveals further continuity errors in their story and just shows that he’s lying. 

If you find that this situation seems very familiar, it’s likely that your man is hiding something from you.

2) Their body language tells another story

Did you know that someone may be able to lie with their words, but their body language may end up giving them away?

While it’s easier to lie, it’s not so easy to ensure your body language follows suit. According to psychology, some key behaviors of liars include:

  • Avoidance of eye contact
  • Crossed arms
  • Fidgeting
  • Excessive touching of the face
  • Turning away from the interaction

These are clear signs of deceit because they illustrate one’s discomfort and refusal to be open with the person they’re talking to.

However, these behaviors are subtle and may very well be habits that your man exhibits on a day-to-day basis. 

Therefore, it’s important to be prudent when forming impressions based on body language and to pick up on more clues and evidence to piece together a more accurate picture.

However, if your man never exhibited these behaviors until recently, it could be a sign that he’s deceiving you.

3) He starts hiding things from you

Do you remember when information flowed freely between you and your man? He would let you access his phone and laptop whenever you liked and would tell you where he was headed if he had to come home late.

However, things may be slightly different for you now. The changes may have crept in subtly. His passwords have changed and he no longer leaves his phone or laptop lying around in your reach.

Instead, he will question when you ask to use his phone (for innocent reasons, like using the internet if your phone was out of reach), or close some tabs before letting you use his laptop. 

He may also hover above you to check what you are doing with his phone as if he is afraid that you may click on something he was hiding from you.

All these points to attempts of trying to hide something from you, especially since he was very transparent at the start.

When you bring it up, he may give some excuse alluding to privacy, but you know deep down that he shouldn’t have anything to hide.

4) Defensive behavior

When you ask your man about his whereabouts or raise a particular topic, does he get defensive?

Perhaps you just wanted to know where he was headed after work or what he was working on until late in the office.

Instead of a normal response, he gets defensive instead, and starts questioning why he has to always answer to you.

Such responses to straightforward questions can be a cause for concern and may indicate that he is trying to hide something from you.

He evades your questions and instead, turns the question around to demand answers from you.

Someone with nothing to hide shouldn’t find the need to be so defensive. 

However, while this may be a sign that your man is deceitful, he may also be exhibiting this behavior for other reasons – perhaps he’s feeling stressed or worn out during this period, and as a result, his mood has soured.

Nonetheless, always trust your gut when you find yourself in such situations. It’s usually right.

5) Changing communication patterns.

In addition to getting defensive at straightforward questions, do you find that his responses either have fewer words or he gives too much information?

The former may indicate that he’s trying his best to evade your questions by giving you vague answers that sort of answer the question. Psychologists state that such individuals are lying by omission because that’s all they have in their prepared stories.

The latter may be his attempt to over-embellish his stories with too much information that may raise suspicion. According to psychology, such individuals try to add too much detail to not only convince others about their made-up stories but themselves as well. 

Unfortunately, people who tell the truth will often not add too many details.

If you notice that there has been a change in communication patterns with your man, it could be a sign that he’s not being overly truthful with you, and may be hiding something in either his lack of words or too much of them. 

Final Thoughts

If you recognize most of these habits in your man, it could be a good time to start an honest dialogue with him regarding his behavior.

While these signs are generally what people look out for when they suspect one is lying, there could also be other reasons why someone would behave this way, such as being overly stressed, busy, or just anxious.

What’s important is that you attempt to address these if you find that his behavior has become so different that it’s causing you to worry.

Moreover, if your gut is telling you that something is wrong, there likely is.

Take this up with your partner and see what his reaction is. 

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