20 rare (but beautiful) signs you’ve found your life partner

It’s an eternal truth that you’ll never really know someone until you live with them for a good long time.

But in the meantime, there are some surefire signs that you’ve found your life partner – the person who makes you ridiculously happy, every day.

These people don’t have to be perfect but if these 20 rare (but beautiful) signs ring true for both of you, then chances are you’re onto something good.

1) You’re able to tease each other about your weaknesses

Your beloved is not going to be a goddess/god, they are going to be a fallible human being and so should you.

Be able to tease each other about your weaknesses without derision and the relationship is guaranteed to be long-lasting.

The ability to laugh at yourself and those around you is also a good trait that will help in getting over the rough patches of life together.

In short:

Enjoy the life that you have with each other and celebrate the quirks that both of you have.

2) You can always laugh together, even when times are tough

This is another rare sign that you’ve found your life partner.

If you can laugh together, even when times are tough, then you’ll always have each other’s backs.

If you’re laughing together only when the world is nice to you, then something is probably wrong somewhere.

It’s all about being able to laugh at life’s little misfortunes and fix the problems that arise with each other because that will teach you something about being a team in life.

It will be a constant reminder to work together without breaking down into arguing and fighting.

3) Your significant other makes you excited to wake up in the morning

Here’s an interesting fact:

Couples who are able to enjoy their morning routine together are a lot more likely to make it through the rest of their life together.

A morning spent with your beloved is a great way to start off the day.

It’s probably when you’re both most relaxed, have time to do some things that you love, and are totally in tune.

If you share the same love and passion for breakfast, then there’s a good chance you’re in it for the long haul.

4) You both seem to have the same personality traits

With all personality types and combinations, there will always be some common thread.

Assuming that you share the same personality traits, it’s probably a strong sign that you’re on the right path.

The best relationships are those in which both individuals complement each other’s personalities.

You don’t have to be exactly alike but any personality traits that are in common between both of you is a good sign of compatibility.

But keep in mind:

Don’t be too concerned about other traits that might not be in common between both of you as long as they complement each other.

5) A highly intuitive advisor confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea about whether you’ve met your life partner or not.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a highly intuitive advisor?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake experts out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector.

After going through a messy break-up, I recently tried Psychic Source. They provided me with the guidance I needed in life, including who I am meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and knowledgeable they were.

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you a lot about your potential life partner, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

6) Doing extra little things for the other person

This simple gesture can speak volumes for those who are in love.

If you’re doing small things for your partner like tidying up their bed or making them a cup of coffee in the morning, then you’re definitely on the path to an amazing relationship.

So take the next step:

Clean their bed, make them a cup of coffee, and ask them how they like it.

If you’re new to the game and don’t know what to do, try just putting a nice little gift in their dressing room.

You’ll be amazed by what kind of response this will elicit.

7) You don’t think twice about being vulnerable around him/her

josue michel q1c zACVgw unsplash 1 20 rare (but beautiful) signs you've found your life partner

The least complicated relationships are the ones in which both partners are able to be vulnerable to each other.

If your beloved is the only person you feel comfortable being vulnerable around, then that’s a pretty good sign that you’re on the right road.

I know the feeling:

It’s like when you first met him/her, there was something about them that meant you just knew it wouldn’t end.

You were willing to do anything for them, including being vulnerable, and this feeling was mutual.

This is a sense of trust that builds into deep love and respect.

8) You can disagree without turning it into a fight

Understanding and compromise are important in any relationship.

If you both think alike and you always agree with each other, then you’re not looking at a very healthy relationship.

You need to be able to discuss things with each other, especially when things don’t go your way.

Disagreements are inevitable but the ability to get through them without getting into a fight is one of the most telling signs that you’ve met your life partner.


Disagreements and fights are natural. But the manner in which you handle them will determine your success in the relationship.

Conflicts are a great way to learn about each other’s personalities, so make the most of them.

9) Keeping a stack of old photos is how you bond

It’s hard to figure out what makes a relationship last.

But it’s a proven fact that maintaining a good memory bank can really help you in your journey as a couple.

Our experiences, plus the people around us, are what make us who we are. A photo album is like taking all of this and preserving it for future generations.

Supposing that your significant other is the person who constantly reminds you of those moments, then you know you’ve found your life partner.

Remember to always keep these special moments alive. And make sure to share the photos with your friends and family so they can appreciate them, too.

10) Your significant other doesn’t try to change you

One of the biggest rare signs that you’re on your way to a happy relationship is the fact that you don’t need your partner to change you.

You will always be who you are. But if your partner constantly tries to change who you are, then that’s a sign that there’s more going on than meets the eye.

You’re not in this for a quick fix. You’ve put in the time and effort, so let yourself be happy with who you’ve become and where you’re going.

In a nutshell:

Don’t settle for someone who wants to change you. If you’re looking for a commitment, you need someone who is willing to stick around and support you while becoming the best person they possibly can be.

11) You both genuinely look forward to every single birthday and celebration together

You can see hand-holding, kissing, and all the other signs of love but those are just physical.

Here’s another kind of love that is often overlooked:

The ability to genuinely look forward to celebrating an occasion together.

Think back to your first year as a couple together.

Do you both genuinely look forward to celebrating each and every occasion?

If this is the case, then you’re going to be in for a long and happy journey.

Try it out yourself:

Don’t just be content with your partner being there. Make the celebration a real joy. Have fun! No one likes parties that are thrown together only because it’s the right thing to do. The best parties are always naturally enjoyable no matter who shows up.

12) You feel like God brought you together for a reason

This is another rare sign yet beautiful one.

If you believe that God had put the two of you together for a reason, then that might be a sign that things are going to work out really well.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you both believe this when you’re together, then it’ll definitely be like a breath of fresh air on your journey to finding each other.

Earlier, I mentioned how helpful the advisors at Psychic Source were when I was trying to figure out how to find my perfect partner.

Although there’s much we can learn about a situation like this from articles or expert opinions, nothing can truly compare to receiving a personalized reading from a highly intuitive person.

From giving you clarity on the situation to supporting you as you make life-changing decisions, these advisors will empower you to make decisions with confidence.

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13) You are in tune with your partner’s body language

Imagine this:

You’re just sitting together, watching a movie. He’s got his arm around you.

You both lean in, and without even thinking about it, you’ve leaned into each other.

It’s silly but it’s a sign that both of you are so comfortable with each other that you don’t have to think about it.

Your body language is in tune with your partner and vice versa. This is one of the rarest signs that you’ve found your life partner.

Be sure that your body language communicates the same thing as their body language does. It’s a good sign if these two things are in complete sync with each other.

14) You’re both willing to sacrifice what you want for the other person

This is another rare and beautiful sign that you’ve found your life partner.

Two people who both care deeply for each other will be willing to sacrifice their wants for the other person.

It’s important to know that your life partner is going to be someone who cares about you, too!

For example, you’re a non-smoker but your partner is a smoker. He/She still decides to quit smoking for your sake. This is a big deal!


You should always be willing to sacrifice something for the person you love. This willingness is a sign of selflessness, which is a quality that everyone deserves. Don’t settle for someone who won’t put in the effort with you.

15) Your significant other trusts your judgment

pexels polina kovaleva 6265455 20 rare (but beautiful) signs you've found your life partner

If you’ve found someone who trusts your judgment, then that’s a rare sign that you’ve found your life partner.

After all, your judgment is something that can’t be forced on anyone.

You may say something in a regular conversation, and they’ll either agree or disagree.

But if they trust your judgment at this moment, then you know you’ve found a good match. Trust is an essential part of any healthy relationship.

To sum up:

At the end of the day, you should always be able to trust your own judgment. But that’s not enough, your partner needs to show their trust in you as well.

16) He/She can read your mind like a book

Some people can read you like a book.

You don’t have to say anything at all; they’ll just know exactly what to do and say at the right moment, without you having to explain yourself or ask them for the answer.

It’s hard to explain how, but it seems as though they do this on some level.

They seem to be able to take a quick look into your mind and understand your thoughts, no matter how complicated they are.

If your significant other is one of these people, it’s a sign that you’ve found your life partner.

That’s because these are the people who are going to be able to support you emotionally,  and even physically.

They’ll be the ones who give you a shoulder when you’re down and will always do whatever it takes to make you feel better.

17) Your energy levels are always in sync

Fun fact:

“The level of your energy will always match the energy levels of your life partner.”

I know this seems a little nutty, but it’s true.

This happens because you two are so connected on an emotional level that you simply feel similar and share your feelings with one another. You’ll both be in tune with each other, even if you’re having a completely different day.

This also means that you’ll be able to understand each other’s moods and emotions better.

Here’s an example:

If your life partner complains about their job, then you’ll know how they feel too because it won’t just be your own worries that are getting to you.

18) You share a healthy sense of adventure

Finding your life partner is about that special connection and chemistry.

But it’s also about taking that passion to the next level.

It’s a joy to go out and explore with someone, isn’t it?

But you don’t need to look much further than this sign to see what I mean.

You both share a healthy sense of adventure, so you’ll be able to make new experiences together. Maybe you’ll both want to go camping or try biking in the city together.

Or maybe you’ll want to eat pancakes somewhere exotic. The world is your oyster, and your life partner will want to explore it with you.

19) You’re able to finish each other’s sentences

You might think that this sign is a bit strange.

But it’s another one of those awesome and rare signs that you’ve found your life partner.

Being able to finish a sentence for someone, without them having to ask you for help, is a sign of how close you two are.

You’ll also be able to “finish their thoughts,” no matter what they’re thinking about. This means that your minds are so closely connected that your thoughts will often match up.

All in all:

You’ll be able to finish each other’s sentences because you’ll be able to understand each other very well. And that ability is a sign that you’ve found your life partner!

20) You can’t wait to have kids with this person and vice versa

This is another one of those rare and beautiful signs that you’ve found your life partner.

There are a couple of reasons why this is such a great sign.

First, having kids together will make each of you a little more mature.

Second, it means that you both have the same ideals when it comes to being parents.

You’ll both value the same things: love, security, and being there for one another.

This is why having kids with someone is so important.

So take the next step:

Make sure you both want to have children together. This will be the start of a beautiful journey, so don’t do it unless you’re truly certain that this is the right route.

Final thoughts

Finding your life partner is a big deal, but it’s also just the beginning.

After all, you’ll be spending the rest of your life with them!

We’ve covered 20 rare (but beautiful) signs you’ve found your life partner but if you want to get a completely personalized explanation of those signs and where it’ll lead you in the future, I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier on; I was blown away by how professional yet reassuring they were.

Not only can they give you more direction on finding your life partner, but they can advise you on what’s in store for your future.

Whether you prefer to have your reading over a call or chat, these advisors are the real deal.

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