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18 clear-cut signs you’re pretty

You’ve always been confident since you’re a kid but something happened to you—or hasn’t happened yet (like finding your soulmate)—that makes you doubt if you’re actually what society considers pretty.

Now, don’t feel shallow that you’re reading this! It’s something we all get curious about because, let’s face it, looks do matter! At least here on planet Earth.

Allow us to indulge you, then.

Here are 18 undeniable signs you’re actually pretty and what you should do after knowing this fact.

[Note: You don’t have to relate to every item. Even just a few items in this list is enough proof you’re pretty!]

1) You get a lot of favors wherever you go

Life is much easier for attractive people.

It can be as simple as someone offering you a seat on the train or a co-worker carrying your things for you, or as huge as someone offering to take care of your dog while you’re on holiday.

Of course, for the big favors, it’s likely because of your warm personality too! A pretty face won’t be enough. Besides, a good personality can make a pretty girl 100 times prettier, and negative personality traits can really make someone less pretty.

But again, without thinking too hard, the effortless answer is that people approach you and are warmer to you if you’re pretty.

2) People stare at you and then quickly look away

You’re not sure if you’re looking at them, that’s why they’re looking at you. You sometimes get self-conscious about it.

But hey, it doesn’t matter. If they notice you and actually look at you, that means you’re not an eyesore at all.

Sadly, if someone is really unattractive, no matter if they stare so long at someone, they won’t bother looking back at you. They probably won’t even notice.

And if you’re exceptionally pretty, they’ll probably look away when you catch them staring at you because they’re intimidated by you. They don’t want you to assume they’re crushing on you…which is a possibility, because you’re pretty.

Unless maybe if you’re in the bar because dudes are courageous when they’re a little drunk.

3) You get offered stuff wherever you go

When you go to a bar, you get free drinks.

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When you buy something, the cashier offers you something they only give to a few customers.

Well, the second one can just be a marketing gimmick but the point is, people want to spoil you because you’re cute. It’s just the way it is sometimes.

But take note that it might not be just because you have a pretty face. Maybe you also have a nice aura or a catchy style. Or grace, let’s not forget grace.

4) Guys rush to help you

Chivalry is not dead, well at least for men.

You see, every man has what we call a hero instinct. Men want to save everyone, but especially the girls they find attractive.

I know, I know. It can be annoying but I guess that’s just how they are hardwired. They want to rescue princesses. It’s not that they’re being superficial, it’s just that men—humans—are unconsciously drawn to beautiful things.

Men can’t see your heart or brain. They can’t tell if you’re a genius at first glance. So yes, it could be all about the looks. At least at first.

5) Girls get protective of their SO when you’re around

When you’re a pretty girl, you become an instant threat even if you don’t flirt with anyone’s boyfriend.

You might notice that your male friends who are now coupled up will slowly fade in your life. It’s insane. But that’s only because their girlfriends see you as a threat for just being awesome and pretty.

6) People actually start conversations

Whether you’re in the elevator or buying groceries, people chat with you.

When someone wants to ask for directions, they are drawn to you like a magnet. But really, it’s because they have a legit reason to talk to a pretty girl.

Yes, it can be flattering but you also have to be careful. You have to know how to set your boundaries.

7) Your girlfriends roll their eyes when you feel ugly

When you complain about your pimples or your belly fat…that you look like garbage, your friends find you annoying.

It’s not because you complain a lot or that you’re superficial, they get annoyed that they have to comfort someone who’s already pretty!

Imagine some supermodel like Kendall Jenner whining about how horrible she looks. You’d roll your eyes too, wouldn’t you?

8) Men get slightly uncomfortable when you’re around

When you walk in a room, they’d twitch, fumble, stutter…stop breathing for a few seconds, especially those who you suspect has a crush on you.

Since you’re reading this list, you’re probably not aware of how beautiful you are so you sometimes wonder if men don’t like you, that’s why they freeze.

No sis, it’s the opposite.

If a man has zero interest in a woman, he’d treat you like you’re just one of the boys.

9) People assume you’re in a relationship

When you tell them you’re single, they’d go “WHY?! Are you serious?! But you’re so pretty!”

Which is, of course, very annoying because a.) Being single doesn’t mean a girl is not pretty, and b.) This means some guys actually like you but don’t consider asking you out because you look like you’re in a relationship.

10) People interact with you differently than the rest

It might not be too obvious but it just seems like you’re everyone’s favorite.

When you’re in a bar, drinking with your girlfriends, guys seem to talk to you.  Or when you’re in a group, it seems like you’re given special treatment.

Sure, they could do this because they think you’re kind and responsible. But if it’s the first encounter, it’s your looks.

People are superficial creatures. It’s like if you have five cats. They’re all cute but you’d have a favorite.

So if you’re having doubts if you’re pretty, you have no right! In that case, you have to learn to be more secure with yourself.

11) You get praises from your girl and gay friends

Your friends say you’re pretty.

They want to do your makeup and dress you up. They really think you have the potential to be the next Kate Moss.

After they go shopping, they’d say “I saw a dress that would surely look good on you!”

When you show them a photo of someone you matched on Tinder, they’d say “Guuuurl, you’re too pretty for that average boi!”

If your friends give you compliments, believe them.

It’s not like they’re just trying to be nice, they say those things because they know you won’t think they’re creeps. Take their compliments as truths.

12) If you’re to be really honest, you’re not so bad-looking

There are just some days or weeks or months when we feel like we’re ugly. But it’s a passing thing.

Maybe you just hate your haircut or your skin or maybe it’s not even something physical.

It could be that you got rejected or you just got out of a toxic relationship that was chipping away at your self-esteem.

But when you really zoom out a little bit, it really wasn’t that you’re unpretty, it was just that you felt unpretty. It’s alright to feel that way sometimes, just don’t believe it.

13) You have no problem getting dates (when you make the first move)

Pretty girls can be intimidating, especially if they’re also smart, successful, and with a good personality to boot!

But if they make the first move or give signs that they’re interested in someone, that’s the time they have the confidence to actually pursue her.

If you think you’re actually kinda pretty but you’re not getting dates, don’t hesitate to make the first move. They’d thank you for it and consider themself very lucky.

14) Some people think you’re at the top because of your looks

You feel that your colleagues secretly think that you got your job not because you’re good, but because you have the looks.

This can be annoying especially if you’re working at a company with toxic work culture.

You can’t even explain yourself or confront them because they won’t tell you about it outright. You can only prove your worth daily, which is quite exhausting.

Some colleagues may not take you seriously just because you’re a pretty face. In that case, deal with them in a healthy way before they start to affect your performance and mental health.

15) You had at least one guy who fell hard for you

Someone wrote you a poem, one sketched you and another one made a movie about you!

You might not get a lot of attention but those who’re into you are head over heels in love with you.

When there were men who kissed the ground you walked on, you can be sure you’re pretty even if you feel so down and ugly.

16) People find excuses to get your number

You know those people who don’t really need your number but they’ll get it anyway just in case? Yeah, you’re too familiar with their tactics.

Then they’ll add you on social media and send you messages.

You’re too sick of it that you just fake a number to get it over with.

17) People find it unbelievable that you don’t think you’re pretty

When someone gives you a compliment, you’re almost 100% sure they’re just being nice. Or sometimes, you suspect they’re being sarcastic.

A compliment becomes an attack for you because you think you’re not good enough.

But of course, some of them aren’t, and they wonder if you’re blind or just annoyingly humble.

You cringe when someone says you really have a pretty face. It feels more like an attack to you than an honest compliment. It’s as if they’re being sarcastic.

18) You’re still reading this article

Look, if you’re still reading, you probably can relate to most of the things mentioned here. Let’s not fool ourselves anymore. You know you’re pretty!

I remember my mama said to my sister that if you worry that you’re not pretty enough, that means you actually feel you’re pretty. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even sulk or try to improve yourself.

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably prettier than you think (and deep inside you know it).

Things you should do now that you know you’re indeed a pretty girl

So now you know you’re pretty, here are the things you should do.

1) Accept the fact that you’re pretty (and if you think you’re not, tell yourself that you are!)

Go on. Say it to yourself that you’re indeed attractive and that when thoughts of being totally ugly and worthless enter your head, you should not trust them.

They’re just thoughts. They’re not the truth because the truth is clear: You’re pretty!

I know we need validation sometimes but if you know you’re pretty, you don’t need other people to tell you this.

You gotta be a little bit of Descartes on this one. Think pretty, and you are! Now, this isn’t just pep talk, you really are. Once you believe you’re pretty, no one can take that away from you.

2) Aim for hotness instead

“Pretty” fades, hot is forever.

It’s better to strive to be hot or beautiful. Both require more than just a pretty face.

It requires talent, smarts, high EQ, great personality, and most of all…a badass attitude.

If you want to be hot (and everyone should strive for hot), then you have to care about other things. At the same time, you have to care less about what others think about you!

Be good at your hobbies, get fit, have good relationships, set goals, and read a lot. Do 1000 other things to fill your life with joy because pretty has an expiry date.

3) Be okay with “pretty enough”

Maybe you know you’re pretty but you want to know that you’re pretty all the time or that you’re one of the prettiest…a 10/10.

Stop right there. Don’t be like the evil queen who always asks “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Be okay with good enough. Be okay with pretty enough.

You’re not hideous. And even people who’re not so attractive get prettier if they have a wonderful personality. Not to say that you don’t have it, it’s just that…you are already good enough.

I hear you. You’re not vain. It’s just that the world we’re living in today is crazy!

People are getting body dysmorphic disorder due to the extremely high beauty standards set by influencers. Browsing social media, especially Tiktok, really has a bad effect on all of us, especially women.

4) Be a cheerleader, not a harsh critic

Be your own cheerleader or think of a person or character that could be this inner voice.

Think of a strong woman in your life or maybe a badass celebrity you admire and imagine them protecting you in times of crisis.

Shield yourself from negativity, especially from your own thoughts.

If you feel a little ugly because you have trauma from bullying that happened 20 years ago, let your cheerleader defend you and remind you that those classmates were just kids.

If a voice in your head tells you that “Ughh… your face is not symmetrical or your nose is crooked or your teeth are ugly,” let your inner cheerleader shut them up.

You can never eliminate negative self-talk but the goal is to let the cheerleader have a bigger voice than your negative thoughts about yourself.

5) Learn to love each part of your body

It’s tempting to just hate on our body parts because they’re not as good-looking as we want them to be. But their function isn’t just to make us look aesthetically pleasing. Each of them has a function!

Thank your dry hair for existing and protecting your head from the harsh rays of the sun.

Thank your nose for doing its work even if some pores are visible.

Thank your flabby tummy for keeping all of your organs in place.

When we leave this world, what’s more important are the moments we have actually living. When you worry about how you look and if other people find you pretty, you lose a lot!

That time could have been spent cuddling with your cat or chatting up with your funny neighbor or dancing, or singing, or bungee jumping.

Now that you know you’re pretty or just pretty enough, go live the grand life that you’ve been dreaming of.

Written by Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Ideapod to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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