A Simple Mindfulness Technique That Literally Rewires Your Brain To Be More Present

There is a mindfulness strategy to master the habit of attaining focus and becoming present for every moment, which leads to experiencing a higher level of productivity, focus, and satisfaction in life.

You don’t have to master the art of meditation in order to experience positive changes in life. The changes rest on the process of integrating regular events and moments of life with mindfulness and its practice.

Though most of us spend 15 minutes or so to meditate, we actually have over 16 hours every day to infuse the practice of mindfulness in life’s every single moment. The base of integration is on the idea that every moment provides the opportunity to locate and notice a current shift in our mental state and attention and helps us to rewire our mind.

Here’s How You Can Rewire Your Brain

Step 1

Gain awareness about the direction of your attention. Quite often the focus is chaotic and scattered. Psychologically, this mental habit is known as “mind wandering.”

Step 2

Shift the redirection of your attention to the current moment. It is achievable by directing your attention to an object, sensations, surrounding sounds, your breath or anything that makes you feel good.

Step 3

The final step is to Rewire – to take just 15 to 30 seconds to really savor this experience and to reinforce the shift you just made at the level of neurobiology.

Notice-Shift-Rewire or NSR is attainable at any place and at any time. This particular practice of integration is not like the regular practice of meditation. You can practice integration over 20 – 40 times per day, without cancelling your daily activities and chores.



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