6 signs you’ve got an unforgettable personality, according to psychology

Have you ever met people you can’t seem to forget?

It may have been a while since you last saw them, but they’ve left such a lasting impression on you that you think about them from time to time.

Ever wondered if you’re one of them, or want to know what it takes to have an engaging personality?

Today, we’ll uncover 6 signs that you’ve got an unforgettable personality, according to psychology.

1) You’re passionate about things

I have a friend who’s passionate about matcha. And I mean all things matcha. 

He can tell you the history behind it, how to identify which brand is the best one, and how to make all sorts of drinks with it.

If you ask him anything related to this topic, he’ll talk your ears off, with vigorous hand gestures and an enthusiastic tone.

He became the ‘matcha’ guy because he was just so excited when about matcha.

We may not necessarily remember things about people, like their jobs, or what music they like, but we’ll certainly remember things they’re passionate about. And it adds a lot of color too, to your personality.

Some people may find it cool to remain aloof and disinterested in things, but the truth is that people are drawn to those who are positive and who have a passion for life.

What are you passionate about? Maybe it’s a genre of music or a favorite cuisine. It’ll be what people remember you for!

2) You’re authentic

No one enjoys being around someone who’s pretending to be someone else, or who has ulterior motives for saying things or behaving a certain way. 

Authenticity draws people in and is what makes you, uniquely you. There isn’t another person like you in this entire world.

So, if you want to be memorable, be authentically you! According to psychology, being authentic is a sign of a uniquely secure person, and it draws people in because we’re attracted to simple honesty.

The same friend who’s obsessed with matcha is unafraid to be himself as well. 

He dares to speak his mind, and will not conform to the majority even if his opinion is unpopular. That’s because he believes in doing what is right, not what people think is right.

As such, he remains an unforgettable person not only because of his passion for matcha but also his ability to inspire (those who aren’t as brave in speaking out) and aggravate (those who want things to be done a certain way, even though it doesn’t make sense).

So just because someone’s unforgettable, doesn’t mean he’s well-liked by everyone. The truth is that being authentically you can rub people the wrong way. 

But you’ll have to choose what you want to be – yourself, or what people regard as the right version of you.

3) You’re reliable and trustworthy

Ever know someone who’s the ‘go-to’ person for something? It could be someone who’s the go-to person for insider information on a topic, advice, or to procure something more tangible like the latest shoes.

Whatever the case is, they’re memorable because they’re reliable at keeping their promises.

According to psychology, these people mean it when they say they’ll do something and will not make empty promises.

Unlike some people who you can never trust – these people will keep to their word. And if for some reason, they aren’t able to deliver on what they promised, they will come clean. 

They find that it’s better to admit their shortcomings than hide them because they don’t want to waste time on excuses.

You may be someone who people go to for advice or guidance. And this could help position you as a reliable and trustworthy friend.

When people come to you, they know that they will leave the conversation learning a thing or two. 

4) You have an optimistic view of life

Another key sign you have an unforgettable personality is that you’re optimistic.


Optimism and positivity are infectious.

There’s a very famous quote by Maya Angelou, that goes like this, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

And people want to feel good. 

Moreover, according to psychology, the human brain is wired to think negatively, and as such, we anticipate challenges and exaggerate threats. 

This makes optimistic people memorable because it shapes our perspective to see things in a more positive light.

Bringing back the example of my friend – he’s such a happy person. He’s not an overly chirpy person, but he always has something good to say. 

He sees the silver lining in everything and will use this to uplift people. When someone comes to him after having a bad day, he somehow knows what to say to inspire and encourage.

This is why people often remember him as the ‘happy’ one, in addition to being ‘the matcha guy’. 

And the thing is, you can be one too. Choose to see that the glass is half full. It’ll not only do wonders for your mental health, but people will remember you for your positive outlook on life.

5) You exude confidence

Another characteristic of memorable personalities is confidence. 

And this is memorable because it draws attention to that person. People generally are inspired by confident people and we’re attracted to them.

Moreover, studies have shown that self-confidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy that predicts happiness and success. 

However, confidence is not something you’re born with – you have to practice and work on this daily until it becomes a natural response.

6) You’ve got an infectious sense of humor

Finally, humor is another important characteristic of unforgettable personalities.

We tend to enjoy interacting with people who have a great sense of humor because they’re engaging. 

They know how to weave witty jokes at the right time and are usually great storytellers too.

There are people who can recount an experience but are unable to deliver it in an engaging and interactive way. However, people who have a great sense of humor are not only able to do this successfully, they’re able (and willing) to laugh at themselves as well.

Overall, these people know how to have fun and take others along for the ride.

If you want to be unforgettable, try incorporating humor into your daily conversations. 

Concluding thoughts

While being unforgettable is a goal you may strive to have, this shouldn’t take precedence over being who you are. Don’t try to become someone you’re not, because when you’re unafraid to be yourself, that’s when your confidence shines through.

And people will naturally gravitate towards you because you’re able to be unapologetically yourself! 

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