Social media celebrity Andrew Tate taken into custody in Romania on charges of human trafficking and sexual assault

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the tweet Social media celebrity Andrew Tate taken into custody in Romania on charges of human trafficking and sexual assault

Andrew Tate is a former pro kickboxer and social media influencer who was the most searched individual on Google in 2022.

Tate is controversial for comments he’s made about the roles of men and women in society, as well as about human rights, crime and sex.

He and his brother Tristan were detained on Thursday in Romania as part of a human trafficking investigation.

Why was Tate arrested?

According to reports, Tate and his brother are being looked into regarding a human trafficking ring, rape and pressuring and forcing women to record sexual content and perform on adult webcams.

Tate was nabbed after a fight with climate activist Greta Thunberg. The two tangled on Twitter after Tate mocked her desire to lower carbon emissions by bragging about his large car collection.

Thunberg responded to him sarcastically, noting that he could tell her more by emailing her at “smalld*[email protected]

Tate shot a response video to brag about his wealth and power to Thunberg but forgot that there was a pizza box in the shot which revealed the neighborhood he was staying in Bucharest.

He was raided shortly after and footage has emerged of he and Tristan being taken away in handcuffs. According to Romanian police, Tate and his brother were subject to a 24 hour initial detainment as part of the ongoing trafficking investigation and accusations against him from multiple women.

According to authorities, this investigation against the Tates has been ongoing since April of this year.

Tate’s troubled history

American-born Tate grew up primarily in the United Kingdom, son of famous chess prodigy Emory Tate, described by others as a “trailblazer” for African Americans in the world of chess.

As a biracial American, Tate struggled to fit in but found his footing in the world of combat sports and eventually as a commentator in the manosphere, where he told young men to toughen up, get rich and stop letting women manipulate them.

Tate was permanently suspended from Twitter in 2017 for making comments that were deemed offensive by the platform regarding women, rape and masculinity.

However, he was reinstated by Elon Musk following Musk’s October purchase of the social media platform, which is how he eventually clashed with Thunberg.

Tate recently went on interviews about being banned and reinstated, including on Piers Morgan, and said he no longer resides in the UK, which he regards as a failed state full of deranged criminals and soft-on-crime progressives.

He most recently praised the United Arab Emirates, his new home, and said he would be flying out from his interview with Morgan immediately afterwards so as to escape the stench and corruption of Sadiq Khan’s London.

He’s now been located in Bucharest, but it’s important to remember these accusations aren’t proven true until having been in a court of law.

Tate has previously claimed there is a plot to silence him because he has awoken so many young men to their power and the need to escape the modern mainstream system of downplaying their masculine power.

Why is Tate controversial?

Tate has controversially claimed women are the “property” of men and that women who get sexually assaulted need to take at least some “responsibility” for being raped.

He used affiliate marketing to rocket to social media fame and gain a massive following in the West and the Middle East, including his now disbanded “Hustlers University,” a cryptocurrency-run platform that promised young men they’d get rich and get laid if they joined.

Tate is controversial for also mainly refusing to apologize for any of his past actions or comments.

He says that men need to realize that saying sorry is a weakness and that for the most part, the most you should ever say is that you said or believed something previously which you no longer do, but that you still stand behind your former self at the time you said it.

Tate recently converted to Islam, which he calls the world’s last truly powerful and beautiful religion. He says that past comments he made disparaging religion are no longer things he stands by and that he regards Islam as indisputably correct on all matters.

It is unclear, however, to what extent Tate actually abides by the rules of halal and allowable behavior and actions within Islam.

He recently refused to condemn the Taliban in his interview with Morgan, saying how they treat women in Afghanistan is not his business or concern although he did admit it is “unfair.”

If Western women don’t like it and are outraged, Tate claimed they should join the armed forces or find a way to get to Afghanistan and fight for what they believe instead of trying to get Western men and armies to go over and do it for them.

As he said, feminists keep telling him women can do anything men can do, so why don’t they prove it by going over and taking on the Taliban?

Morgan countered by pointing out that many women in the armed forces during Afghanistan operations did do exactly that, to which Tate replied “good, great.”

Tate’s shocking strategy

While the mainstream media has focused on Tate’s offensive comments and controversy, which is easy to do, it has mainly ignored some of the positive messages he’s given to young men.

Apart from rare figures like Morgan who court and befriend the controversial at times, Tate has mainly been typified as an aggressive and ignorant example of toxic masculinity run amok.

Analysts and viewers who are disgusted by his comments have questioned why so many young men are attracted to his message, while supporters say he has changed their lives and empowered them in a distinctly positive way.

Tate, in many ways, is like a version of Dr. Jordan Peterson without any filter. He’s not afraid to offend and one could even say he appears to enjoy shocking and offending people as part of his audience growth strategy.

Indeed, being widely banned on social media is part of how Tate skyrocketed to more fame, since people who had never heard of him began searching for who this offensive and brash man was and then began watching his video content and messaging.

Toxic masculinity vs. positive masculinity

Tate has been pegged as a classic example of toxic masculinity: a man who believes women should listen to him and stop being so entitled and independent.

However, it’s clear that this is certainly an overly simplistic reading.

It remains to be seen what comes of this human trafficking investigation, and Tate’s claims that he’s never had accusations of poor treatment against him from women is certainly questionable and suspect.

However, the idea that he’s just taught men to do whatever they want or assault women is certainly false.

In fact, Tate’s focus has been on empowerment, in a world where men are often told that their masculine nature makes them inherently bad and prone to aggression and disrespect.

He has told men a simple formula for power:

  • Earn money and get a sustainable career
  • Optimize your physical and mental health, becoming a powerful, knowledgeable and confident man who dresses, speaks and carries himself with charisma and momentum
  • Have strict standards of what behavior you will accept or not from women you get involved with
  • Never put women or the search for love and relationships first, as many women will use this sincerity to manipulate you
  • Be a winner, take no crap, fight back and make your own path outside the bounds of modern politically correct culture.

Like it or not, this is a message which has massively resonated with many young men across the world. Trying to shut it down just made Tate more popular.

Will this detainment of him and his brother finally be what turns people off from him? It’s possible, although it is much more likely this will just confirm his fans’ beliefs that he is the subject of a witch hunt because of his no-filter advice to men.

The bottom line

Young men do not feel satisfied by most of the ideals and ideologies being handed to them in the West and the Western world.

They aren’t finding role models on Netflix or in most of their parents, so they’re turning to the internet.

That’s where many come across figures like Tate: arrogant, confident, well-dressed and giving advice that speaks to them.

Many who have had their hearts broken and hopes dashed by young women, or feel let down by a lack of masculinity in their dad or male relatives, find his message highly appealing.

Here’s a guy saying to stop being a victim and stop taking crap from others, especially females. He’s also incredibly rich and has found a way to still make money despite the censorship and persecution from global tech companies.

The question now is whether part of what Tate used to get rich in adult webcams crossed the line into illegal behavior and whether he is a rapist.

If proven true, his meteoric rise to fame and influence may turn out to have been an ill-fated and cautionary tale.

But the point remains that young men wouldn’t look to people like Tate for advice if they were getting better advice about positive ideals of masculinity elsewhere.

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