10 signs you’re on your way to becoming a high value person, according to psychology

Before we begin, let’s explore what we mean by a high-value person in the first place. It’s actually pretty subjective if you ask me. But the meat of the matter is that high value people know their own worth.

A high value person is self-confident enough to pursue their goals, desires, and needs and doesn’t require outside validation to feel good about themselves.

According to PsychCentral, a high value human understands that the only approval you need to seek is your own.

Please remember that acknowledging certain people as “high-value” doesn’t imply they’re inherently better than everyone else.

It’s just acknowledging that when people decide to put the work in to improve themselves, odds are there will be tangible benefits as a result.

1) You’re authentic

Since you understand your own value, according to experts you don’t feel compelled to seek validation from other people.

Makes perfect sense, actually. It’s better to get out there and chase your dreams instead of caring about how others perceive you.

High value folks trust their intuition and allow it to guide them.

You also possess more than your fair share of self-awareness, allowing you to recognize your strong areas and weak points without anyone helpfully pointing them out for you.

Don’t forget, the only one you need ever impress is yourself. You, and you alone.

So don’t ever water down your quirks and whatever else makes you, you.

2) You have integrity

People with integrity are greatly admired for their authenticity.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA)  integrity can be defined as “the quality of moral consistency, honesty, and truthfulness with oneself and others.”

Easy to see why people flock to them. Folks with integrity walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Virtue signaling isn’t their thing.

These high value people say what they mean and they mean what they say. In a world of head games and passive-aggressive behavior, realness like that is worth its weight in gold.

So, do you follow through on your promises to others? Do you stick to your values even if it proves to be uncomfortable?

If yes, you’re probably on your way to being a high value person.

3) You’re an incredible conversationalist

A high value human has seen some stuff and loves to share their experiences with others. You are masters of the great anecdote and outstanding storytellers.

You’re not braggy or a know-it-all, but you’re confident of what you know and enjoy sharing what you’ve seen and learned along the way (so far).

4) You’re a straight shooter

One thing’s for certain, you never need to worry where you stand with a high value person. They consider anything less than total honesty a waste of time.

There’s no passive-aggressive guessing games. If a high value person is interested in you, odds are they’ll make that fact crystal clear.

You know exactly what you want and you go for it. You’re secure in what you bring to the table  and what you have to offer.

5) You prioritize yourself

Prioritizing yourself doesn’t mean you’re self-centered and always putting your own needs first.

You’re just discerning and quick to recognize what is worth your time and what isn’t. Return their energy. Don’t make someone your main character if you’re a bit player for them, at best.

A high-value human being has long-standing goals. You work diligently with your eyes on the prize and don’t allow anything to distract you from the finish line.

6) You’re resilient

Resilient woman 10 signs you're on your way to becoming a high value person, according to psychology

Your ability to bounce back after you’ve taken a major hit from life sets a high value human apart from others who may have a harder time dealing with change.

Life is moments of joy interspersed with longer bouts of suffering. That’s an indisputable fact. And if you lack resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity, your mental health could suffer.

Yeah, it’s probably easier to succumb to bitterness and pessimism. But it takes real courage and inner strength to turn hardships into a chance for personal growth.

That’s because resilience is more than the ability to tough out bad times; for high value people, it’s about learning from your challenges as well.

7) You’re an expert boundary setter

As a high-value person, you’re adept at setting boundaries and clearly communicating them to others. If someone rubs you the wrong way, you have no problem letting someone know why.

But not by being a jerk, of course. You’re a diplomat by nature, but you won’t put up with any nonsense, either.

Your time is a precious commodity and you prefer to spend it with those who bring you peace, not those who disturb it.

You only allow the people and things into your sphere that add value and substance to your life.

8) You’re emotional stable

If you’re unflappable in a crisis and exceptionally even-tempered, you’re a high-value person or at the very least well on your way.

How you navigate difficult situations is also a tell-tale sign of a high-value person. You ooze poise and level-headedness. And people usually look to calm yet decisive people as leaders.

If you can maintain control over your emotions despite the maelstrom swirling around you, people will instinctively trust you.

According to psychology, there are many ways to work on your emotional stability, including practicing self-care and creating structure in your life. You can accomplish this by using to-do lists, creating schedules, and journaling about your day.

This helps you keep track of your activities and emotions.

9) You’re uncommonly independent

Do you hoard your alone time like a miser? Do you revel in your own company?

High-value people tend to find solace in solitude. You use this time for self-reflection and to recharge your social batteries.

People who enjoy being alone also enjoy perks such as increased creativity, improved concentration, and uncommon empathy.

When you treasure quality time alone with yourself, you aren’t dependent on other people for your personal happiness. And that’s as high-value as it gets.

10) You have a growth mindset

A high-value person isn’t arrogant or cocky. You understand your strengths and weaknesses and always strive to do and be better. 

Self-education and learning from your mistakes means you’re leaving yourself open for whatever possibilities come your way.

Other people appreciate and gravitate towards those with a can-do attitude.

High-value people are inspirational and empowering to be around and they never pass up an opportunity for personal growth.

Final thoughts

While high-value people are always working towards their goals, you also understand how important it is to cultivate empathy and practice kindness.

These folks actively listen, are quick to offer their support, and help others without the expectation of getting anything in return.

If you’re not sure whether you’re a high-value person yet, never fear. With a little knowledge and effort, you can join their ranks in no time.

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