Speak and Inspire by Mindvalley: The best communication course out there?

speak and inspire mindvalley review

I took Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire quest to come out of my shell and be able to connect with others. But I got so much more out of this program.

Lisa Nichols not only gave me the tools to be a better communicator. She also taught me to be a better human being. She made me realize that I have the power within me to create positive change, not only for myself but for others around me.

Speak and Inspire is so much more than a communication course. It will teach you about life, honesty, and kindness.

In this review, I’ll share my insights from taking this quest and what you can expect if you decide to take it on yourself.

What is Mindvalley?

unnamed Speak and Inspire by Mindvalley: The best communication course out there?

Mindvalley is like MasterClass for New Age people.

That’s really the best way to sum it up. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to learn valuable life skills using alternative, transformational methods that don’t really “fit the mold.” Their online courses center on personal growth and self-development.

If you’re looking for ways to perform better at work, cultivate more meaningful relationships, or fulfill your greatest potential, Mindvalley’s courses are for you.

What sets Mindvalley apart is the quality of their teachers.

For example, there is Katherine Woodward Thomas, the best-selling international author and couple’s therapist who coined the term “conscious uncoupling.” Author and professor Srikumar Rao, whose TED talk, Plug Into Your Hard-Wired Happiness, is currently circulating with millions of views. And celebrated worldwide spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette who has 27 internationally best-selling books under her belt.

Mindvalley’s courses are designed to be digested in daily, bite-sized micro-learning methods. The idea is to learn something empowering for a few minutes a day and in the end, take away valuable tools you can use for life-changing results.

But Mindvalley isn’t for everyone. You’d be hardpressed to enjoy their content if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in spirituality or higher consciousness. It’s definitely for people with a more “open-minded” mentality.

A few years ago, I would have laughed at the thought of taking one of their online courses. But I’ve been more exposed to life and have begun opening up to other channels of growth and wisdom. I’ve enrolled in some really eye-opening Mindvalley courses that have changed the way I see the world for the better. But there are also courses I could not sink my teeth into and had trouble relating with.

Let’s see which side Lisa Nichol’s Speak & Inspire Quest belongs to.

Who is Lisa Nichols?

Lisa Nichols is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, media personality, and bestselling author. Her global platform has reached millions and continues to inspire people to recognize their fullest potential.

Before taking this Mindvalley quest, I had no idea who Lisa Nichols was. But as I did my research, went through her quest, and heard her life story, I became incredibly inspired by her.

Years ago, Nichols was a single mother who lived on government aid. She was so broke that she only had $11 to her name and had to use a towel as a diaper for her infant. Now, she’s the CEO of her own company and is worth more than $5 million.

I love learning from people who overcame unimaginable struggles and use their experience to touch people’s lives. These are the types of “mentors” I really relate to—real people who didn’t have life just handed to them. Because these are the types of people who know what life is really about and have gone through the same every day struggles we’re currently going through.

And Lisa Nichols truly delivers. She walks the talk. And she’s not a well sought-out motivational speaker for nothing. Her philanthropy work also speaks for itself—her outreach program helps save lives, educate students, and helped people come out of poverty.

The price of Speak and Inspire

Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire Quest is discounted to $349 (originally $1,049). You can find the discount here.

This includes:

  • full, lifetime digital access to the course
  • access to the Speak & Inspire Facebook Community
  • community support and access to a “group mastermind” with other students and Lisa herself
  • a bonus of 1 pre-recorded Q&A Coaching Calls with Lisa
  • a free guided visualization exercise with Lisa

You can also opt for the Digital access + a printable Completion certificate at $399 (originally priced at $1,099.) I personally opted to skip this one. A completion certificate merely proves you’ve completed the quest. It’s not a special certification to teach or speak in public. But if you’re collecting certificates from established online platforms, it’s still a good addition. I’ve also heard it’s a great way to connect with fellow students.

Mindvalley offers the usual 10-day moneyback guarantee and you can pay for the quest in installments of 3.

Why I enrolled in this quest

I used to be active in public speaking, being a regular member of debate teams, and later on, doing events hosting and joining beauty pageants. By all accounts, I’m a good public speaker. I can express myself eloquently in important events and have no trouble with interviews, presentations, or talking in large groups.

But does that mean I’m a good communicator?

Well, I always thought so.

Recently, I’ve discovered that I have social anxiety. I remember backpacking a few months ago, coming into a hostel, and experiencing a mini panic attack as I stared at a bunch of strangers, not knowing how to socialize and make friends. It was the start of a new pattern.

I realized I only feel confident speaking when I’m surrounded by dozens of strangers I could hold at arm’s length. I’m talkative when I’m with my boyfriend or a group of my outgoing friends.

But when it comes to making connections—alone and emotionally bare—I’m quite hopeless.

The point?

I’m okay with communicating when I have an emotional blanket. But I can’t express myself when I don’t have a “shield” to protect me.

This “weakness” wouldn’t have normally bothered me. I have a well-established life with life-long friends and I didn’t have the need to expand my social circle. I could live the rest of my life perfectly content without having the need to establish new connections.

But I’m moving to a new country soon. A new country with a new language and new customs where I know only a dozen people. How do I start from scratch? I’m leaving my emotional blanket behind and have to muster up the courage to make new connections.

Well, I just have to try. And enrolling in this Mindvalley quest is as good as start as any. I need to find my confidence and inner voice again. I need to learn how to speak up.

Did Speak and Inspire help?

“The number one thing we want is to be connected to people. We do not want to be alone. So if speaking our mind, if sharing something might us connection or to be alienated, or to have repercussions, we stop doing it.”

Lisa Nichol’s Speak and Inspire quest taught me how to find strength. So yes, it helped. It helped in more ways than I thought it would.

It’s those rare instances when you get more than what you paid for.

This isn’t just a course on communication and using your voice to make your life better. Ultimately, for me, it was about rediscovering my personal power, letting go of my fears, and learning how to express myself freely.

I’m more empowered to talk to strangers. I’m a better writer. I’m even cultivating more honest relationships with the people in my life. And the best part of all: people truly listen and can understand me the way I want to be understood.

I (finally!) learned how to talk to strangers

It’s limiting to talk to strangers during a global pandemic. But I was determined to put my learning to test.

I first tried to just talk to a stranger online. I’m a big fan of Reddit. I always browse there, reading about other people’s lives, but I never commented. My history showed not a single comment to any thread. (That’s the level of social anxiety I was at.)

From Lisa, I learned that the biggest reason for my fears is that I believed my opinions or thoughts were irrelevant to strangers. No one cared what I have to say. Why bother?

But I learned that I was going about it wrong. I was the one judging the worth of my words. So instead, I began trying to talk to people as if I’m talking to me. Silly, I know, but it worked. It’s all about empathy.

If I put myself in their shoes, asking for advice, or just sharing opinions, wouldn’t I want others to participate, too? With this new mentality, I became more and more comfortable speaking (writing) out. It didn’t matter whether others found my comments useful or not. It was all about my participation.

Next, I tried to venture out in the real world. Keeping a safe 1.5-meter distance from everyone, wearing a mask, I tried starting conversations with strangers. Mind you, it wasn’t easy. The very first time I was so scared of appearing silly, it took 5 minutes for me to open my mouth.

But it got so much easier. I went with a mission, as Lisa said, to bring positivity and uplift others with the power of my words. I told people randomly that I liked the design of their masks. I told the bagger at the supermarket that I appreciate them coming to work despite everything. I joked to the security guards who were spraying my hands with disinfectant.

If they smiled or uttered a reply, I don’t know. But I’m just basking in my newfound courage and the thought that at least I made someone feel “seen” that day.

What I loved about the Speak and Inspire Quest

I can’t rave about Lisa Nichols enough, but she isn’t the only thing that sets this program apart from anything else on Mindvalley.

Here are the things I particularly liked from taking this quest:

1. There’s a lot of interaction

In previous programs, I never paid so much attention to Mindvalley’s designated Facebook groups. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the level of activity in Speak & Inspire’s Facebook group.

People are doing live videos and leaving positive comments. Everyone is showing support, communicating, sharing their experiences. It’s a breath of fresh air to find an inclusive, supportive, and joyful community.

2. There’s plenty of room to breathe

speak and inspire mindvalley review

Although Lisa Nichols never once let up in imparting wisdom (she even admitted to just dropping rapid-fire truth bombs all the time), she designed the course in a way that allows for you to take a break and reflect. Some days are dedicated to listening, learning, taking notes. But there are days for reflection, too. There are also in-depth extra materials that drive your learning to a higher level.

This is something I don’t usually see on other Mindvalley courses. So I definitely appreciated it.

3. It doesn’t just help you, but others around you, too

Most of the classes on Mindvalley are about personal development, unlocking your fullest potential, or overcoming some sort of inner struggle. But Speak & Inspire is all that and more.

It isn’t just about discovering your inner voice, it also teaches you how to be responsible with your words. As a writer, I know the gravity of how my words can impact people. But I never understood its power on an everyday basis, exactly how communication sets the precedent to how I perceive and manifest my reality. More importantly, it defines the energy I give to the world around me.

A few days into this quest, I started becoming more aware of the words I speak to others: how they affect the person I am talking to and how my words will leave them. Speak & Inspire taught me so much about words and its power for connection and change, that I will never speak so carelessly again.

4 tips for more impactful communication

Using what I learned from Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire, I’m sharing four useful tips that will give your words and your voice real purpose:

1. Develop a healthy inner dialogue

This is not something that Lisa actively says during the quest. But it’s something I got listening to her and her life story. She strikes me most as a person who is kind and accepting of herself.

I believe you need to feel beautiful inside before you can speak beautifully on the outside. If your inner dialogue is destructive, critical, and harsh, you’re going to communicate just as negatively.

But if your inner voice is honest, authentic, and kind, you’ll be able to communicate and connect with others more deeply and lovingly. You have to plant the seeds in yourself before you branch out to the world around you.

2. Speak your truth

“Naked Truth: Aligning the person that you are in the dark of the night, when no one is looking at you, with the person that you are in front of people.”

Sharing your story is a big part of this quest. We all have trouble speaking our truth. Heck, we all have trouble acknowledging it ourselves. But your inner voice can only come out when you are ready to admit your truth—including the ugly.

Try to imagine operating from a place of pure authenticity. It would feel like nothing is holding you back. It would be freeing, empowering, inspiring.

That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you choose to speak from an authentic place. When you speak your truth, others will share their truth with you, too. And this will create a positive chain reaction that will impact your life as long as you live.

3. Listen

Yes. Even Lisa Nichols holds significant value in the power of listening.

When you pay attention to what people are saying to you, about you, and around you, things in your life become much easier because you are able to validate events properly. You avoid the confusion, resentment, and misinformation that happens from having bad listening habits.

Moreover, when you listen to others, you empower them too. You validate their feelings. You make them feel seen. That’s another positive “output” you can release to the universe.

4. Speak with intention

Are you speaking simply to fill the silence? Or are you contributing something good or useful to the conversation?

Words have power. You have to remember that. Let it sink in. The words you say to yourself and to others affect everything.

That is why you need to speak with intention. Intention makes the difference between noise and energy. When you talk simply to fill the void, you are only contributing useless chatter. It’s a waste of mental space, to you and especially to others.

But when you speak with intention, you are sending energy out into the world—actively defining how that energy is sent and received.

Now humor me: imagine a world where people always speak with intention. Imagine how simpler things would be.

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