If someone has these 11 habits, they’re probably a high achiever

Wondering how high achievers get to where they are? What sets them apart? Is it a secret recipe for success, or can we decode it?

Well, there’s no secret recipe, really.

But high achievers do possess certain habits that propel them toward their goals. And guess what?

These habits are not exclusive to them. You can cultivate them too.

So, let’s dive into the world of high achievers and explore the 11 habits they often have in common.

1) They embrace a growth mindset

First things first, high achievers operate with a growth mindset

What does it mean?

It simply means they believe that their abilities, intelligence, and talents are not fixed, but can be developed over time. 

Sounds inspiring, right?

Indeed! This mindset is a potent weapon that enables them to embrace challenges and view them as opportunities to grow, not insurmountable obstacles. 

Instead of asking, “Can I do this?” they ask, “How can I do this?” 

The best part is that this perspective allows them to see potential where others see impossibility. 

2) They invest time in continuous learning

Hand in hand with a growth mindset is an insatiable curiosity and a commitment to learning. 

But first, let’s reflect on this a little bit.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to know a little bit about everything?

Chances are, they’re high achievers. 

The thing is, they understand that in the world we live in, knowledge is the currency of success. 

Not just in the areas of their work or expertise, but about the world in general.

Think of it this way: just like a gardener waters plants daily for them to grow, high achievers ‘water’ their minds with new information and skills.

They read books, listen to podcasts, attend seminars, and are always looking for ways to expand their horizons. 

So, remember, knowledge isn’t just power — it’s the key to achievement.

3) They set clear and measurable goals

What’s the next step once you’re armed with knowledge? 

For high achievers, it’s setting clear, measurable goals.

Let me explain what this means.

When it comes to achievements, high performers don’t leave things to chance. They don’t just daydream about their ambitions, they map them out.

Picture a captain setting sail. Without a destination in mind and a route charted, the ship would drift aimlessly. Similarly, high achievers know that without a goal, they won’t have a clear direction for their efforts.

Here’s the deal: high achievers don’t set vague, open-ended goals. Instead, they use the SMART goal-setting method. 

Their goals are 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound. 

Yes, their SMART goals are like setting the GPS before you start your car — it guides them toward their destination.

4) They prioritize tasks efficiently

Let’s be honest: not all tasks are created equal. 

But now that they have their goals set, high achievers prioritize their tasks efficiently. 

They can’t do everything at once, can they? 

But by ranking their tasks based on importance and urgency, they manage to maintain focus on what truly matters

signs youre a natural born problem solver If someone has these 11 habits, they’re probably a high achiever

I remember when my friend, a high achiever herself, was preparing for an important business meeting. Her to-do list was a mile long, but she didn’t try to tackle everything at once. 

Instead, she prioritized. She focused on the tasks that were directly related to the success of the meeting. 

But guess what?

The rest, though still important, were saved for later. Of course, her ability to prioritize effectively led to a successful meeting.

That’s why I’m sure we should all prioritize our tasks. After all, they contribute to most of our goals.

5) They maintain a disciplined routine

Ever wondered how high achievers manage to get so much done? 

Well, the answer lies in their disciplined routine. 

Let’s be real: just as you won’t build muscles by working out once in a while, success doesn’t come from occasional attempts.

What does it mean?

It means that success comes from consistent effort.

That’s right — it’s the consistency in their routine that makes high achievers stand out. 

They have a well-defined schedule for their day, which includes everything from work, exercise, and family time, to self-development activities.

Do they ever have bad days? 

Absolutely! They are human after all.

But one day off doesn’t stop them. They know that being consistent is what gets results in the long run.

6) They seek feedback and act on it

Now here’s a habit that sets high achievers apart: they seek feedback and are open to criticism. 


Here’s the thing: high achievers are not afraid of criticism

On the contrary, they actively seek feedback and use it as a roadmap for improvement. 

Ever noticed how they bounce back stronger after a setback? 

Just think about it because that’s the magic of constructive feedback at work.

Remember the last time someone criticized your work? How did it feel? 

Remember, it’s natural to feel defensive. But high achievers use it as a tool for self-improvement. 

7) They stay healthy physically and mentally

But wait, there’s more. This one is something you may not expect. 

But the truth is that being a high achiever isn’t just about work. It’s also about staying healthy. And I mean both physically and mentally.

Does this surprise you?

Well, think about it. You can’t run a marathon without training, right? Similarly, high achievers know they can’t reach their goals without a healthy body and mind.

Here’s an interesting fact: regular exercise boosts brain function. Studies show it can improve memory and thinking skills. 

And you know what?

This is exactly why many high achievers make sure they exercise — it’s not just for their bodies. It’s for their brains too.

And let’s not forget mental health. 

High achievers often do things like meditation or mindfulness to stay focused and calm. 

So, don’t forget: you need both a healthy body and mind to achieve great things.

8) They cultivate strong interpersonal relationships

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to know everyone?

These are probably high achievers. 

They understand the importance of strong relationships. They know that the people around them can greatly influence their mindset and actions.

10 things you can do to make people respect you instantly 1 If someone has these 11 habits, they’re probably a high achiever

Here’s a little secret: high achievers are team players. They know that to climb the ladder of success, they can’t do it alone. 

For example, imagine you’re running a marathon. It’s much easier when you have someone cheering you on, right?

The same principle applies here. It’s like having your own personal cheer squad that boosts your spirits and helps you keep moving forward.

So, take a moment and think about who’s on your cheer squad? Do you need to make any changes? Remember, it’s never too late to start.

9) They maintain a healthy work-life balance

Let’s get this straight: high achievers are not workaholics. 

In fact, they’re far from it. 

They know the importance of maintaining a balance between their professional and personal lives.

And the best part?

They understand that all work and no play don’t lead to success. It can actually lead to burnout, which isn’t good for anyone.

For instance, imagine yourself on a seesaw. If you lean too much on one side, you’ll tip over, right? 

The same is true for work and life. High achievers make sure they balance both to stay productive and happy.

And perhaps not surprisingly, a healthy work-life balance fuels their productivity and prevents burnout.

10) They reflect and reassess regularly

Now I want you to take a moment and ask yourself: 

When was the last time you stopped and took stock of your life?

Believe it or not, high achievers do this regularly. They take the time to reflect and reassess their goals and actions. 

And why is this important, you ask?

Well, it’s because life changes, and so do our circumstances. What worked yesterday might not work today. 

But by reflecting and reassessing, you can always ensure you’re on the right path.

It’s like doing a regular car service. It keeps everything running smoothly, and any problems can be fixed before they get too big.

11) They embrace failure

And the final habit is perhaps the most influential one of them all: high achievers embrace failure. 

I know it sounds odd. Embrace failure? Really?

Yes, you got it right. High achievers actually do embrace failure. They view it not as a pitfall, but as an essential part of the journey to success.

I get it. It’s tough to see failure in a positive light, especially when you’re in the midst of it. 

But let’s think about it in a different way.

Remember when you were learning to ride a bike? You fell many times, right? But did that stop you? No, you picked yourself up, brushed off the dust, and got back on.

Each fall, each failure, taught you something new. 

Just admit it — they brought you closer to the joy of that first successful ride.

High achievers approach their goals with the same mindset.

So, the next time you encounter a setback, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on track. 

Takeaway: You’re closer than you think

Wrapping up, being a high achiever isn’t some big secret. It’s about good habits. 

Now I want you to think about these 11 habits. 

Do they resonate with you? 

I know it might sound like a lot but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to do it all at once. One step at a time, that’s the way.

Remember, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about striving for growth, embracing challenges, and staying consistent. 

Who knows? Maybe you’re a high achiever in the making!

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Nato Lagidze

Nato is a writer and a researcher with an academic background in psychology. She investigates self-compassion, emotional intelligence, psychological well-being, and the ways people make decisions. Writing about recent trends in the movie industry is her other hobby, alongside music, art, culture, and social influences. She dreams to create an uplifting documentary one day, inspired by her experiences with strangers.

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