7 signs you’re scaring people off because of your unique personality

Unique personalities add depth, creativity, and a fresh perspective to this world. I think everyone else is just NPCs.

Without thinkers and dreamers, everything would be dull.

Your unique personality excites and challenges the norm. But it can also instill fear. 

If people seem to avoid interacting with you, the latter is probably their reaction. 

The right group will appreciate your unique self and celebrate your differences. 

I’m sure you already know that you’re not like everyone else in your life. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

You want confirmation that you’re scaring people off with your unique personality.

So, from one weirdo to another, if you notice these signs, you definitely are:

1) People seem embarrassed to be around you. 

If you’re doing things that are drastically different from societal norms or expectations, people could feel a little embarrassed to be seen with you. 

This doesn’t mean what you’re doing is actually embarrassing. 

It might just be unsettling or intimidating to others.

People can sometimes get spooked or put off by unconventional behaviors. 

You know how it is…

Some people prefer sticking to the usual routine and find anything out of the ordinary unnerving. 

But hey, you shouldn’t change yourself. Unconventional can also be a superpower! It sets you apart from the crowd.

You should embrace your uniqueness. 


  • Remember to be mindful of how you present yourself to different audiences. Sometimes, people need a little time to adjust. 
  • Get to know people on a superficial level. Once someone feels comfortable sharing everyday things about themselves, they’ll be more open to going into what makes you (and them) unique. 

2) People are unpredictable around you. 

Do you know someone who seems like a party animal the one moment but then turns into an introvert the next? 

Or someone who likes apples when you ask but dislikes them when the next person does?

It’s probably because they feel unsafe or stressed around you. Your personality could be so unique that they fear it. 

Not in a bad way, though. It’s more like envy. 

When someone’s personality is different, people feel uncomfortable or threatened. And this typically manifests as unpredictable behavior. 

The random things they do or say and their mismatched stories can be weird, I know. 

But sometimes, it’s just a defensive reaction. 

Since your personality is so unique and they just don’t get it, they might not know how to be around you. 

So, then they act or respond in ways they think will protect themselves.

There’s also a pretty good chance that they’re just adapting to your behavior. 

If your personality is a little inconsistent or difficult to predict, other people may adjust their own behavior to keep the interaction more balanced. 


  • Try to keep people accountable. If they told you something but changed their story around someone else, ask them about it – later and in private.
  • Show people what you genuinely like about them. This way, they’ll know what to stick to around you instead of flipping through everything they have to give at once. 

3) People avoid you.

way to tell someone is lying 7 signs you're scaring people off because of your unique personality

If you’re really scaring people off, this sign will be the most noticeable. Why? Well, because people won’t really make a secret of it. 

Do you notice people leaving group conversations when you show up?

Do your messages go unanswered? Or are responses consistently delayed?

Do people often decline your invitations? Or “forget” to invite you along?

These are all classic examples of avoidant behavior. And it could be a sign that your presence makes them uncomfortable. 

It sucks. I get that. 

But remember that everyone has their reasons. We can’t all like red roses – some of us prefer sunflowers. And that’s okay.


  • If you’ve sent a bunch of messages or invitations and someone seems uninterested, give it a rest. Sometimes we need to accept that people don’t want to hang out with us
  • Stay your true self and try to meet people with shared interests. You’re more likely to connect with someone who truly likes the things you do. 

4) People avoid making eye contact with you.

You know when people avoid meeting your eye? Or when you ask someone something and they look at someone else while answering you?

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. 

People tend to avoid eye contact when they feel uneasy or intimidated. Your personality probably invokes one of these emotions. 

If you’re socially awkward, people could feel uncomfortable around you. Do you ever…

  • Experience long silences after saying or asking something?
  • Struggle to understand nonverbal cues, body language, or social norms?
  • Have trouble building connections with new people?
  • Constantly worry about being judged or rejected?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re definitely a little socially awkward. And your behavior (even the subconscious) could make someone feel off when interacting with you. 

Want to know what’s weirdly funny?

If your personality intimidates people, they’re likely to be the ones struggling with these things when around you!


  • You can overcome social awkwardness by practicing social interactions, learning to be a good listener, adding a little humor, finding common interests, and not being afraid to embrace your uniqueness. 
  • If you intimidate people, try to find out why. Use this info to find something you relate to and share it with them to make them feel more comfortable.  

5) People act negatively to anything you say or do.

We all have our comfort zones, right? And if you’re really set in them, you know how hard it can be to break free…

If your personality is unique or even just a little unconventional, people will have a hard time understanding and relating to it. 

When you have habits or behaviors they’re not used to, it could lead to negative reactions

Now, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or what you’re doing. The crowd just isn’t right. 

Here are some reasons why people prefer what they know:

  • They simply fear the unknown. Easy as that! People are wary of what they don’t understand. 
  • Some people could feel insecure or threatened by you. Your unique personality might be challenging their own identity and beliefs. 
  • Judgment and stereotyping exist! If you deviate from the norm, people could make negative assumptions. 
  • You might express yourself in unconventional ways. This can lead to misunderstandings and frustration. 
  • Some people lack open-mindedness and empathy.
  • Social norms and peer pressure could play a role in someone’s reactions. 

Having a unique personality is a good thing and can even be attractive. Don’t let people’s reactions change you!


  • Watch how you share your perspectives. Try to educate and clarify instead of getting defensive. 
  • Be patient with people who are stuck in their comfort zones. Seek out like-minded people. 

6) People ice you out. 

10 ways to deal with rejection without losing your integrity 1 7 signs you're scaring people off because of your unique personality

Does it ever feel like people cut you off? Give short responses? Or just completely ignore you?

Your personality might be to blame. 

Not in a bad way, though. There’s nothing wrong with being different. 

But people could exclude you if they think you don’t fit their made-up standards. 

When you’re alone with someone, it might feel awkward. Cue the long silences, weird facial expressions, and excuses to leave…

In group settings, it’ll look a little different. Most people don’t want to be openly mean. 

But you might get interrupted, talked over, or receive dismissive responses. 

The thing is, people fear non-conformity. And when your personality disrupts a group’s dynamics, you could simply be excluded to maintain group harmony. 

It’s not really fair to be mad about this. Everyone has preferences. 

Although it sucks. I can agree with that.

People hold preconceived stereotypes. And they often lack empathy too. 

They may be less inclined to try to include someone they perceive as weird

And usually, this stems from insecurity. So it really isn’t about you.

People with good self-esteem won’t be bothered by the challenges uniqueness brings. 

Narrow-minded is also a word that comes to mind. 


  • Find accepting communities and surround yourself with people who are like you. 
  • If appropriate and when you feel comfortable, educate others about your unique traits and perspectives. Sometimes they just need the truth. 

7) People laugh at your ambitions. 

If you have a unique personality, your ambitions probably also swim upstream. And often, people will have a lot to say about this. 

I’ve been writing for years, and people still ask me when I’ll get a real job…

It’s frustrating. But I’ve learned to shake it off. 

People fear the unfamiliar. It can trigger discomfort because they don’t understand it. 

Unconventional ambitions also challenge the status quo. People who want to maintain the current order of things will be against anything that threatens it. 

If someone feels pressured to conform to traditional expectations, they could also be negative when you’re chasing a dream that’s different

To top it all, insecurity and jealousy creep in. So, don’t take it personally if someone criticizes or belittles your goals. 

Your unique personality challenges the worldview or someone’s comfort zone. That’s why it’s scaring them off. 

Not because it’s actually scary or weird at all. 


  • Keep believing in yourself and trust in your ambitions. The world we live in was once someone else’s dream. Remember that. 
  • Use negativity and setbacks as opportunities to grow and learn. Something negative someone says might inspire your breakthrough!

Did you relate to any of these signs?

First off, I’m sorry. 

Unique personalities are pretty cool. And not a bad thing at all. 

It means you’re being yourself and not trying to fit into some cookie-cutter mold. 

Sure, some people might feel a bit puzzled, but that’s okay. 

You’ll find your tribe. 

Just embrace your true self and actively seek out like-minded people. 

If someone is willing to listen to your perspectives, educate them. If not, move on. They’re not worth your time. 

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