8 signs you’re more intuitive than you realize, according to psychology

Have you ever met someone who just seems to know things? 

They have a heightened sixth sense and are naturally intuitive. You may even be one of them without knowing it.

Today we’ll explore 8 signs that indicate you’re more intuitive than you think! 

1) You make decisions quickly

Do you usually make decisions based on what you sense is the right choice, rather than overthinking it?

At first glance, you already have a sense of what the right decision is. For bigger decisions, you may have to gather information or evidence to paint a more holistic picture of the entire situation. 

But in the end, you’ll realize that what you originally decided on was the right one. 

The answer was with you all along.

2) You have strong gut feelings

And you really trust them.

Trusting your gut has rarely let you down. Doing so has led you to many opportunities, rewarding experiences and even good outcomes.

Your intuition somehow always has your back. It has also led you to close the door on some people and pathways, because these weren’t meant for you. 

Or that it would’ve brought you more harm than good. 

Have you ever stopped to think about why things always seem to fall into place?

Sure, a decision may not play out how you’d like it to initially, but over time, everything just falls into place – as if this path/person was always meant for you. 

3) You’re emotionally sensitive

Do you find that you’re more sensitive to the emotions of others than most? 

They may try to keep their feelings hidden, but you’re able to sense these under the surface. This has helped you navigate social situations a lot better and work through what may have been complicated relationships. 

Moreover, you’re also able to connect with others on a deeper level.

It’s led you to many close friendships and has helped you to grow your social network. 

You may also find that…

4) You’re more empathetic than most

People may find it difficult to relate with someone or understand their emotions. But you’re able to, pretty easily. 

You’re able to feel deeply for someone when they’re undergoing challenges and just know the right thing to say. 

When the other person experiences a high, like a milestone or achievement, you’re also able to celebrate with them. You don’t feel any jealousy, but simply want to be there for that person. 

As a result, you may observe that most people want to confide in you. They want to share what they feel, because you always seem to know what to say.

You’ve probably created a lot of meaningful connections throughout your life as well!

5) You have vivid dreams and insights

Have you ever had a dream about a situation you’re facing that revealed the answer to your predicament? 

Your dreams have also been very vivid, and you’ve been able to remember them even after you’ve woken up. 

Some dreams may have even been premonitions, which had predicted something in your life and thus, helped prepare you for what was to come.

In addition to having vivid dreams, you’re also able to glean insights from them.

This has not only helped guide your journey through life, but others as well.

6) You’re very discerning

Another clear sign that indicates how intuitive you are, is your natural ability to discern things.

You draw meaning from signs around you. This can be in the form of patterns and symbols that you observe in people, situations and the environment.

You’re able to grasp the undercurrents between people within a certain community, such as colleagues in a new workplace.

Words need not be exchanged for you to discern the feelings of the people around you and you’re able to identify the right things to say in any situation, to anyone.

This may have helped you in situations where you simply don’t have all the facts. But by trusting your gut and your inner man, you were able to emerge from these unscathed.

7) You’re able to think creatively 

Being intuitive also shows that you’re able to think outside the box, or go towards the direction that you’re drawn towards. 

Do people tell you that you’re able to generate ideas creatively, seemingly on the spur of the moment? Somehow you’re able to share ideas at the right time.

And it’s usually a really simple solution that no one has thought about before.

Somewhere deep down, you already knew the answer to the problem. 

8) You experience physical changes 

Sometimes, our bodies react before our mind does. When faced with danger, it’s the flight or fight response that kicks in for self preservation. 

This can manifest in goosebumps, elevated heart rate or just tension in your body. You may only realize you were clenching your fist or teeth after the entire ordeal concluded.

I’ve a friend who never understood why she was so physically distant with her boyfriend, especially when he tries to be intimate with her.

Even when he wants to sit near her, she’ll subconsciously move away.

She’d get irritated, anxious, and will refuse to go near him. At that time, she thought that her relationship was going well (even though everyone else thought he was not good for her).

When she finally realized that the relationship was bringing more harm than good, she then understood why her body did what it did. 

She was subconsciously protecting herself – her conscious mind just either didn’t accept it or didn’t realize it.

Concluding thoughts 

Hopefully, this article helped clear up confusion and maybe provided confirmation on whether you or someone you know is more intuitive than others. 

The next step is to trust your gut. Strengthen your intuition and you’ll find that you can draw guidance from within as you navigate life, be it within your family, relationships, career and growth. 

It may even help shape you into becoming the person you were always meant to be! 

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