8 spiritual ways to get revenge on your business partner

Starting a business is not easy since there are so many things that are unknown. Developing it takes a lot of money for investing in the space to work, develop skills, learn, hire people, and do so many things all the time.

It takes away hours of your life, strength, energy, and money and it is not easy in any way. It usually takes years before any business can actually be called successful.

Business partners are people we trust and have in our lives for better or worse. They are not called partners in vain.

We sometimes spend more time with our business partners than we do with our families. So, what happens when that person we consider so important betrays us?

Well, there are a few things you could do to feel better!

1) Ignore them

This is very difficult for everyone involved. Depending on the problem that occurred, how much money was involved in the situation, and the way the betrayal happened, your partner will probably want your forgiveness.

However, if you are truly hurt by what happened and you are afraid of what you could do in this situation, protect yourself from further pain and potential problems. If you are afraid that your rage could erupt suddenly when you see your ex-business partner, the situation can quickly escalate.

Ignoring is the ultimate spiritual revenge because not acknowledging that a person is present at all is like he doesn’t exist. Your behavior shows that you are not upset and that you don’t even notice his presence.

That doesn’t have to be true, you will probably be trembling inside from all the rage from being played and betrayed, but at least you will not make it worse.

It can even be more difficult if your partner doesn’t even want to make things better. This can hurt even more.

A situation like this can make us question our sanity, trust, family, and friends. You will probably feel like you will never be able to trust anyone else in your life.

However, there is hope.  Do your best to get past this situation.

2) Focus on your life

When we get betrayed, the floor under us starts to feel shaky. We simply cannot comprehend how someone can do something bad to us.

However, those things happen. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Bad things happen and the sooner you accept this fact, it will be easier for you to start feeling better. Instead of thinking constantly about the betrayal, you should focus on doing your own thing.

Success is usually the best form of revenge when your results talk instead of you. Show the world that you can rise from any challenge and become stronger than you were before.

Look at this situation as a small setback. Learn from it and do everything you can to prevent it from happening in the future.

If you look at it as a lesson it will be much easier for you to move on. Analyze the situation.

Try to understand what happened by looking at it from all possible angles. Did you trust your business partner too much?

Did you step back giving all your power to someone else? Did you create too many opportunities to be used?

This doesn’t mean that you will blame yourself for what happened, but thinking about it will help you to comprehend what was your role in all of it.

Why did your partner take advantage of you? Was it just greed or was it caused by some event from the past?

Have you been ignoring the red flags? Sometimes we bury our heads in the sand instead of being proactive.

Learn from this and incorporate it into your life, so you can actually use it to your advantage. All of us have to go through trials in life.

They make us stronger and prepare us for what comes next.

3) Erase all his contact numbers

Having the number and email of your business partner may be too tempting, so you may want to call, threaten and feel even more rage than before.

However, this could harm you even more. The moment you start realizing that you are losing control, delete all of it.

This will help you get clarity about the situation. Create a necessary distance to be able to cool down and rise above it. We sometimes simply have to be bigger people.

Delete everything that reminds you of him, unless there is the possibility of a lawsuit and you have the pieces of evidence. In that case, that should be given to authorities so they can deal with it.

Unfriend him on all social media accounts and block him if you are not sure you could withhold from contacting him.

Keep in mind that there is only so much you can do, after one point you just need to let it go.

4) Let karma do it for you

I believe in karma and that’s why I am very careful about the things I do. I strongly believe that everyone gets what they are looking for.

Do good and good will come to you. Start doing bad things there is no place to hide.

Karma always gets all of us.

There is one golden rule “don’t do anything to anyone that you wouldn’t like someone to do it to you”. If you are a victim of great injustice, you can be sure that the person who caused it will get punished one way or the other.

Sometimes you don’t have to lift your finger – karma will do everything for you. There is one belief that the tears of the man who has suffered injustice are heavier than anything else in the world.

The pain and the suffering produce a unique kind of energy that goes to the person who caused it.

So, you don’t have to do anything. Everything will get sorted in time.

5) Move on

This is extremely hard, I know. But think about it.

What will happen if you continue thinking about this person? You will become bitter and negative.

How will this impact your family and friends? If you think that if your business failed you are now in this situation that should be the cause of great unhappiness when you spend your time with family and friends then it is time for you to think this through again.

This means that you would give too much power to one person. Don’t do this injustice to yourself once more.

You couldn’t prevent the injustice from happening to you, but what you will do with it is completely up to you. Take back the wheel of your life and see what you can use from this situation to create a better future for yourself.

I will tell you one story that happened to me. I got fired because I got pregnant and the company I worked for didn’t think this could fit their plans.

I was hurt by this because I thought I was a valuable member of the team. I could sue them.

I had all the reasons to do it. However, I kept my cool and decided to rise above it.

I kept thinking “there is a reason this happened to me now”. Well, as it turned out, it made perfect sense.

That pushed me to think about all the ways I could make money by using the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years I worked for them. Those people still earn the same salary, go to work every day in the same place.

What do I do now? Well, I make 5 times more than I did with them!

See what I mean.

Just keep going, move on and your business partner will stay in the same miserable paddle he created! Meanwhile, you will be much lighter and oriented towards the future when you lose all the traitors and cut all the negativity from your life!

By living a better life without your ex-business partner you will create an aura of success that he will no longer have an approach to.

6) Clear your mind from the pain

There will come the time when you will meet your ex-business partner with absolutely no reaction. This will be the moment of your victory.

However, it takes time to come to this point and it won’t happen overnight. When you feel tempted to go back to bad vibes and start plotting against him, imagine this moment.

Visualize. It is the best tool I’ve used so far.

Imagine his face and his reaction.

What would he say to you? Would he say that he is sorry?

If you would feel better to hear an apology, imagine him asking forgiveness from you. Would that be enough for you to heal?

Our mind is powerful. By visualizing that you receive an apology, you will actually feel the relief you need.

Be prepared to never receive the apology you need and expect though. That is fine too.

There is a reason for everything in this life. We just can’t connect the dots at every point.

Time needs to pass so we can understand it better.

7) Keep your dignity

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No one is worth becoming a worse person because of him. Don’t give anyone the power to impact you more than necessary.

If you are working on your spirituality and you want to avoid bad vibes, the highest form of revenge is letting go and maintaining the purity of the spirit.

Sometimes people want to bring us down simply because they want to see us desperate. By protecting yourself from this, you won’t give him the pleasure to see you defeated.

Your dignity is more important than any amount of money in this whole wide world. We can always make more money, but we only have one dignity and the face we show to the world.

This can be the most difficult thing you will do, but practice makes perfect. Seek help from your friends, family, or a psychotherapist.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help about the things we cannot understand or deal with. Try to minimize the damage to your life.

Do everything you can to process the trauma, deal with trust issues and simply move on with your life. Use your knowledge to help other people too.

If you keep dwelling on the things that you simply cannot change will just steal your time away and it will not change a single thing about the past.

All we have is this present moment. Do everything you can now and create a better future one step at a time.

8) Release it to the Universe

If you’ve never tried meditation, this may be your perfect starting point. It is a wonderful way of purifying all our emotions and clearing our aura from negativity.

You don’t need anything special for it, just a few moments when you can breathe and close your eyes.

Imagine your anger as a black ball. Close your eyes, hold it, and breathe in it all the pain and suffering that your business partner caused.

Now, release it to the Universe. You will instantly feel relief from everything that was stressing you out.

You can do it every time you feel burdened and heavy. Let the Universe take care of this injustice.

It will surely do it better than you or I could ever do. Besides, this way, your consciousness will be clear and your will stay on your path of integrity and honesty.

Final thoughts

Being a victim of fraud and injustice is very difficult. Accepting it is even more difficult.

Try to look at your life from an objective standpoint and realize how much power you give to your ex-business partner. Do your best to refrain from revenge as this can put you in the worse situation you are in now.

Give yourself time to heal and let karma take over. This way, you will keep your peace and he will get what he deserves!

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