11 spiritual ways to get revenge on your ex that work

Not all couples are a match made in heaven; that’s a fact. So when a relationship ends, it is not always the end of the world.

But what do you do when you get hurt so bad you can feel the unfairness of the situation in every fiber of your being?

They say karma always finds a way but there’s nothing wrong with giving it a little push!

How do you do that?

Hang in there at least until the end of this article, as I am going to share with you 11 spiritual ways to get revenge on your ex (without breaking laws or getting you into any trouble, promise).

1) Avenge with silence

This is just another way of saying – ignore them! In moments like these, nothing speaks louder than silence.

The most important, and maybe the most challenging thing is to get a hold of yourself. It may be tempting to make an appearance, but in the end, it will only damage your pride.

Instead remember, that your indifference will let them know that even in the hardest moments of your life, you can live and even be perfectly fine without them.

Nothing brings more satisfaction than literally and figuratively removing your ex from your life. Just imagine they have never existed in your life at all.

How does this work in your favor?

Not only will it leave your ex wondering about the reason you are not reaching out, but it also keeps your dignity at its highest.

However, sometimes just this might not do the trick.

So if ignoring your ex’s existence is not the way you want to get back at them and instead you want to make some noise, the next section is for you.

2) Let your ex and others know they messed up

Warning your friend not to let you call or text them can sometimes be effective, but not always.

If you are after hardcore revenge, I can think of a couple of better ways you can use your phone.

Send flirty text… which was not meant for him

Why delete their phone number when you can use it to your advantage?

Planning your revenge can be a creative process, but the rule you have to follow is to hurt your ex’s feelings without showing your true emotions.

Do what you know they would 100% make your ex feel uncomfortable.

For example, let your ex know that you moved on in a blink of an eye. While they think you are struggling to get over them, you are actually already having fun!

One way you can do it is by sending a flirty text by accident.

Tell them that you had a great time “last night” and that you are excited to do it again. Then follow it up with “oops, this message was not meant for you”.

Mmhhh… Cold-blooded!

Let their close people know what kind of person they really are

Now that your relationship has ended, you might be looking back at your ex’s habits, behaviors, and traits, wondering how you were able to be with that toxic person, to begin with.

Usually, people start noticing things about their ex-partner after a breakup that stayed completely out of their sight while in a relationship.

Have you been cheated on? Did your ex tend to ignore your needs and wants?

Was the whole relationship centered around them?

Did you give a lot more than you received?

If you find yourself constantly angry about your ex’s past actions, it might be a sign that you need to let the world know about it.

Of course, you can always write a post about them saying how awful your ex was, but if you don’t want to expose yourself, do it anonymously. Create a fake account and post all you want!

If your ex is dating someone new, you can message them directly, warning them about the type of person they are dating. It is only fair to make sure that you are not the only one who knows their true colors.

3) Doing some petty stuff is also okay

If they have a favorite piece of clothing left in your house, ruin them, who cares what others say.

You got hurt and you have the right to not worry about being graceful. There is nothing off-limits when it comes to sweet, sweet revenge on your ex.

You want to hang your ex’s picture in your room and throw staff at it – go ahead; You want to get a stinky fish and put it in his home – that’s okay; If you share any accounts and you want to spend all their money or change a password to something impossible to remember – you are entitled to do so.

I know these things might not be the worthy ones to do, but what your ex did was not either.

The bottom line is that you can do every little childish thing that gives you peace of mind and annoys your ex a little.

4) Show your ex that they never mattered

The longer the relationship, the more items are there that are directly associated with that person. However, hanging on to those things will allow them to think that you still care. So maybe it’s time to do some cleansing.

Here are some things you can get rid of to get spiritual revenge on your ex:

Their gifts:

Some people say that returning gifts after a breakup feels like a slap in the face. Well, isn’t that what you are going for?

In some cases, it may be too cruel, but not in a situation when they hurt you, right? So, cut yourself some slack and proceed with planning your spiritual revenge.

Collect the pictures of you two, the gifts you have received from them, cards, and letters you have exchanged, and box all of these things up. Mail it back to your ex with the note that these mean nothing to you.

If you really want to go crazy with this idea, we can take it a tad bit further:

Mail it to their work address! I bet your ex would be furious and extremely embarrassed to receive such a “present” with other people around.

Social media stuff:

Explaining to everyone that the person you have been talking about nonstop turned out to be a heartbreaker can be quite a hassle.

There is a simpler way to do it while making your ex angry at the same time.

Deleting you and your exs’ posts and pictures from social media is all it takes to let everybody know that you are done, including them.

Getting rid of the pictures will convince your ex that you erased them from your life once and for all. The revenge on the ex doesn’t get more spiritual than that!

Well, not that I don’t have more fruitful spiritual revenge tips for you…

5) Get close to the right people

pexels keira burton 6147117 11 spiritual ways to get revenge on your ex that work

Of course, having your friends by your side during a breakup is a great support system, but it does not contribute to your desire to get spiritual revenge on your ex.

You may not want to involve your friends in the schemes of revenge; although there are other people you can target for that.

Get a little help from their friends

Remember that one friend that your ex had that always bugged you about hanging out more, and being close friends even if your ex was not around? This is a perfect time to get in touch with them.

Here is your action plan:

Make an appearance in your ex’s social circles, telling everyone that even though you and your ex just broke up, they are still precious to you.

At the same time, let your ex know that you have no intention of getting back with them, but that you are still going to stick around, well, just to drive them crazy.

Every second spent with your ex’s friends will be spiritual torture, as they will be nervous about the information you might give away about them!

Enemies of your enemy are your friends

While being friends with their friends can be a great way to get spiritual revenge on your ex, being friends with his enemies might even work better.

There is no way in the world that you are the only one your ex has hurt. There are people out there who long for vengeance just as much as you do.

How do you find them?

The easiest path you can follow is tracking down their other exes. Just imagine how anxious your ex will be when they see the enemies from their past united together!

YouTube video

6) Get back on the market and make it known

Ending a relationship can go two ways: either starting a new one is the last thing you want to hear about, or you want to find a hotter person and jump right into a rebound relationship.

Guess which one is the best way to get spiritual revenge on your ex!

Put on the sexiest outfit you own and get out there for a drink or two, meet new people, and go to nice places. Nothing serious. Use this opportunity to really make your ex jealous.

I know one thing that always works in such situations!

If you know the places they like to hang around at, plan your dates there and make it look like a coincidence. If you meet somewhere while you’re on a date, give your ex a cold shoulder and be especially passionate about your date.

But what if you are not on board with the idea of starting a new relationship just yet, or even using someone just to make your ex jealous?

You can still make it seem like you have a new partner!

I’m sure you have a guy friend who’s hotter than your ex. Ask them to pretend to be your boyfriend, take pictures with them and upload them on your social media. Sometimes just a picture of a romantic place and a right caption can also do the trick.

The bottom line is – fake it (till you make it) and have fun!

You can take all the time in the world to go on a quest of getting into a real relationship again. There’s no rush. But sure enough, with a little dating, you might as well kill two birds with one stone!

7) Get in shape and show it off

Get a revenge body

With the right attitude, a breakup can be a blessing in disguise. If you are looking for the most fulfilling way to get spiritual revenge on your ex, hit the gym and start working on a revenge body!

Regular exercise has proven to be beneficial in many regards after a breakup. As a process, it can take your mind off of the unpleasant thoughts and make you love yourself again.

Also, it will force you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not fall into a faulty routine of watching romcoms and eating ice cream for days without end. As a result, it will give you a smoking hot body that a certain someone will regret letting go of.

Update your style

Getting a haircut after a breakup is a classic, and not necessarily a bad one. Why not go to your favorite beauty salon and get that new style going. Do your nails, too!

After you are all done with that and are looking fresh as ever, go shopping and get yourself the outfit that would blow your ex’s mind. After all, visual revenge is the worst nightmare of an ex.

We can take it even further:

To put the cherry on top, post pictures of your makeover, run into them “accidentally”, become so attractive that everyone around them is talking about you.

Soon after your ex will be going nuts about getting you back, but that won’t be happening, right?

8) Step up your financial game

One of the worst enemies during the breakup is not occupying yourself enough.

If you are just sitting there thinking about what you could have said in that argument two months ago, whether or not you would still be together if you compromised one more time, or you feel that you were not good enough, you are doing it wrong.

There is no point in wondering when the fact is that it ended and now you need sweet revenge.

Actively engaging in the job you have will help you with getting a sense of accomplishment over the abandonment, and you might even land a promotion. Not to mention that saving up that dollar will be so much easier when you don’t have to pay for two.

You won’t have any additional expenses for the gift for Christmas, their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary. Oh, the beauties of being single.

Don’t forget about the most important part – throw all your success in your ex’s face.

Buy things that they always wanted, but could not afford; travel to places and show off; Make sure you own everything your heart desires and makes your ex spiteful.

Getting financially stable is not just a physiological trick to help you feel better; being successful is the best way to make your ex regret their previous actions and decisions.

9) Mess with their mind

Each and every revenge plan is unique, depending on the type of relationship and the reasons for the breakup. If you are one of those people, who do not want to hurt their ex directly, but rather mess with their mind and psychological state, this advice is for you.

Playing mind games is easier than you might imagine. All you need to do is send mixed signals.

For example, one day, if you meet somewhere, act kindly, and even loving. Make them believe that you are not upset at all and happy to see them.

Of course, they will get the impression that you care about them. However, the other day, if they try to reach out to you, ignore them, or let them know that you have moved on and are not interested.

The emotional rollercoaster you will take your ex throw will break them. They will probably lose self-esteem, get confused, and even angry. Wasn’t that your plan from the start?

10) Be happy and rub it in your ex’s face

Being in a relationship, especially the toxic one, can make you forget what it’s like to live without that person. However, you are more than capable of living an independent, self-sufficient and joyful life.

And really, being happy yourself is a tried and tested spiritual way you can get revenge on your ex!

Right now this might not sound like a legit plan to you, but there is nothing that will get on your ex’s nerves more than the fact that they were not able to break you.

Remember that your ex would like to see you in tears and suffering, but you are stronger than that.

Start working on self-improvement, rediscover and treat yourself, hang out with people more, get new hobbies, live in a moment! Baby steps like these will eventually bring you the result.

Soon enough you may realize that your ex’s personality, interests, and habits have been keeping you away from the little things that make you happy.

You are so much better off without your ex, rub that in their face.

11) Don’t forget to care for your own spiritual well-being

Speaking of spirituality, which toxic habits have you unknowingly picked up while trying to get spiritual revenge on your ex?

Is it the need to feel confident all the time? Is it a sense of superiority over your ex, who clearly lacks spiritual awareness? Even well-meaning gurus and experts can get it wrong.

The result?

You end up achieving the opposite of what you’re searching for. You do more to harm yourself than to heal.

You may even hurt those around you.

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us fall into the toxic spirituality trap. He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey.

But with over 30 years of experience in the spiritual field, Rudá now confronts and tackles popular toxic traits and habits.

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about empowering yourself. Not suppressing emotions, not judging others, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core.

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

Even if you’re well into your spiritual journey, it’s never too late to unlearn the myths you’ve bought for truth!

Things to take away from this article

There is no one size fits all solution for every breakup. The same rule applies to spiritual ways of getting revenge on your ex.

However, some things are similar in every situation.

Any means are justified for the end of mending your broken heart. Start by carefully thinking about what you really desire and plan accordingly.

Set your mind on the fact that they do not deserve your attention, but if you still want to avenge, do whatever works for you – use social media, and people around them to your advantage; make them jealous, mess with their head; slowly progress by working on yourself physically, financially and mentally;

But try not to settle on it for too long. Your ultimate goal should be to move on.

Remember, you have lived your life without them and you are perfectly capable of doing so in the future as well.

And the scene –  this is how revenge is done!

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