Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth It?

I’m a spiritual adventurer. I like to explore my own brain through meditation, reading spiritual texts, and analyzing as many different forms of self-help, actualization, and spirituality as possible.

It’s with this desire to continue forward on the path to self-actualization that I stumbled upon Mindvalley’s Silva Ultramind System.

It promises to empower your mind to help you manifest your success through life.

Sound promising? I thought so too. So, I signed up for the 4-week course to report back to you on any potential successes.

The verdict?

It depends on what you’re looking for.

What is Silva Ultramind?

Silva Ultramind is a system based upon meditation used to expand your mind’s ability.

Mindvalley’s site calls it a “highly optimized framework for unlocking your mind’s fullest potential.”

silva ultramind compressor Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth It?

I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, so I figured I’d do a little more research to try and parse it out.

Apparently, it’s a process to help you understand four supposed levels of consciousness, how to access these for various purposes, and augment your mind to achieve different levels of understanding, spirituality, and control with your mind.

I popped off of Mindvalley check out Silva Ultramind and sign up for it.

When you check out Mindvalley’s sales pitch, it definitely comes across as unorthodox. But then again, Mindvalley is a new age personal growth company.

Who is teaching it?

vishen eyesight compressor Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth It?

Vishen Lakhiani. He’s the founder of Mindvalley (where the course has its home) and a teacher of Silva Ultramind (the successor to the Silva System).

Mindvalley runs a suite of online learning courses that revolve around self-betterment and personal enlightenment. There are 30+ of these courses that run around 4 weeks each (more on the cost later).

Lakhiani has claimed that he’s used meditation to fix his eyesight after a botched Lasik surgery, and also suggests that people can cure their eyesight through a combination of meditation and using weaker lenses.

Mindvalley is a very successful company, so it’s quite interesting that the founder is also an instructor. Supposedly, the Silva System has been important to Lakhiani’s success.

Let’s find out what that means.

How much does Silva Ultramind Cost?

Silva Ultramind is a course that is available on Mindvalley. Mindvalley has two different course models. You can either pay for a single course or pay for access to all 30+.

It’s $399 for the single Ultramind course (with the discounted rate) or $599 for the Mindvalley suite of 30+ classes.

So, for an extra 200 dollars, you could access 30x as much content.

(If you’re wondering what else Mindvalley has to offer, we’ve created a fun Mindvalley quiz to help you choose the perfect course for you. Take our new quiz here).

How is Silva Ultramind structured?

The class is structured over four weeks. Each week focuses on deepening your mind’s mastery over the four levels of consciousness by using meditation techniques.

The class has a total of 12 hours of instruction, spread out over 28 days. The videos usually run 15-30 minutes.

They’re pretty simple in format: Vishen speaks to you 1 on 1 about the technique that he wants to share with you. He walks you through the basics of it and then asks you to explore further on your own through the additional audio resources that are available.

These audio resources are used by Vishen to help stimulate different brain waves in your meditation, helping you move between states of consciousness.

What can I learn from Silva Ultramind?

ultramind quest compressor Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth It?

According to Vishen, Silva Ultramind can teach you how to

  1. Multiply Your Manifestation Power. You align your thoughts and desires with your actions in order to make dreams a reality.
  2. Develop Crystal-Clear Intuition. Harness your subconscious to make better decisions.
  3. Career Growth. Apply altered states of consciousness into your work life to solve problems and boost your creativity.
  4. Boost Your Creativity. Use your Theta mind levels to increase imagination and productivity.
  5. Achieve Inner Peace. Gain more balance and assuredness, be more present in every moment, and develop a deeply spiritual sense of confidence in yourself and your choices.
  6. Discover & Honor Your Purpose. Learn the true reason you were placed on this planet, and step onto a fulfilling life path that connects you to that purpose every second of every day.
  7. Holistic Healing. The mind’s ability to assist in physical healing is well documented. Learn how to use your mind to accelerate healing, and as a complement to your wellness practices.
  8. Become Unshakably Positive. Channel your newfound abilities towards a deep sense of confidence in everything you do, knowing you have the power to shape your reality and overcome any obstacle.

I got to say, these are some strong claims. I took these claims straight from Mindvalley itself (ok, I made a few edits), but I wanted you to get a sense of what Silva Ultramind claims it can do for you.

Some of these claims are a little more clear-cut than others. “Achieve inner peace” is a little more understandable than “multiply your manifestation powers.”

Though when you really look at that second one, all it is saying is to align your actions with your thoughts to execute what you want.

At this point, I think it’s worth reflecting on three general categories of people when it comes to the intersection of science and spirituality:

  1. Total skeptics who think that anything that isn’t backed by science is ridiculous and a waste of time.
  2. Completely believers who will take these claims at face value and embrace them as long as they strike a chord.
  3. Everyone in between: people who generally believe in the value of science but also know there are many phenomena that can’t yet be explained by science.

If you belong in the first category, I need to tell you right now that you won’t enjoy Silva Ultramind. Stop reading now and pick up a science magazine for your entertainment.

If, l like me, you belong to the third category of people, then I think it’s important that you suspend your disbelief while embarking upon Silva Ultramind.

There are strong scientific claims that are difficult to prove. I’ll get to these in a moment.

But there’s power that comes from fully embracing a new perspective. I suggest immersing yourself in Silva Ultramind and giving it a period of time to bring about results in your life.

If it has a positive impact, that’s great.

If not, at least you were open-minded enough to give something new a shot.

Mindvalley are running a free masterclass with more information about Silva Ultramind. I suggest checking it out to see what you think of the program.


esp compressor Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth It?

Here’s one of the practices in Silva Ultramind. Let’s start with the projection.

In week two, Vishen asks you to project your consciousness onto metals. You hold a metal object in your hand, then to your forehead, and cast your consciousness onto the object to gain insight into the object — learning about its properties and its past.

You then do the same with leaves, and eventually human anatomy.

While there is a lot of science-talk about the alpha-waves needed to gain the energy of the object, what this boils down to is claiming that your mind can gain insight from inanimate objects (not like: “what is this made of”, but rather “who used to own it?”) by simply channeling your brainpower into the object.

This power, to read the history of an object, is called psychometry.


silva competitors compressor Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth It?

If you’re still interested in exploring the Ultramind system, there is an official course from the Silva Ultramind school on

It’s the same system, but what is highlighted is very different than what Vishen highlights.

Silva starts immediately by claiming that you can access ESP. He asks “are you a natural psychic and you don’t even know it?”

He claims you can develop better intuition and clairvoyance through the Silva system.

The system has “touched 6 million lives.” It stakes its claim that you can train to be a psychic.

My verdict: Is Silva Ultramind worth it?

I’d recommend this class to people who:

  • Have an interest in ESP and clairvoyance
  • Would like to see how meditation can impact their lives
  • Are financially solvent.
    • This is a $300 course.
    • This is a “nice to have,” not a critical.

I’d also recommend this class to the skeptic. It’s always good for a skeptical person to examine material that makes strong claims. Check it out and see for yourself if Vishen’s claims have any legitimacy. Be the scientific test that is needed to advance the general stock of knowledge.

Again, if you’re curious about Silva Ultramind, I suggest checking out the free masterclass.

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