16 clear-cut signs you’re pretty

Now, don’t feel shallow that you’re reading this.

We’ve all been there and asked ourselves, “How attractive am I?”

It’s something we all get curious about because, let’s face it, looks do matter!

Allow me to indulge you. Here are the top, undeniable signs you are pretty and what you should do knowing this fact. Let’s jump right in.

1) You get a lot of favors wherever you go

Do you feel like people go out of their way to help you? It can be a clear sign that you are attractive.

It can be as simple as someone offering you a seat on the train.

Or a co-worker carrying your things for you.

Or someone offering to take care of your dog while you’re on holiday.

Of course, for the big favors, a pretty face won’t be enough, it’s likely because of your warm personality too.

A good personality can make a pretty girl 100 times prettier, and negative personality traits can really make someone less attractive.

But again, without thinking too hard, the effortless answer is that people approach you and are warmer to you if you’re pretty.

2) People stare at you and then quickly look away

Do you find that people gaze at you? It can be a sign that you are attractive and they enjoy looking at you.

If you’re not sure why you are getting the extra attention, you might feel self-conscious about it.

But hey, it doesn’t matter. If they notice you and actually look at you, that means you’re not an eyesore at all.

If you’re exceptionally pretty, someone will probably look away when you catch them staring at you because they’re intimidated by you.

They don’t want you to assume they’re crushing on you.

3) You get offered stuff wherever you go

If you are pleasing to the eye, you tend to get offered free things wherever you go.

When you go to a bar, you get free drinks.

When you buy something, the cashier offers you something they only give to a few customers.

At the makeup store, you get free samples.

The point is people will spoil you because you’re cute. It’s just the way it is sometimes.

But take note that it might not be just because you have a pretty face. Maybe you also have a nice aura or a catchy style or a charming manner about you. Needless to say, you are attractive.

4) Guys rush to help you

If a man comes to assist you, he’s likely doing it because he finds you attractive.

Chivalry is not dead.

You see, every man has what we call a hero instinct. Men want to save everyone, especially the girls they find attractive.

I know, I know. It can be annoying but I guess that’s just how they are hardwired.

They want to rescue princesses and do their best to take care of you and protect you.

It’s not that they’re being superficial, it’s just that men—humans—are unconsciously drawn to beautiful things.

Men can’t see your heart or brain. They can’t tell if you’re a genius at first glance. So yes, it could be all about the looks. At least at first.

5) Girls get jealous and leave you out

When you’re a pretty girl, you become an instant to other women.

You might notice that your male friends who are now coupled up will slowly fade in your life.

It’s insane. But that’s only because their girlfriends see you as a threat for just being awesome and pretty and they don’t want you around their men.

They might be intimated by your looks and not want to spend as much time with you as a result.

Don’t worry, some friends will come along who won’t feel so jealous and threatened. Just give it time.

6) Strangers start conversations with you

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Whether you’re in the elevator or buying groceries, people chat with you. It’s because you are charming and alluring.

When someone wants to ask for directions, they are drawn to you like a magnet.

But really, it’s because they have a legit reason to talk to a pretty girl.

Yes, it can be flattering but you also have to be careful. People will want to know details about you that you might not want to share.

You have to know how to set your boundaries.

7) Your girlfriends roll their eyes when you feel ugly

When you complain about your pimples or your belly fat…that you look like garbage, your friends find you annoying, because they are aware of how beautiful you are.

It’s not because you complain a lot or that you’re superficial, they get annoyed that they have to comfort someone who’s already pretty.

Imagine some supermodel whining about how horrible she looks.

You’d roll your eyes too, wouldn’t you?

8) Men get slightly uncomfortable when you’re around

If you find that men seem nervous around you, it’s likely because you are pretty.

When you walk into a room, they twitch, fumble, stutter, and might even stop breathing for a few seconds.

Since you’re reading this list, you’re probably not aware of how beautiful you are so you sometimes wonder if men don’t like you, that’s why they freeze.

No sis, it’s the opposite.

If a man has zero interest in a woman, he’d treat you like you’re just one of the boys.

9) People assume you’re in a relationship

If people ask you how you can be single, it’s usually because you are beautiful.

When you tell them you’re single, they will seem in disbelief.

This is, of course, very annoying because:

a) Being single doesn’t mean a girl is not pretty

b) This means some men actually like you but don’t consider asking you out because they assume you are already taken.

10) People interact with you differently than the rest

It might not be too obvious but when you are attractive, people will treat you in an elated way. Like you are everyone’s favorite person.

When you’re in a bar, drinking with your girlfriends, guys seem to talk to you.

Or when you’re in a group, it seems like you’re given special treatment.

Sure, they could do this because they think you’re kind and responsible. But if it’s the first encounter, it’s your looks.

People are superficial creatures. It’s like if you have five cats. They’re all cute but you’d have a favorite.

So if you’re having doubts if you’re pretty, you have no right! In that case, you have to learn to be more secure with yourself.

11) You get praises from your girl and gay friends

Your friends say you’re pretty.

They want to do your makeup and dress you up. They really think you have the potential to be the next Kate Moss.

After they go shopping, they’d say “I saw a dress that would surely look good on you!”

When you show them a photo of someone you matched on Tinder, they’d say “Guuuurl, you’re too pretty for that average boi!”

If your friends give you compliments, believe them.

It’s not like they’re just trying to be nice, they say those things because they know you won’t think they’re creeps. Take their compliments as truths.

12) If you’re to be really honest, you’re not so bad-looking

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When you are attractive, you know it, even if you don’t want to admit it.

You might not always feel attractive. That’s the difference.

There are just some days or weeks or months when we feel like we’re ugly. But it’s a passing thing.

Maybe you just hate your haircut or your skin or maybe it’s not even something physical.

It could be that you got rejected or you just got out of a toxic relationship that was chipping away at your self-esteem.

But when you really zoom out a little bit, it really wasn’t that you’re unpretty, it was just that you felt unpretty. It’s alright to feel that way sometimes, just don’t believe it.

13) You have no problem getting dates

If you show your interest in a man, he will ask you out. But if you say nothing, you find a man who won’t make a move.

The reason for this is that a pretty girl can be intimidating, especially if they’re also smart, successful, and with a good personality.

But if they make the first move or give signs that they’re interested in someone, that’s the time they have the confidence to actually pursue her.

If you think you’re actually kinda pretty but you’re not getting dates, don’t hesitate to make the first move. They’d thank you for it and consider themself very lucky.

14) Some people think you’re at the top because of your looks

You feel that your colleagues secretly think that you got your job not because you’re good, but because you have the looks.

This can be annoying especially if you’re working at a company with toxic work culture.

You can’t even explain yourself or confront them because they won’t tell you about it outright. You can only prove your worth daily, which is quite exhausting.

Some colleagues may not take you seriously just because you’re a pretty face. In that case, deal with them in a healthy way before they start to affect your performance and mental health.

15) You had at least one guy who fell hard for you

If you are attractive, you’ve probably had one man fall head over heels in love with you already.

Someone wrote you a poem, one sketched you and another one made a movie about you.

You might not get a lot of attention but those who’re into you are head over heels in love with you.

When there were men who kissed the ground you walked on, you can be sure you’re pretty even if you feel so down and ugly.

16) People find excuses to get your number

If someone finds a reason to get your number into their phone, it’s likely because you are attractive.

You know those people who don’t really need your number but they’ll get it anyway just in case? Yeah, you’re too familiar with their tactics.

Then they’ll add you on social media and send you messages.

You’re too sick of it that you just fake a number to get it over with.

Live your glorious life

Go on. Admit it. You’re indeed physically attractive.

That’s nothing to shy away from and dismiss.

It’s time to be your own cheerleader. Knowing that you have attractive powers at this moment is nothing to feel bad about.

In fact, your beauty might not last forever, so why not use it to help you and the people around you?

If people are more responsive and drawn to you, you can use your appealing physique for a higher purpose in life.

Think of a strong woman in your life or maybe a badass celebrity or advocate who admires and imagines the type of life you’d like to lead.

You can inspire people to take care of themselves, challenge themselves and reach for their goals while you go for yours.

When we leave this world, what’s most important are the moments we had actually lived.

When you worry about how you look and if other people find you pretty, you lose a lot of time and energy.

When it comes to your personal journey, do you know what’s holding you back?

Lack of confidence? Being too shy? Or negative self-talk?

Which toxic habits have you unknowingly picked up? 

When you hesitate to go after the life you dream of, the result is that you end up achieving the opposite of what you’re searching for. You do more to harm yourself than to heal. 

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us fall into the toxic trap of personal development.

He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey. 

As he mentions in the video, life should be about connecting to and empowering yourself.

Not suppressing emotions, talking yourself out of opportunity, holding yourself back, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core.

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

Even if you’re well into your personal development journey, it’s never too late to unlearn the myths you’ve bought for truth.

It’s never too late to build your sense of confidence and power from within.

And now that you know you’re attractive, go live the grand life that you’ve been dreaming of with more personal power on your side.

What a combination!

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