Mark Smith and Justin Brown discuss:


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Here Are the Details for This Webinar

  • Who's doing it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Long time Ideapod user Mark Smith (aka @eleprocon) and Ideapod co-founder Justin Brown
  • Why should I be there? To be part of an authentic and informative conversation on the past, present and future of Ideapod's social network
  • What's it all about? The salons bring together the Ideapod community so we can ideate and connect

Beginning as a social network for ideas, Ideapod has evolved into an ideas publishing platform with millions of monthly readers

Yet in May 2018, our social network for ideas crashed and became publicly inaccessible. Over 15,000 ideas had been created, with over 100,000 interactions around these ideas. We have backed up everything and will build a new interface to make these ideas and interactions accessible once again.

But first, we are re-launching a new version of our social network for ideas, fully integrated with the publishing platform for ideas that now attracted an audience of 1-2 million monthly readers.

In this salon, Mark Smith and Justin Brown discuss the original vision of Ideapod's social network, what's happening at the present time and how it will be relaunched.

Check out Mark Smith's author profile on Ideapod.

A note from Justin Brown

It was a particularly challenging time for us in May 2018 when the social network crashed. We were completing a major upgrade to the site, and unfortunately the previous configuration of the server resulted in a lot of unexpected behaviors. We managed to back everything up and will make all of the ideas and interactions available again soon.  

Although this was a big challenge, we saw an opportunity. Our social network helped people to capture and share ideas pretty effectively, but it also needed a lot of improvement. Also, over the last few years around media platform grew to have millions of monthly readers.  

We're launching the new social network at the heart of Ideapod, building upon what worked and improving what didn't work.  

During this time, Mark Smith has been an incredible community member of Ideapod and also a very good friend. He has patiently stuck around during the challenging times and also helped to shape the vision of Ideapod moving forward. He was the perfect person to have this conversation with. I hope you enjoy it.

— Justin Brown - Ideapod co-founder

During Ideapod salons you get the following:

  • Get access to people with expertise and real-life experience. Our salons are conversations between people who have special expertise and experiences to share. 

  • Connect with people from all over the world exploring similar ideas. The people who join us for these salons are for the most part curious and open-minded people wanting to learn about new ways of thinking. Community is formed around the salons.

  • Learn new tools and tricks that you can implement into your own life. We explore big ideas but always bring the focus back to practical application. Our salons empower you to implement what you learn into your daily life.

  • Be inspired to take action. Ideas are great, but they're even better when they inspire you to take action. We'll help to jumpstart the inspiration within so you can take what you learn and put it into practice.

  • Answer your questions live. This is not a pre-recorded webinar. Join us live and ask questions as we engage in conversation.