21 spiritual signs of love that show this connection is real

We hear the word love a lot in our society.

But you just have to look around to see that it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

If you’re looking for love that’s a little deeper than the rest then you’re not satisfied by some copy-paste IKEA relationship.

You want a soul-to-soul bond that means something.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top 21 spiritual signs of love that show the connection is real.

Before we get to that, though, some real talk:

What do I mean here by ‘spiritual’?

I’m glad you asked! These days it’s a term we see bandied about really vaguely.

The thing is that being spiritual varies by person.

But generally, it means that you care deeply about what’s true, the invisible forces and energy behind life, psychic phenomenon, heavenly and cosmic forces, and – in many cases – the growing links between “real” science and spiritual teachings like mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and auras.

As Individualogist writes:

“When you have a deep spiritual connection with someone, it feels like your mind, spirit, and even your body are aligned with theirs. Think of it like a sixth sense.

“Have you ever met someone who thinks, speaks, or acts the way you do? Someone who just really gets you?

“You might have found it creepy at first, but you’ll slowly realize that it is the soul connection that makes you feel so drawn to each other.”

When you care about the metaphysical truths and experiences of life it takes a bit more to satisfy you in relationships.

You don’t like sitting around talking about kitchen redecoration or tax rates.

You want to talk about the deeper teachings of Buddhism or what a soul really is.

That’s why it’s necessary to find a kindred spirit who also shares your passion for spiritual truth and exploration.

The top 21 spiritual signs of love that show the connection is real

If you’re finding that many of these signs are accurate, then you’ve found a kindred spirit with whom you have a soul bond.

This is a rare discovery and a sacred flame, so cherish it well.

1) You talk for hours without noticing time passing

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When you have a spiritual love connection you sort of jump out of the regular “rules” that govern normal life.

Time flies, ordinary interactions become incredible and time together means more to you than any money, recognition, career advancement, or external factor.

You can talk for hours and barely feel like one minute has gone by.

Albert Einstein put this best when he said,

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”

2) Making eye contact ignites a powerful spark

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s true!

When you have a strong spiritual bond with someone you can feel it in their gaze.

You lock eyes – even from across the room – and you feel a kind of magnetic, powerful energy drawing you to them.

It’s more powerful than just your conscious mind because it’s a connection that goes to the soul level.

Regardless of the words you say, your eyes are talking to each other and inviting each other to connect.

As the 13th Century Sufi poet Rumi said:

“The light which shines in the eye is really the light of the heart. The light which fills the heart is the light of God, which is pure and separate from the light of intellect and sense.”

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea of if you’re experiencing a genuine spiritual connection of love.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a real psychic?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake psychics out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector. 

After going through a messy break up, I recently tried Psychic Source. They provided me the guidance I needed in life, including who I am meant to be with

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and knowledgeable they were.

Click here to get your own psychic reading.

A genuine psychic from Psychic Source can not only confirm if this spiritual connection of love is real, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

4) You feel like you already know them from somewhere

When you have found spiritual love the feeling is different from just being “attracted” or interested in someone.

You feel a sense of homecoming.

It’s as if you were supposed to meet this person or know them from somewhere.

I realize that’s also a pickup line people use, but this is the real deal. They genuinely feel familiar, comforting, and almost like an old acquaintance.

There can be an even deeper aspect to this than just esoteric affinity.

As A Conscious Rethink says, this person could even be linked to one of your past lives.

“It’s possible that you’ve spent time together countless times over, so it’s no surprise that you’ve found each other once again.

“In the same way that you’ll often be able to find a close friend in a crowd just because you can sense them, so can members of a soul family find one another again, even if they’re on opposite sides of the planet.”

5) You both dream about each other at the same time

One of the most uncanny and amazing experiences you can have is to share a dream with someone.

Lachlan Brown recently wrote about this at Nomadrs, talking about his recent experience of this:

“I have had two recent occurrences now where I dreamed about someone and they ended up having dreamed of me at the same time.”

I do believe it’s possible to share dreams, and I also believe that it can be a sign of a strong spiritual bond.

It’s one of the spiritual signs of love that show this connection is real.

You meet someone and click in real life, but then you get to the next level when you’re also interacting with them in the dream world.

6) Your career and life paths line up effortlessly

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When you find love that exists deeply on a spiritual level you will often notice amazing synchronicities and alignments.

Not only do you share an incredible bond, but your life dreams and goals seem to just effortlessly line up.

You feel like even those ideas and aspirations which have been vaguely brewing in your soul suddenly become crystallized and possible.

You have a sidekick on your spiritual – and life – journey, and it feels amazing!

7) You have full transparency and honesty

When you have a spiritual connection it’s like you can see into someone’s heart and vice versa.

The lies go away and honesty takes their place, even on the little things.

You just have no desire or inclination to lie to this person, and you can tell they feel the same towards you.

Even the thought of misleading them in some way makes you physically sick and revolted. You just won’t do it.

Those who are spiritually connected don’t have to worry about each other betraying their confidence or connection because “the real ones will never do anything to break your trust.”

8) You truly and deeply understand each other

Spiritual love is almost like finally meeting someone who speaks your language.

Of course, throughout life, you’ve formed deep bonds and connections, but this is somehow even more.

It’s like you finally met somebody who just “gets you” on a deep level:

“There’s just something in our energy signatures that call out to those of like mind/spirit, ranging from shared interests and passions to past traumas.

“For people who have always felt very alone in their interests and experiences, this type of connection can be incredibly validating.”

9) You feel connected even when you’re apart

When you’re spiritually connected it’s much more than a temporary feeling or positive emotion.

It’s like an invisible thread now connects you together that’s as strong as titanium steel but as liberating as gossamer silk.

You want to be linked to them and yet will continually marvel at how even time apart and the distance does absolutely nothing to lessen the intensity of your emotions and thoughts about this person.

Your spiritual connection truly isn’t something you choose. It’s just there or it’s not.

10) This person helps guide you to your purpose in life

In addition to finding amazing synchronicities in your life and career path, a person with who you spiritually fall in love helps guide you.

And you help guide them.

Your connection is far from static and in many ways, you will help uncover and expand each other’s horizons, talents, affinities, and future opportunities.

As Jennifer Bennet says:

“A spiritual connection can help guide you to the real purpose in your life. Have you always felt like you could take the theatre stage by storm but never taken time to dive into it?

“This person can help you see your inner “stage actor” and help you get onto the stage and make your dreams come true. They give you a sense of purpose to achieve the goals you have and to give everything your all.”

11) It’s far more than just physical

Physical chemistry is nothing to sneer at, but when you are in love on a spiritual level as well you will feel it.

Your desire for this person will go far beyond kissing their lips or entering their body.

You will want to enter their soul and their mind.

As Solancha notes, while sexual chemistry is often there, the bond goes far beyond the physical.

“Sex becomes only one part of the bonding. Others may mention that finding someone who grasps their intellectual outlook is enough or better than sharing a bed every night.”

12) Humor flows between you all the time

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Humor and sharing laugh together can be a really strong sign of a spiritual love connection.

When we understand and enjoy another person’s humor we’re not just randomly chuckling, we’re validating and sharing in a sort of experience or “lens” through which they see the world.

That can be really profound.

Relationship writer Holly Riordan puts it well when she notes that you’re able to laugh together easily and endlessly:

“You have the same sense of humor, so you’re always swapping smiles. When you’re together, the world feels lighter. Less morbid. More hopeful.”

13) Jealousy, resentment, and neediness are nowhere to be found

If you have found someone with who you share an incredible spiritual love with then you will value them more than perhaps anything in your life.

But you won’t be possessive or needy.

It may sound paradoxical, but as much as you prize them beyond anything, you will also have this deep respect for their individuality and freedom that transcends even your own desire.

The feeling of true soul love is not the desire to possess and take but rather the heartfelt yearning to share and give.

I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.

14) You care more about what you can both give than what you can ‘get’

As I wrote there in the last sign, soul love is not like an egotistical “what can I get” love.

You want to give to that person more than almost anything.

You want to care for and be there for them, but you also want to give them space and time alone when they need it.

You have this kind of “auto-balancing” that you may have found was often lacking in past relationships.

Yet somehow with this kindred spirit, it just clicks…

15) You’re on fire about spiritual topics, truth, and living lives of meaning

Your soul lover is someone you can share anything with.

You’ll notice that you’re both very enthusiastic about what’s true and aid each other in your exploration and discovery of spiritual topics.

This can broaden into alternative views and explorations of history, human destiny, extraterrestrial life, and all sorts of other topics.

Nothing is off-limits because you trust and share everything with this person and love to let them in on all your latest discoveries.

16) You keep coincidentally ‘bumping into them’

jumpstory download20210608 033317 1 21 spiritual signs of love that show this connection is real

Finding love at the soul level doesn’t always happen instantaneously.

Sometimes it takes a few nudges for us to notice this special person who may have been close to us all along and to realize the love journey that we are destined to share with them.

In many situations, this can take the form of crazy coincidences and bumping into this person in the most unlikely of places, or thinking of them and then having them suddenly bump into you when you’re out shopping or meeting with friends.

Listen to the wise words of spiritual teacher Noelle Goggin on this one:

“There you are thinking about someone, and the next thing you know, you get a call from them or bump into them on the street. Nothing is by accident. It’s the higher organizing power making it a reality.”

17) You both love to be in nature and connect with it

Nature is something powerful and spiritual people tend to draw enormous energy and inspiration from being in it.

When you find a spiritual love connection you will cherish time with them and in the great outdoors.

It’s here that you can enjoy your connection to each other and commune with the biome that links us all.

Drinking in the fresh air and going for a hike in the mountains will be like the water of life for your soul and intensify the love you already have for them.

18) You can communicate without words

Words are pretty cool. After all, I’m writing this article with words and sharing these ideas with you through words.

But when you find a soul-level love it can often go beyond words.

Sure you will love talking, but you will also treasure those times together of perfect silence.

You’ll feel like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with no need to talk and perfect contentment.

As Mind Journal observes:

“Silence is one of the ways the two of you communicate. When you are with someone you are spiritually connected with, you don’t need to express your joy or anxiety or fear. They simply know it. They understand your moods and reciprocate.”

19) Your physical chemistry is almost supernatural

I’m a big believer that our society underestimates the power of physical chemistry.

Yes, we have sex all over the silver screen and prize outward beauty.

But we have far too many assumptions about physical chemistry. Genuine, sparkling, red hot sexual chemistry isn’t just common and no big deal, it’s amazing.

When you meet a soul love it will often translate also into the physical.

Sometimes this won’t even be a person you thought was your “type” but something about them makes you turn into a howling baboon who’s uncontrollably inflamed with desire.


20) You’re astrologically aligned

I know that not everyone believes in astrology, but I do think there’s something to it.

And one thing you’ll often notice when you are in love with someone on a spiritually deep level is that you’re astrologically aligned.

If you get a reading on your charts you will be amazed to find many congruences and links which speak to a deep bond and romantic destiny.

If you ask me that’s pretty special.

21) You just feel it

jumpstory download20210608 030704 1 21 spiritual signs of love that show this connection is real

Last and perhaps most of all, a love connection that’s spiritually deep is something you just feel.

You feel it in your bones, in your gut, in your heart, and every time you look at them or see them.

There’s no real intellectual confusion or questioning because the lasting feeling deep inside is that this is your person.

You feel extremely in love, but you also feel extremely at peace.

You feel like you’ve come home to the person you were always meant to share this journey with.

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