If someone does these 10 things, they’re an incredibly classy person

Ever met someone who just seems to have it all together?

They’re not about fancy brands or showing off; it’s their attitude, the little things they do, that makes them stand out.

Being ‘classy’ isn’t about money or looks, but how one acts.

Curious about what makes someone truly classy?

Let’s dive into these 10 signs that say it all.

1. They Listen More Than They Speak

Ever had a conversation with someone where you felt truly heard? That’s a sign of a classy individual.

They genuinely listen to what others have to say, without constantly thinking of their next response or interrupting.

This not only shows respect for the speaker but also indicates humility and a genuine interest in understanding others.

It’s a trait that’s rare in our fast-paced, “me-first” society, making it all the more special.

If you find someone lending you their ear and giving you their full attention, know that you’re in the presence of true class.

2. They Always Say “Please” and “Thank You”

It’s such a small gesture, yet it makes a world of difference.

Whether they’re at a fancy dinner or just grabbing a coffee, classy folks never forget their manners.

They know the power of “please” and “thank you,” making those around them feel valued and appreciated. I remember once being at a packed cafe, and amidst all the noise, one person stood out.

They took the time to thank the barista by name and even threw in a compliment about her earrings.

It was a brief interaction, but the smile it brought to the barista’s face? Priceless.

Such simple courtesies can brighten someone’s day, and that’s what class is all about.

3. They Avoid Gossip and Negative Talk

Gossip can be tempting.

We’ve all been in situations where juicy tidbits are being passed around, but a truly classy person knows where to draw the line.

They steer clear of unnecessary drama, avoiding the urge to indulge in or spread negative talk about others.

Instead, they focus on uplifting conversations, celebrating successes, and searching for the good in situations and people.

I had a coworker once, Sarah, who would gracefully change the topic whenever office gossip started brewing.

It wasn’t done in a preachy way, but her subtle redirects always reminded us that there were better, more positive things to discuss.

It’s a powerful quality, showing not just class, but a depth of character and integrity.

4. They Admit When They’re Wrong

It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the hallmarks of a truly classy person is their willingness to admit mistakes.

In a world where many strive to project perfection, those with real class understand that it’s our flaws and how we handle them that truly define us.

Instead of digging their heels in or passing the blame, they’ll own up, apologize, and strive to make things right.

Think about it: isn’t it refreshing when someone just says, “I messed up, I’m sorry”?

It showcases vulnerability, honesty, and a level of maturity that is admirable and, quite frankly, rare.

It’s like that time when the CEO of a major company sent out a company-wide email correcting a minor mistake in his previous message.

It wasn’t about the error; it was about taking responsibility. That’s class in its rawest, most unexpected form.

5. They’re Not Afraid to Compliment Others

In our competitive world, many people hold back compliments, perhaps fearing that acknowledging someone else’s strengths might diminish their own.

However, a classy person knows that lifting others up doesn’t push them down.

They’re honest in their appreciation and aren’t shy to voice it.

Whether it’s complimenting a colleague on a job well done or telling a friend how amazing they look, they spread positivity and sincerity.

I’ve often found that the most memorable people I’ve met aren’t those who constantly talk about their achievements, but those who make others feel seen and valued.

Their honesty in recognizing and voicing the beauty and talent in others is a testament to their confidence and big-heartedness.

After all, it takes nothing from one candle to light another.

6. They Respect Boundaries

Respecting personal and professional boundaries is a subtle art, but those with true class have mastered it.

A classy person understands that everyone has their limits, and they never push or overstep.

Whether it’s not prying into someone’s personal life or understanding when to give space, they tread with empathy and consideration.

I remember my neighbor, Tom, who would always offer help whenever he could. But he also knew when to step back.

When I was going through a tough time, instead of prying, he just left a small note by my door that read, “Here if you need anything.”

It was a simple gesture that showed respect for my privacy while also offering support.

It’s these small acts that reflect a deep understanding and respect for others’ boundaries, and they truly set the classy apart.

7. They’re Comfortable with Silence

In a world where being the loudest in the room often gets the most attention, it’s counterintuitive to think that silence can be a sign of class.

However, classy individuals know the value of quiet moments.

They don’t feel the need to fill every silence with chatter or to always be the center of attention.

Instead, they appreciate the serenity that silence can bring to a conversation, understanding that sometimes it’s in those quiet moments that real understanding and connection happen.

Ever been with someone where the silence felt comfortable, almost like a soft blanket wrapping around the both of you?

That’s the magic. It shows a depth of presence, patience, and confidence in one’s own skin. After all, it takes a certain grace to appreciate the eloquence of silence.

8. They Treat Everyone Equally

Class isn’t just about how you treat those above you or on the same level; it’s about how you treat everyone, regardless of their position or status.

A genuinely classy person doesn’t differentiate between a CEO and a janitor.

To them, respect is a universal language, and they offer it generously to everyone they meet. It’s straightforward: Every person has their story, their battles, and their dreams, and each deserves acknowledgment and kindness.

A classy person understands this inherently and acts on it without fanfare.

When you see someone thanking the cleaning staff with the same warmth and sincerity as they would a company director, you know you’re witnessing genuine class.

9. They Know They’re Not Perfect

At the heart of it all, the truly classy are painfully aware of their own flaws, imperfections, and past mistakes.

They don’t parade around pretending to have it all together or acting as if they’ve never faltered.

Instead, they wear their scars as badges of growth, understanding that it’s our struggles that often shape us the most.

They’ve had their share of missteps, maybe even more than most.

But what sets them apart is their capacity to learn, grow, and better themselves from those experiences.

It’s a humbling journey, and when they offer advice or share their stories, it comes from a place of genuine understanding and compassion, not condescension.

They embrace their imperfections, and in doing so, they teach others to embrace their own.

10. They Prioritize Kindness Over Being Right

In debates, discussions, or simple conversations, a classy person values harmony and kindness over the fleeting satisfaction of being right.

They understand that relationships and feelings are more enduring than winning an argument.

They might have all the facts on their side or a point that’s hard to refute, but they also know when to back down and let things be, especially if pushing further would cause harm or strain.

It’s not about being passive; it’s about choosing battles wisely and recognizing that sometimes, the grace with which you handle a disagreement speaks louder than any point you’re trying to make.

They live by the principle: “It’s better to be kind than to be right.”

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Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

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