7 simple ways to be a more feminine woman

What does it mean to be a feminine woman?

Does it mean you have to dress or act a certain way? Certainly not.

Being a feminine woman is all about how you feel as a woman and embracing the things that make you feel in touch with your femineity.

Everyone will feel and experience something different from the things they do in life.

Do you want to feel more in touch with your feminine side? Check out these 7 ideas and simple ways to be a more feminine woman!

1) Practice self-care that makes you feel good

Nothing makes me feel more in touch with my female body like self-care does.

Enjoying a hot bath, exfoliating my skin, using a new moisturizer, doing my skincare, curling my eyelashes, dying my eyebrows, and using hair products that make my hair smell gorgeous makes me happy.

I know self-care isn’t a “feminine” thing to do (everyone should and can enjoy looking after themselves).

But it’s a simple way to make you feel more in touch with everything about your body that makes you a woman!

2) Dress for a feminine silhouette in colors that make you feel “girly”

Fashion is constantly changing and what accentuates your assets will be different from someone else’s.

But generally speaking, some clothes and outfits suit a feminine silhouette perfectly.

If you want to be more feminine, take some time to understand your body shape.

Get a fitting, measure up, or take a quiz to find your style – and wear clothes that make you look and feel more feminine.

Which could mean wearing flowy dresses, sandals, headbands, and jewelry.

Or adopting a different color scheme for your clothes, like pastel colors (from pale pink to baby blue) to vibrant, patterns.

Or, of course, wearing any other clothing that makes you feel more feminine!

3) Accept help sometimes (even if you can do it yourself)

Think about it like this. If you brought cupcakes into the office for everyone and offered them around – and no one at all took them – how would you feel?

Probably a little silly and disappointed that no one appreciated or enjoyed something you went out of your way to do.

But when people say, “Yes! Thanks! I love cupcakes!”, and take one – it makes you feel good, right?

That’s how your boyfriend, husband, or someone you’re dating wants to feel every now and then.

They want to treat you, spoil you, and feel needed by you sometimes. Not because you’re a woman, but because they’re human.

So let them do things for you on occasion – even if you (and they) know you can do those things yourself.

Like opening a door for you, fixing something with your car, making you dinner, running you a bath, buying you a drink, or whatever else it is they offer you.

Don’t always say no because “You can do it yourself” and “You want to be independent”.

Because just like you would when people accept your cupcakes, it’ll make them feel good if they can help you out and treat you.

And accepting nice gestures from a man doesn’t compromise your independence.

4) Accept compliments that lift you up

simple ways to be a more feminine woman 1 7 simple ways to be a more feminine woman

Like the above point, most men (and most people, really) enjoy giving compliments.

And it always feels better when someone accepts your compliment, rather than if they brush it off or disagree with it vehemently.

Sure, sometimes a man may think something is a compliment that actually isn’t for you.

So don’t just blindly accept compliments from a man if they don’t make you feel good (I think we all know which kind of “compliments” they are).

But if they say something nice that you appreciate, like:

  • You look pretty
  • I like the way you’ve styled your hair
  • Your make-up looks cute
  • I really love that dress on you
  • You handled that situation very well
  • I love the way you treated my mum today

Or whatever else that makes you happy, accept it.

5) Experiment with “feminine” hairstyles

Another way to be more feminine is to experiment with your hair.

Women and men are both known for testing out different hairstyles.

But because women tend to have longer hair, the possibilities of the different hairstyles they can have are endless!

When you want to feel more feminine, try experimenting with the different hairstyles available.

Wear your hair up in a tight, high ponytail. Or in a low, loose pony with bangs framing your face.

Curl your hair in ringlets so it bounces when you walk. Or straighten your hair and wear it long, so it shines and flows in the wind.

Try wrapping it up in a bun on top of your head. Or plait it with lots of mini plaits trailing the sides of your hair.

Dye it a different color. Or chop it all off!

Whatever it is, try something that you feel feminine wearing or having. Because after all, that’s what being a feminine woman is all about.  

6) Spend more time with women

One of the best ways to embrace your femininity as a woman is to actually spend time with women.

There’s nothing like your female friendships. We can be supportive, empathetic, understanding, kind, caring, funny, and so much more.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a bit of “girl time” around your female friends.

So if you want to feel more girly and feminine, call up your girlfriends and have a night together – and see how you feel!

7) Cultivate and embrace your own hobbies and interests

Being a feminine woman isn’t bound by any traditional views of what women should enjoy.

I won’t even mention the stereotypes that have been put on women in the past to make them more “feminine”.

But there’s something about having your own hobbies and interests that makes you an interesting, unique, empowered, and – ultimately – feminine woman!

When finding what you enjoy, don’t just engage in the hobbies and interests of the men around you (unless, of course, those are your shared interests!).

Or choose something your friends are doing or that your parent did.

Instead, cultivate your own hobbies and interests.

Find what it is that sparks joy in you and makes you feel like a feminine woman.

That could be from spending time in nature. It could be from exercising. It could be from styling your hair and testing out different make-up. Or it could be from gaming on the PlayStation or Xbox.

Whatever it is that you feel like a woman doing, do it!

Final thoughts

There’s no rulebook on how to be feminine. Because, really, it’s all about what makes you feel in touch with your womanhood.

While some women (like me) love a night of self-care and my own daily rituals to feel more feminine, others may enjoy something completely different.

But if you want to feel more feminine, trying some things on this list can be a good place to start.

See what works for you and what makes you feel more in touch with your femineity. And enjoy everything good about being a woman!




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