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Study Shows Women Need More Sleep Than Men For One Crucial Reason

By October 12, 2016 No Comments

This is a debate that happens in nearly every household: Who needs more sleep and why? Well, a new study has found an answer.

As it turns out, women’s require high levels of activity and therefore need more rest time. Why? Because women’s brains are designed to do multi-tasking which takes up A LOT more brain power.

How Much More Sleep?

The research found that women need approximately 20 more minutes of sleep each night. According to the professor who conducted the study, the amount of sleep was necessitated by the complexity and intensity of brain activity during the day.

He said that:

“The more of your brain you use during the day, the more of it that needs to recover and, consequently, the more sleep you need.

“Women tend to multi-task — they do lots at once and are flexible — and so they use more of their actual brain than men do. Because of that, their sleep need is greater.

“The average is 20 minutes more, but some women may need slightly more or less than this.”

Interestingly, poor sleep also lead to side effects such as hostility, depression and anger in women, but not in men.

Lachlan Brown

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