10 spiritual meanings of sex in a dream

‍Sex in a dream can be an extremely ambiguous symbol.

On the surface, it’s easy to assume that any sexual dream must represent some sort of unfulfilled desire from waking life.

But what if there is more to it than just that?

The thing is, dreaming about a physical connection like that can actually mean a variety of things, depending on the context behind it!

If you are curious, let’s dive in:

1) It reveals your inner desires

If you find yourself sexually attracted to someone in a dream, it can reveal what you are feeling inside.

Let’s say you are attracted to your boss in your dream. It could be that you have a strong desire for advancement in your career and more control over your schedule and hours.

But it could also mean you have an unfulfilled desire for more appreciation and attention from your boss.

If you are in a committed relationship and find yourself drawn to someone other than your partner in your dream, it can show a desire to explore another option.

In essence, what you see or experience in your dream can be a mirror that reflects your desires and feelings.

The thing is, your dreams are most often just about you and your subconscious, so it’s essential that you are aware of it, whether you like what you see or not.

However, and I will go into that more in another point, the dreams aren’t always really about sex or a sexual desire.

Sometimes, they are merely about a different desire that is represented by sex, such as fear or a need for nurturing and physical contact.

So, when you have a dream about sex that you feel is not about your direct sexual desire, I would urge you to look deep inside yourself to examine what it is about.

Speaking of a need for nurturing and physical contact:

2) It shows a desire for connection

Dreams of sexual encounters with someone can indicate a desire for more connection with others.

It could be that you are craving intimacy in your life, but not just physically.

You may want more connection with friends, family and co-workers, as well.

This can happen if you are feeling isolated or lonely in your waking life.

Dreams of sex with a partner who doesn’t interest you can mean that you feel disconnected from that person. It could also point to resentment or anger toward them.

Either way, a dream about sex can signify that you are craving more connection in your life, but not just on a sexual level.

Maybe you have neglected your friendships or relationships with others and are feeling the effects of it. Or you are craving more intimacy at work or just more personal attention.

It’s important to pay attention to what other people, places and things in your dream are doing—and not doing—to get a better sense of what is going on for you.

However, this craving for connection could also represent a craving to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

If you are feeling emotionally disconnected from yourself or empty inside, it could show up as dreams about sex or sexual lust for someone else to fill that void.

Now: that other person in your dream doesn’t necessarily represent the person you want to sleep with subconsciously. This brings me to my next point:

3) The other person represents an idea

A dream with sexual overtones can also be about an idea that you have about yourself or about the world.

Let’s say you dream of having a sexual encounter with your friend.

It could symbolize your feelings toward that person, sure. But more often than not, your friend could represent an idea or thought that you are associating with them.

Or it could point to a part of yourself that you associate with that idea.

Let’s say you dream about having sex with someone you admire. This person could represent an idea you have about yourself.

It could be something as simple and common as feeling more confident in yourself.

Let’s think back to the example of sleeping with your boss.

It doesn’t mean that you are necessarily physically attracted to your boss at all, your dream could signify something else entirely.

You see, your boss may represent the idea of career, advancement, ambition, and drive.

Sleeping with your boss in your dream could then mean that you are trying to commit more to work or school.

Dreaming about being attracted to your boss could also mean that you are attracted to the idea of all that drive and ambition.

It could symbolize how much you admire your boss, who is successful and powerful. Or it could point to a sense of inferiority or feeling less valuable than them.

The point is that the person in your dream doesn’t necessarily have any sexual meaning behind it at all.

But that’s not the only time that this dream has no sexual meaning behind it…

4) You crave intimacy in your life, not just physically

pexels mart production 7255264 1 10 spiritual meanings of sex in a dream

Sex is about connecting to another person on a very intimate level.

When we have sex, we are sharing more than just the physical sensations, we are also sharing our desires, dreams, and hopes for the future.

Similarly, a dream with sexual themes could be pointing to your need for more intimacy in your life.

It could be that you are craving connection with others, not just sexual intercourse.

It might be that you want more love or appreciation in your life. It could also indicate a need for more emotional support or attention.

You see, we often associate the word intimacy with sex, when in reality, it has so much more to do with connection.

If your dream has sexual themes, it could be pointing to a need for more connection on all levels.

It could mean you want more love or trust in your life.

You may also want more personal attention, such as a nurturing touch or feeling heard and appreciated by others.

Intimacy could mean opening up to a friend or partner. It could mean writing about your emotions in a journal or getting more involved in therapy.

It could also simply be that you want to feel more connected to yourself on a deeper level.

You may want to learn more about yourself and who you are as a person.

Dreams of sex can take on many meanings, depending on what other people, places, or things are present in the dream and what they represent to you.

However, more often than not, a one-night stand or anything like that will not fill that void that you have right now.

Sex can be an amazing way of connecting with someone, but when it comes to intimacy, there are lots of other things, too, that will help you feel more connected.

And the good news?

This dream can also have a purely positive meaning…

5) You feel a surge in confidence and self-worth

Having sex in a dream can also represent a moment of self-discovery or a surge in confidence and self-worth.

It could show that you have experienced an epiphany or breakthrough in some area of your life.

Or it could indicate that you feel you have more control over your choices or experiences in life.

You have more confidence in your abilities or skills. There is a sense of power and authority in your life.

Dreams of being more confident in yourself can happen for a variety of reasons. It could be a response to a recent life experience.

You see, sex is often an activity where we get to forget about our insecurities and fears by indulging in fantasies or letting loose.

We’re able to indulge and explore different aspects of our personality and sexuality at the same time.

This is why sometimes, dreams about sex could represent the fact that you have been gaining more and more self-confidence in certain areas of your life.

Conversely, sex with a stranger or someone you just started dating may symbolize uncertainty about whether or not you want to take a relationship further.

You’re not sure if it’s the right person yet. This could be similar to what’s going on in real life, too. You might be on a new path in your life and not definitely sure about where that path leads to.

More often than not, however, this dream says that you are feeling better about yourself!

But there is another interesting meaning behind this dream:

6) You are seeking more feminine/masculine energy within yourself

Dreams of sex are often thought to be related to our desires.

But sex is so much more than that. Sex is a potent combination of energies — masculine and feminine.

You see, sex is a way we can experience and explore these energies within ourselves and with another person. Moreover, it can also be used for healing, especially when used in conjunction with crystals.

Ultimately, sex is more than just a physical connection between two people.

At its core, it has the incredible power to bring us closer to divinity and balance our energies within ourselves. If we take care of both our feminine and masculine sides, we can create vitality in all parts of life — even waking up from dreams about sex!

So how do we nurture both energies?

Honestly, sex dreams are a reflection of the conscious and subconscious minds. And spiritually, these dreams can often be a way for us to explore our own inner wisdom.

To fully understand what these special visions mean, I sought out a psychic from Psychic Source who helped me use my dreamscape as an exploration tool into myself.

And boy did I learn a lot!

Through my conversations with the psychic, I discovered that visions of sex could be an indicator of something greater— spiritual awakening, self-actualization and even understanding all aspects of ourselves.

Remember, both feminine and masculine energies exist within all of us. Taking the time to nurture both with the guidance of a professional advisor can make all the difference.

Click here and talk to a psychic now.

7) You are suppressing your passions

Dreams can also be warnings. These symbols are trying to get a message to you.

If you are dreaming of having sex with someone, it can be a sign that you are suppressing your passions.

You may want to take a risk in your life or apply your creative energy toward something new.

Instead, you may be holding back. It is possible that your sex dream is the result of a buildup of unexpressed emotions. This is especially true if the sex dream is troubling to you.

You see, sex is a literal representation of creative energy. If you are dreaming about it, that could be a sign that your body wants you to tap more into your passions and creativity.

It could be a sign that you are suppressing these desires, or fearful of allowing them to surface in your life. If you have been working hard every day, you may want to spend some time relaxing and doing something you enjoy.

Speaking of passion, you might have had some fantasies in that dream that can also carry a deeper meaning:

8) You want to dominate/submit to someone

pexels kampus production 7555880 1 10 spiritual meanings of sex in a dream

Dreams can also involve power struggles, and sex can be a great way to symbolize this in a dream.

Let’s say you dream of having sex with a co-worker, but you are dominating, or you are in control.

This could show a desire to dominate the other person or a desire to be the more powerful force in your relationship.

It could also indicate a need to release your anger or frustration.

Dreams, where you feel you are submitting to someone, can indicate a desire to be submissive in your life. You may want to give up control in one or more areas of your life and simply go with the flow.

These dreams of domination or submission are a great way to represent your inner desires, unrelated to actual sex.

Speaking of desires:

9) You crave a union with someone

There is something powerful and primal about sexual encounters.

They involve a union of bodies and energy on a very powerful level. Dreams of having sex can be about uniting with another person in many ways.

It could represent a desire for a deeper connection with another person. It can also indicate a wish to be connected to something larger than yourself.

Maybe you have been single for a while, which could signify that you crave finally having someone to share your life with. Or maybe you are starting a new relationship.

These desires and dreams are natural when you are in a new relationship.

You may also be craving more intimacy in your life or some kind of deeper union with another person or cause.

This doesn’t even have to be of romantic nature, you may simply crave union with someone or something.

But it can also represent releasing something within, which brings me to my last point:

10) It is a release of stored tension in your body

The energy that courses through our bodies can build up over time. This happens in all of us.

It is not a sign of any wrongdoing or problem, it is just a part of being human.

If we don’t have a way to let this excess energy out, it can start to negatively affect our health.

It can lead to headaches, digestive issues, and even muscle spasms. Many people can transmute that energy using some sort of expression, like exercise, art, etc.

Having sex in a dream can indicate that you have the need for release.

It can also indicate that your body is craving more love, affection, and attention.

It’s time for you to pinpoint what energy needs to be released within you and then find a way to do so.

Final thoughts

So, what do you think? Which one of these meanings resonates with you the most?

Dreams about sex can be confusing but frankly, 9 out of 10 times a sex dream has little to do with sex itself, and is more about your inner feelings and desires.

So, if you woke up completely perplexed because of who you just did something within your dream, don’t overthink it too much.

No, you probably don’t have a secret attraction to that person, it could merely be the representation of an idea!

See which one of the meanings I mentioned resonates with you the most and then try to analyze how that applies to your life.

As I said you can talk it out with an advisor from Psychic Source.

I highly recommend it as they’re not only compassionate and great listeners, but their insights can be very valuable when trying to make sense of our dreams.

Talk to a psychic now—click here.


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