10 simple ways to practice self-care on a budget

Self-care is all the rage these days, and for good reasons.

It’s more important than ever to prioritize our own well-being. 

But let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to justify splurging on a spa day or expensive massage when we’re on a budget.

Don’t worry, though.

Self-care doesn’t have to break the bank or take up all your time. 

In fact, I’ve got 10 simple and budget-friendly ways for you to practice self-care.

So don’t wait – start taking care of yourself today!

1) Move your body 

What’s a better way to de-stress and boost your energy than to sweat it all out?

As we already know, exercise reduces anxiety and increases energy levels.

The best part is that you can exercise anywhere, anytime. 

It’s always there for you to use!

A few of my favorite things to do are weight training and pilates.

If you’re not a gym person, don’t let that stop you from getting your sweat on. 

Try going for walks outside. 

It will bring fresh air into your life and give your body a chance to move.

You can even have dance parties in your bedroom or choreograph a routine to your favorite song! 

Just get up and move – your body (and mind) will thank you!

2) Nap away

My all time favorite way to practice self-care.

I mean, who doesn’t love a nap? 

Napping is an effective way to restore the energy that we extend throughout the day. 

It’s an easy way to retreat from the pressures of the day and rejuvenate your entire being.

All you need is a cozy sleeping spot.

It doesn’t need to be a super long nap.

A quick snooze can be just enough to do wonders to your body and mind.

Just make sure you’re not napping away your sleep for the night. 

It can disrupt your circadian rhythm and ruin a good night’s sleep.

You can create a nap schedule to make sure that you catch up on sleep every night

So give yourself this gift and get that rest your body craves!

3) Have some alone time (but not too much) 

Some time to yourself would be nice, wouldn’t it? 

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life.

Running errands, going to classes, going to work, and taking care of your family can keep you busy all day. 

A little alone time allows us to clear our head and find some form of deep relaxation that is hard to find in this world.

So why don’t you let yourself be rejuvenated with a little peace and quiet?

As long as you don’t get carried away…

There’s a fine line between being productive and being anti-social. 

Spending too much time alone can be detrimental and cause social anxiety. 

And we all know how bad that can be for your mental health! 

4) Take a relaxing bath

self care 2 10 simple ways to practice self-care on a budget

Taking a bath is another great and simple way to practice self-care! 

It’s like treating yourself to a spa day at home.

You get all of the relaxation without the expense.

Prepare to shut out the world, relax in your own warm bath, and feel the stress melt away.

Having a peaceful, relaxing bath is one of those amazing things that everyone should do. 

You don’t have to splash around like a kid. 

Just sit back and let your worries disappear with every drop of hot water that you take from your tub. 

Your mind will drift and your body will be relaxed.

I love popping in some Epsom salts and dropping some lavender oil into my bath water (with a glass of red wine on the side).

These will help relax my muscles and soothe my soul.

Remember to hydrate and moisturize your skin after!

I’ll explain why and how in my next point.

5) Care for your skin 

Skincare is self-care.

Skin is the largest organ of your body and it takes the biggest toll on your mental health than anything else.

When you’re feeling stressed, your skin shows it!

Skin is constantly exposed to harsh chemicals and pollutants in the air. 

Keeping it moisturized, hydrated, and protected does wonders for your body. 

A radiant complexion will give you a healthy skin glow, which looks good on anyone!

You can also do DIY face mask techniques for a quick and cheap fix. 

For example, avocado is great for calming redness and soothing zits.

There are also plenty of affordable store-bought face mask recipes that you can easily make at home if you’re not feeling creative. 

6) Eat nourishing foods that you love

Food is the fuel that keeps us going. 

It’s the best way we get to nourish our bodies and give our spirits some love. 

And while we can’t always afford fancy food all the time, we can still eat healthy, nourishing foods that make us feel good. 

When you eat junk food all day long, you’ll start to feel stressed.

Simply because it doesn’t give you the nutrients that your body needs.

You’ll feel tired and your skin won’t look its best either.

So don’t let your routine become dominated by fast food and sugary snacks! 

Just start finding ways to incorporate some healthy alternatives into your daily routine.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

There are so many fitness influencers out there that provide free and fun healthy meals (and even snacks) recipes.

Find a few that you like and give them a try.

7) Watch your favorite movie

One of the simplest forms of self-care is just to sit down and put on your comfort movie.

You know, that movie that you could watch over and over again.

Watching a favorite movie can make you feel safe, secure, and protected.

It will make you forget about your worries and make the stresses of the world seem so small.

It’s basically like therapy in a box.

A great way to relax after a long day of dealing with the world. 

You don’t need to watch a comedy. 

Seriously, whatever makes you happy! 

If you love romance or documentaries, then watch them.

It can be anything from Lord of The Rings to 13 Going On 30.

This is your time to enjoy something that makes you feel good

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it works for you.

8) Clean your room

Ideapod 10 simple ways to practice self-care on a budget

Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

It’s where you can shut out the world and retreat to your thoughts. 

If you need a break from being busy, there’s no better way to do it than by spending time in your room.

BUT, it’s hard to enjoy it when your room is a mess. 

You’re constantly exposed to toxins and pollutants that can negatively affect your health. 

At the end of the day you want to feel good, so why not clean your room? 

Get rid of the junk that you no longer need.

Change your bedsheets.

Don’t let the clutter and dirty surroundings of your room get in the way of enjoying yourself! 

9) ​​Cuddle up!

Did you know that cuddling with someone can release oxytocin into the bloodstream (the “feel-good hormone”) which can reduce stress and lower anxiety levels?

Yes, it’s true.

It’s almost like a free therapy session.

Sometimes, all you need to feel happy is a good cuddle from your loved ones. 

Holding someone that you love and trust is the best way to let go of your worries. 

Don’t have a partner?

Cuddle with your pet instead!

Having a warm body next to you is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities. 

They’re just as happy to have you snuggle them! 

10) Do a digital detox

Sometimes all you need is a little break from technology.

You’re constantly being bombarded by social media and emails. 

All you want to do is get away from the world, but there’s no escape. 


A digital detox! 

What does digital detox even mean?

Digital detox is all about taking time away from your screens, such as your phones, tablets, and other devices.

It’s a great way to restore our mental health and focus on being present

Just put down your phone, turn off your screen, and spend some time with yourself. 

Self-care is easy

It’s practically a no-brainer! 

All you have to do is anything that makes you feel good, and boom, you’re practicing self-care. 

But, it can also be so easy to neglect self-care in the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Between busy schedules, endless responsibilities, and constant demands, it can feel like there’s just no time to focus on ourselves. 

But that’s where the importance of self-care comes in. 

It’s like hitting the reset button on life and coming back feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the world throws our way.

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