If you notice these 12 signs, you might be more spiritual than you think

If you’re seeing this, it means spirituality has become profitable.

Which means it’s everywhere.

Which is good because more people are exploring themselves on a deeper level.

But also maybe a little bad because it means spirituality can now be used to measure the value of a person by turning it into an exclusive club.

The truth is that you could be spiritual and not even know it! Because it’s a mindset that encourages radical acceptance and personal truth. 

If you notice these 12 signs, you might be more spiritual than you think.

1) You like to question the way things are

A huge part of spirituality is about finding your own answers. Which means you’ll have to go looking for them!

This is about questioning the state of the world and asking yourself how we got here, why we’re still here, and what can we do to make it better?

Or why are you the way you are?

Finding these answers can lead you to perspective shifts. Ones that help you find your place in the world, as well as have a deeper understanding of it.

It helps you belong without losing yourself.

2) You desire inner balance

Keyword being “inner.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel like sometimes the word “balance” can have a reputation of being synonymous with neutral.

Which leaves no room for variation.

Especially if you have judged yourself all your life. It might feel like finding balance is all about not being seen by other people.

But spirituality isn’t about hiding the bad or feeling positive all the time. It’s about being honest about both and everything in between.

Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to figure out what’s best for you.

3) You are mindful of your emotions and thoughts

Mindfulness can be done through spiritual practice. But it can also be a way of life and dealing with conflict. 

For example, learning how to control your thoughts and emotions because that’s the best way to treat people fairly.

Because the goal should be learning how to respond, not react

By doing this, you’re integrating the belief that you can’t control what life throws at you. You can only control what you do about it.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, you probably have a healthy sense of detachment that helps you make decisions from an authentic place. 

Which in turn helps you seek better opportunities.

4) You have a growth mindset

The kind that makes you believe in yourself to be a little more limitless in time.

As you find more inner balance by validating your perspectives, you’re able to better align yourself with things that are good for you. 

The growth part is important, but what makes this a sign of your hidden spirituality is the transmutation process. 

Also known as the way you’re able to turn something negative into something positive!

So you can break boundaries and achieve things you never thought possible for yourself.

5) You have a strong intuition

It’s not exclusive to psychics or witches.

Intuition is like having an excellent filtration system within you. It’s what lets you know that something is working or not in your life.

Which means it’s subjective because everyone has different needs.

Combine it with knowledge on how to recognize certain human behaviors to add a side of objectivity, and you can be quite a lie detector.

So maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t consider themselves super spiritual, but you’re sensitive! And notice when something makes you feel strange.

Try to reflect on this feeling more!

It might not mean that someone is evil or the love of your life. But it might tell you more about what makes you tick.

6) You think about health in a holistic way

signs youre more spiritual than you think 2 If you notice these 12 signs, you might be more spiritual than you think

You believe that your mental, physical, and emotional well-being are all connected.

So if you’re someone that prioritizes self-care and works to balance all 3, you’re actually taking into consideration your spiritual health as well!

Because being happy and healthy can help you make decisions from a place of self-love and compassion for others. 

It also shows how you’re able to think flexibly with nuance! Which speaks on how you can view beyond the physical.

7) You are open-minded

As I mentioned, being curious requires you to question things. And spirituality can sometimes involve believing in the presence of unworldly presences.

While you don’t have to believe in anything specific, if you’re able to keep an open mind, it means you’re able to think for yourself and with humility.

That you’re able to grasp abstract concepts and understand that no one knows everything.

It also makes a lot of room for you to connect with all different types of people peacefully! And grow as a person by realizing that there is enough room in the world for all of us to coexist.

This ability to adapt and listen allows you to keep radically accepting all that there is.

8) You have a lot of compassion

Compassion is one of those things that only grows with time and will never fail to change your perspective.

I think it’s because it inspires us to connect with people and educate ourselves on how we can make positive changes for everyone.

It also is the best ego killer that doesn’t require any funky substances or life-changing experiences. 

If you are someone that is able to give a lot of compassion to yourself and others, you probably have a healthier ego than someone who might claim to be spiritual but have a superiority complex.

You might not call it this, but if understanding your imperfections and evolving by loving them isn’t spiritual healing, I don’t know what is.

9) You desire to be of service

As you practice more and more compassion, this desire to be of service will grow and grow.

A lot of spiritual practices include altruism. It helps people feel more connected to their communities, and it’s also a way to connect with a higher power.

Which helps them connect with their purpose in life! A sense of purpose can give your life a lot more stability and direction.

It can also be one of the best ways to express gratitude and humility, which are pillars to a lot of spiritual teachings as well.

10) You’re grateful!

Gratitude is powerful.

It’s another way you can transmute negative experiences into something positive. It can change how you think and empower yourself in a heartbeat.

It can be as simple as appreciating the sunshine, or as deep as thanking yourself for staying alive to experience something beautiful.

In manifestation practices, this is a way to increase your abundance by training your mind to notice positive things more often.

This is also where a lot of people begin to pursue spirituality. As it’s an effective way to find peace when dealing with mental illness.

So even if you aren’t manifesting a car, practicing gratitude can make you realize how powerful the human experience is when you’re more intentional.

Which might begin to convince you that there might be something larger than all of us.

11) You feel a sense of oneness

As you dip your toes a little more into spirituality, you’ll learn about something called the “collective consciousness.”

Which is just a fancy term for how we are all human beings experiencing the same planet.

It makes sense that there are trends and patterns in our collective existence, no matter where we are. Especially as you continue to grow your knowledge on everything we talked about.

And especially if you’ve surrounded yourself with people that reflect your desire to understand deeply, you might feel like there’s inspiration all around!

This feeling of oneness can also feel like everything is where it should be because everything had to happen the way it did.

Like everything just belongs. 

This feeling itself is a huge sign that you’re spiritual. But it’s also about the work that helped you get to this point that marks your spirituality.

12) Synchronicities

Seeing the same numbers everywhere? Is a blue butterfly following you? 

Or have you ever thought of someone and 2 minutes later they called you?

It feels like magic, and maybe it is! 

Some people like to believe it’s angels or otherworldly beings talking to them. 

But to understand it in relation to your connection with yourself, just think of it as signs that you’re in tune. That maybe you are more aware than you believe!

Like how some people’s joints get sore before it rains.

At this point, you’ve probably heard of or looked into spirituality yourself. Maybe you had an inkling to look into it

These synchronicities can serve as little nudges for you to get to know yourself deeper. 

And by following them, you can begin to actualize the reality that you’re a lot more spiritual than you think.

Kind of cool how we got here, isn’t it?

From wanting to know more, to knowing before it all happens.

It all starts with noticing.

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