15 signs you’re surrounded by love, even if you don’t realize it

Life can be so busy and full of hustle and bustle that sometimes we fail to notice the beautiful and precious things around us, especially the love that permeates our everyday lives. 

You may be thinking, “How is that even possible? I would surely know if I were surrounded by love, right?” 

Well, the truth is, love isn’t always grand gestures and sweeping declarations. More often than not, it’s in the small, quiet moments that we tend to overlook how much love is given to us.

I am guilty of not realizing or recognizing when someone is showing me genuine love. I can boil it down to being overwhelmed by daily life, but the truth is, I can sometimes also be so insecure that I don’t believe when someone is loving on me.

This article aims to remind you to be aware of the love you’re receiving so you can hold onto it for as long as you can and serve it right back. 

1) They frequently communicate with you

Those who love you want to know about your life. They text, call, or meet up with you, showing interest in your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

Their messages may not always be lengthy or profound, but the consistent check-ins signal their enduring concern for you.

2) They show up for you

Whenever you’re in need—be it moving homes, dealing with an illness, or just needing company—your loved ones are there

They’re willing to set aside their own convenience for your sake. And when they can’t physically be there, they make sure you feel their support in other ways.

3) You’re in their future plans

When your loved ones envision their future, you’re in it. They include you in their long-term plans and talk about shared dreams and aspirations. 

This signals not just their desire for your presence in their life, but also their commitment to the relationship.

4) Your success is their joy

When you achieve something, no matter how small or grand, your loved ones celebrate with you. 

They are genuinely happy for your successes and accomplishments as if they were their own. They uplift you and never resort to envy or resentment.

5) They give you constructive criticism

Love isn’t always about agreeing or saying nice things. Sometimes, it’s about offering feedback that could help you grow. 

If you’re surrounded by people who can give you constructive criticism, that’s love. It means they care enough about you to want you to be the best version of yourself.

6) They remember small details

15 signs youre surrounded by love even if you dont realize it 02 15 signs you’re surrounded by love, even if you don’t realize it

If people around you remember small things about you, that’s a sign of love. 

Whether it’s your favorite ice cream flavor, the name of your first pet, or an anecdote you shared once, their attention to these details shows they value your shared experiences and conversations.

7) They make sacrifices for you

Love often involves compromise and sacrifice

If the people in your life are willing to make sacrifices for your well-being and happiness, that’s a tangible demonstration of love.

8) They respect your boundaries

Love also means respect. If those around you understand and respect your boundaries—be they emotional, mental, or physical—that’s a sign of their love and regard for your individuality.

9) You trust them

Trust is a cornerstone of love. 

If you’re surrounded by people you can trust—people who’ve shown themselves to be reliable and trustworthy—chances are, you’re surrounded by love.

10) They offer consistent support

If you find that your circle is there to cheer you on when you’re on top of the world and extend a hand when you’re down, that’s a sign of love. 

This doesn’t mean they’ll always agree with you, but they’ll back your decisions and help you navigate the consequences because they respect your autonomy and they care about your wellbeing.

11) They forgive you

People who love you will offer forgiveness when you’ve made mistakes. 

They understand that everyone is human, everyone slips up, and they choose to focus on your growth and the progress you’ve made rather than holding grudges.

12) They protect you

15 signs youre surrounded by love even if you dont realize it 03 15 signs you’re surrounded by love, even if you don’t realize it

If people around you are concerned about your safety and happiness, they’ll often show a sense of protectiveness. 

It isn’t about being controlling or overbearing, but rather about their desire to shield you from harm or discomfort because they value your wellbeing.

13) They share their time

Time is one of the most precious things anyone can give, because it’s something we can never get back. 

If the people in your life are willing to share their time with you, to be with you and make memories with you, that’s a profound expression of love.

14) They give unconditional acceptance

Are there people in your life who accept you just as you are, without trying to change or “fix” you? That’s love. 

The people who see your flaws and quirks will choose to love you all the same, not despite them, but including them. They recognize that these aspects of you are part of what makes you, you.

These are just some of the signs that love surrounds you, even if it doesn’t feel like it. 

If you can identify with any of these, then rest assured, you are loved. But what if you don’t realize this love? How do you start to appreciate and recognize it?

What to do if you don’t realize you’re surrounded by love

Sometimes, life can get overwhelming, and we might feel unloved despite being surrounded by people who care for us deeply. 

I’ve been working on this in therapy myself. Sometimes no matter how much love is shown to me, I have a hard time accepting it or seeing it.

This disconnection could stem from many things, like:

  • A history of bad relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • A period of high stress or emotional turmoil

The first step towards acknowledging this love is awareness—knowing what love looks like and recognizing its presence in the actions of those around you. 

Use the above signs as a guideline and think about the individuals in your life. Reflect on their behavior and actions. 

You might find that they’ve been showing you love all along.

Second, practice gratitude. By appreciating the gestures of love in your life, you not only become more aware of them but also cultivate a positive mindset that’s more receptive to love.

Lastly, communicate. If you’re feeling unloved or unsure, open up to someone you trust about your feelings. You may find that they’ve been showing you love in ways you didn’t realize or understand.

Remember, everyone expresses love differently. Some people might show their love by cooking for you, while others might do so by giving you space when you need it. 

The key is to understand the love languages of those around you and see their actions for what they truly are—expressions of love. 

After all, you deserve to recognize and bask in all the love that surrounds you. It’s there, I promise, and it’s beautiful.

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Ysolt Usigan Schmidt

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