12 subconscious signs a man loves you, even if he hasn’t said it yet

Saying “I love you” for the first time is pretty nerve-racking.

How do you know if it’s reciprocated? Is it too soon to say it?

These are all questions that pop into a guy’s head before he says those three words – trust me!

But even though he’s not ready to say it loud and clear yet, there will be signs that he’s fallen deeply and madly in love with you.

Think he might have fallen for you already? Here are 12 subconscious things he’ll probably do!

Up first:

1) He gives you genuine compliments

When a guy falls in love, he’ll fall in love with a long (very long, actually!) list of things about you. Some things might be physical, like the way you look or how you dress.

But when he’s truly in love, he’ll think highly of your personality, how you treat him, and your overall demeanor, too.

So a quick, “You look nice” or “You’re so hot” won’t be the only compliments you get from him. Instead, the compliments he gives you will be far more meaningful!

He might tell you how beautiful you look when you smile at him. Or how kind and caring you are when you speak to his parents.

Either way, the way he compliments you will feel genuine and personal.

2) He makes an effort to impress you

When a guy is in love with you, he’ll want to show you just how much he cares. How will he do this? By making a huge effort with you, of course!

I don’t mean he’ll show off or lie to make himself sound better than he is.

I mean he’ll do his hair nice every time he sees you. He’ll spray an extra pump of aftershave so he smells nice for you. He’ll book fancy dinners and surprise you with nice things.

His effort will be consistent and noticeable when he’s in love. If you have to question whether he’s making an effort or not, he probably isn’t…

3) He stares into your eyes

It’s the stuff of movies, but it’s the stuff of movies for a reason!

When a man has fallen in love with you, he’ll stare at you (and into your eyes) for longer than most other people will.

Experts say we do this because staring into the eyes of a person you love stimulates the release of oxytocin and makes you feel more bonded.

So if your man stares at you and hardly ever breaks eye contact when you’re talking, he’s probably in love with you. And every time he stares, he’s probably falling even more in love!

4) He meets your friends and family

A guy who’s fallen for you won’t make an excuse every time you invite him to a family dinner or double date!

Instead, he’ll happily meet your friends and family – and will actually be excited about it! He might even suggest meeting the people who are important to you.

Like he might come up with an activity your friends will like (I’ve done this before). Or suggest a time and place to meet your family.

Basically, he won’t avoid the subject of “meeting the parents” at all costs. He’ll be glad to meet them and might even take an active part in the planning of it!

5) He talks about a future with you

A guy won’t talk about a future with you unless he feels deeply about your relationship.

If you’re early into dating each other, he might not come on too strong with talking about marriage and kids. But he will talk about the smaller things.

Like he might talk about going to certain destinations with you – like a vacation, a fancy restaurant in town, or a place he (or you) has always wanted to visit.

Or he might say how nice it’ll be to see each other at Christmas or spend your next birthday together.

It’ll be small and subtle, but it’s a clear sign that he’s thinking about a future together!

6) He worries about your safety

pic1625 12 subconscious signs a man loves you, even if he hasn’t said it yet

Most guys are instinctively a little protective. Perhaps we all are over the things we love and care about, regardless of gender.

Either way, this protectiveness will extend to you when he loves you. And it won’t be (what I call) surface-level care. It’ll be a genuine concern of his!

Like he won’t say a rushed, “Text me when you’re home” as you’re leaving. He’ll ask how you’re getting home and will offer you a ride if he thinks your route is unsafe.

If he doesn’t hear from you long after you’ve left, he might call you and be genuinely worried about whether you’re OK!

7) He wants to see you all the time

When a guy loves you, there will never be enough time in the day to spend with you!

He won’t leave it weeks before planning the next date. He won’t even like leaving it for a few days! Instead, he’ll want to see you all the time.

When your date is coming to an end, he’ll ask when you’re seeing each other next. During the week, he’ll be making plans for when you’re next spending time together.

If he can’t see you, he’ll want to video call or speak on the phone – just so he can hear your voice and see your face!

8) He texts or calls you consistently

On and off texting isn’t something a guy will do when he truly loves you. Like I mentioned earlier, when a guy truly loves you, he’ll want to see you all the time.

If he can’t see you, he’ll want to speak to you instead.

You won’t get a text from him one day and then not hear from him for hours (or even days) afterward. A guy who’s in love wouldn’t be able to do that – no matter how busy he is!

Instead, he’ll be consistent in how he messages you. I.e., you’ll get several texts every day and you won’t ever feel like he’s ghosting you

9) He genuinely listens to you

When a guy has fallen in love with you, he won’t ask you the same question about what your mum’s name is three or four times over!

Nor will his eyes glaze over every time you open up about the latest drama at your work…

Instead, he’ll deeply listen to the things you say – and will remember it.

He’ll love hearing you talk about things you’re passionate about and will enjoy being a listening ear for your problems.

10) He cheers you up when you’re sad

When a man loves you, he won’t like it when you’re crying. He’ll go into protective mode and will want to help you in any way he can!

When you’re sad, it’ll be hard for him, and he’ll want to do anything to cheer you up. He might listen to you talk about your problems. Or he might run you a bath.

He might even treat you to something or take you out somewhere nice.

Either way, he won’t like it when you’re upset, and he won’t be able to sit and watch you cry without doing something about it!

11) He wants to help you with things

Most guys love doing “stuff” to help the person they love. It’s how they show they truly care about you.

So when a guy loves you and hasn’t said it yet, you best believe he’ll lend a hand with random things in your life.

If your car needs washer fluid, he’ll help you do it. If you’re in a busy period at work, he’ll want to cook for you.

No matter what it is, he’ll want to lend a hand to make your life as good as possible. And to show that he loves you without saying those three important words!

12) He doesn’t play games with you

Playing games is something you do when you’re a little immature in relationships or if you’re not sure about the person you’re dating. It isn’t something a man will do when he’s fallen in love.

Why? Because he won’t want to lose you from some silly game of who texts who first! Instead, he’ll be open and honest about how he feels.

If he wants to text you, he’ll text you. If he wants to know where you see things going, he’ll ask you. And if he’s into you, he’ll show it in the things he does for you.

He won’t play games or “test” you to see if he’s making the right decision.

Final thoughts

When a guy falls in love, he might not always know it the moment it happens.

But there will be signs. He’ll start doing things he wouldn’t do with just anyone – especially people he definitely doesn’t love.

If you recognize some or all these signs in your man, he might be in love with you.

And provided you feel the same way, saying it first could be just what he needs to hear before he says the words out loud!

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