If someone has these 9 character traits, you can trust them completely

Trust is easily shaken. If you have reliable people in your circle, you’re one of the lucky ones. You know – those people you can 100% depend on, share anything with, and turn to when you need a hand. 

But if you don’t, knowing who you can trust isn’t easy. People are fake. And some just use you until they get what they want. 

You’ll never know for sure if someone is trustworthy. It’s a risk you’ll have to take. But to minimize a bad outcome, you can trust people with certain character traits. 

Want to know what they are? 

Here are 9 character traits the people I trust the most have…

1) They’re authentic

Take my friend Claire. She’s always the same person. I’ve never seen her put on a mask or try to impress people. 

Whether we’re with some of my friends, her other friends, or at a fancy schmancy event – she’s always her authentic self. 

Trustworthy people don’t change who they are to fit the crowd. They act according to their principles and don’t play games or manipulate others. 

You’ll always feel like you’re getting the real them. 

And you know what? It’s refreshing! 

If the people in your life always show their true colors, quirks, and imperfections, hold onto them. It’s a good sign and also one of the reasons why…

2) They’re consistent

Trustworthy people never have to pretend or keep track of different personalities. They’re consistent in their character and values. 

You don’t have to worry about them changing their tune based on the situation they’re in. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

Their consistency extends to their actions. You can always count on a trustworthy person to be there when they say they will. They won’t show up for you one day and disappear the next. 

Trustworthy people understand how important reliability is. They make it a priority to be dependable. 

3) They make you feel relaxed

Have you ever noticed how relaxed you are around some people? 

That’s probably because they’re relaxed around you too. Since trustworthy people don’t feel the need to pretend, they’re less tense. 

This can directly impact how you feel in their presence. 

If you feel safe to be yourself, often show raw emotions, or enjoy the relationship without overthinking it too much, you’ve got a trustworthy person at your side. 

Trustworthy people will always care about how they make you feel. Simply because… 

4) They value relationships over opportunities

habits that make people perceive you as less confident If someone has these 9 character traits, you can trust them completely

Trustworthy people don’t have hidden agendas. 

If they build a relationship with you, it won’t be because of any opportunities they may get from it. They’ll value the relationship and make an effort to treat you well, even when they receive nothing in return. 

For example:

I met Sam at an office party. I thought she wanted to use me to get an interview in the marketing department (major trust issues) and would flake the moment she knew I couldn’t help her. 

After I told her, she kept showing up. 

It’s been years, and we’re still close. Sam eventually got her job in marketing, but not with my help. She was never interested in what she could gain from our relationship. 

She just wanted a friend.

To be honest, she helped me see the good in people again. Trustworthy people don’t flip-flop. They create a safe space for friendship and…

5) They’re loyal

Trustworthy people have integrity. You know that one person you can confide in? The one who always has your back, no matter what? Yeah. I’m talking about them. 

One way to identify these kinds of people is by observing their conversations. When someone is loyal, they don’t entertain gossip or talk badly about others when they’re not around. 

People with this character trait also won’t:

  • Break your trust for their own gain
  • Bail when things get tough
  • Lie to you

You’ll have a sense of security when someone loyal is in your corner, knowing they’ll always be there for you.

6) They follow through on their promises 

Have you ever bumped into an old friend, promising to meet for coffee? And then it never happens? Well, trustworthy people actually follow through. 

Look, I’m not saying people who make polite small talk aren’t trustworthy. But if someone promises to get in touch with you to meet up and they never do, you aren’t that important to them. 

You wouldn’t want them in your corner because they’ll bail when times are tough. 

People who want you to trust them know that saying the right things mean nothing if they can’t back it with actions. 

They don’t make promises for the sake of it. And they make sure to follow through and deliver on their commitments

If – for whatever reason – they can’t keep their promise, or they mess up…

7) They hold themselves accountable

This is one thing that really impresses me about trustworthy people. They aren’t afraid to own their mistakes or face the consequences of their choices. 

It’s never easy to admit when you were wrong. But it shows a lot of character when someone does. 

Trustworthy people know that by acknowledging their actions and accepting responsibility, they can gain your trust and learn from their mistakes. 

An ex-colleague once borrowed my tripod and promised to give it back before we went on vacation. She ghosted me after I reached out to pick it up from her place. 

When I finally decided to just show up there, she told me it broke. She said she was waiting until she could buy a replacement to reach out to me. 

She should have taken responsibility from the start. Instead, she ignored my calls and messages and broke my trust. Our relationship has never been the same. 

If you’re wondering if someone is trustworthy, think about what they do when they slip up. Trustworthy people have a solid moral compass. They take ownership of their actions and…

8) They’re honest, even when it hurts

traits youre a loyal person If someone has these 9 character traits, you can trust them completely

I wouldn’t have been hurt if my ex-colleague had been honest about damaging my tripod. 

But if she told the truth, I would have had enough time to buy a new one before we went on vacation, and our relationship would still be fine. Truth is:

When people are honest, it…

  • Shows a level of respect for you and the relationship you have
  • Builds trust and a solid foundation for deeper connections

Telling the truth can be scary, especially if you think you’ll hurt or upset someone. But it’s exactly this courage that shows someone is trustworthy. Think about it…

It takes guts to have uncomfortable conversations and not sugarcoat things. You risk your relationship with someone if they don’t like the truth. Here’s an example:

A few years ago, I called one of my friends. I was in tears about something my boyfriend did. After talking for a while, she said, “I don’t think he’s the right guy for you, and I don’t think he loves you.” 

I was obviously taken aback. I wasn’t calling to tell her I wanted to break up with him. They also had a pretty good bond. 

She never mentioned anything like this to me before, either. And we’ve been dating for a few years! 

After our conversation, I gave what she said some thought. I realized that it couldn’t have been easy for her to admit how she really felt about him and our relationship. 

And she wouldn’t have said it if she didn’t care about me

Ultimately, her honesty helped me make positive changes in my life. 

Honesty is a quality that sets trustworthy people apart. Even if I hadn’t agreed with my friend, her transparency showed a lot about her character. 

9) They know they don’t know everything

Another great quality of trustworthy people is their humility. They know they don’t have all the answers and are okay with admitting it. 

Want to know what this means for you?

A trustworthy friend will only give you advice if they’ve used it themselves or know a lot about the topic. They won’t pretend to be an expert and guide you in the wrong direction. 

Finding trustworthy friends can be hard. And look:

Even if someone has two or three of these character traits, it doesn’t automatically make them someone you can rely on. 

But if someone is honest, shows you’re a priority for them, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable around you, you can take the chance to trust them completely. 

Chances are they’re looking for a trustworthy friend too.

Maybe you just have to be one to find one? 


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