9 signs you’re in a relationship with someone who genuinely loves you

 You’ve been seeing someone and everything feels perfect, from butterflies when they’re around to smiling and giggling when you’re texting them.

But there’s a creeping thought of doubt, feeling unsure if this is just another crush or genuine love. Sounds familiar?

Let us both go over these 9 signs that prove you’re in a relationship with someone who genuinely loves you.

1) They speak your love language

Picture this: your partner is pouring their heart out, expressing their love in a language you don’t understand or maybe haven’t even heard of before. That’s what it feels like when someone with a different love language tries to show you that they care.

Whether through words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, or thoughtful gifts, they try to become fluent in your love language while making you truly appreciate them.

As a person whose love language is physical touch, while my partner’s is words of affirmation, it always felt like we were trying to communicate, but none of us truly listened. 

As I used to give him all the hugs and kisses in the world, he used to tell me how much I meant to him. This left us both feeling like our partner wasn’t truly loving us until we started speaking each other’s language, and let’s just say things between us got a lot better.

2) They always work on themselves

Just like cuddles and healthy expressions of affection are crucial for a successful relationship, personal growth is also as important.

A partner who genuinely loves you knows this and actively strives to become a better person, not just for themselves but for the betterment of your relationship.

This effort can be seen in dropping an annoying habit that gets on your nerves or learning a new skill to move forward in life. A partner who genuinely loves you would go that extra mile knowing it’d make you happy at the end of the day.

I fondly recall the moments when I mastered several recipes from my partner’s childhood favorites. Each time I presented him with a dish, the expression on his face was truly heartwarming.

3) They respect your vulnerabilities

Trust is the bedrock of any loving relationship. A partner who truly respects your vulnerabilities is a partner who loves you. They create a safe space where you can be authentic, knowing your insecurities will never be used against you. 

They stand by your side, offering unwavering support as you navigate life’s challenges.

So, if your partner truly loves you, they would respect that clear and obvious boundary while offering the healing power of unconditional presence.

4) They help you heal 

Let’s get real about healing – it’s not waving a wand and uttering a spell; it’s all about putting in the effort with the presence of love. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but hey, clichés are clichés for a reason – because they’re true.

A partner who genuinely loves you doesn’t just acknowledge your past traumas; they roll up their sleeves and actively join you on the healing journey.

When the world feels heavy, they’re not just a shoulder to cry on; they’re a compassionate ear and a reassuring presence. In their arms, you don’t just find a partner; you discover a safe harbor for all your emotions.

Remember when we touched on self-improvement? This isn’t just breaking a simple habit; it’s tending to the wounded inner child, giving it the care it deserves. And let’s be real, that kind of healing takes time. Someone who truly loves you gets that and will stick by you through this journey. 

They don’t rush; they don’t push; instead, they become your patient guide, your north star through the process.

5) They compromise 

youre the controlling one in the relationship 1 9 signs you’re in a relationship with someone who genuinely loves you

A thriving, loving relationship is often seen when both partners share common interests and hobbies. 

They go the extra mile to understand and engage in the things that pique your interest.

These things can range from catching up on a series you’re currently in love with so they can watch it with you to joining you in a CrossFit class just because you attend them.

This shows they understand the value of compromise and are willing to step outside their comfort zone to share their happiness, even if it means discovering uncharted territories.

6) They’re your emotional bedrock

In a genuine, loving relationship, your partner becomes your emotional anchor. 

Whether you’re dancing on cloud nine or passing through a storm, they’re there, offering up their love and support without conditions. It’s not just sunshine and rainbows; it’s about standing strong together when the skies are gray.

Navigating together through the messiness of life makes the bonds even tighter, the connection even more real.

I remember when my partner went through a rough patch with a sick family member. Everything was as low as low gets – their mood, energy, and enthusiasm. 

But you know what? When the storm passed, our relationship felt like it had bench-pressed some serious emotional weights and became stronger than ever. 

True love is a powerhouse in good times and bad.

7) They actively listen

Love is found not only in grand gestures and poems but also in the subtle nature of everyday moments together, like actively listening to each other.

When your partner listens to you to understand your thoughts, feelings, and dreams rather than to respond, you feel heard and valued.

This fortifies the bond between both of you and creates a safe space where anything can be said. 

Only individuals who are genuinely in love comfortably practice active listening because they see and appreciate the essence of each other’s individuality.

8) They shower you with acts of kindness

Small acts of kindness can make a heart-melting impact on a relationship. 

A partner who loves you leaves surprise notes, brings your favorite coffee, or remembers to handle tasks you may have forgotten.

Some of these acts can be in their love language or yours, so you must watch for them.

These small yet thoughtful gestures can hold meaning beyond what you normally see. That cup of water they get when they pour some for themselves, the gentle handhold when you’re feeling anxious in a public setting, or that subtle smile that they see you in a room full of people.

9) They embrace your individuality

In a loving relationship, both partners are encouraged to be their authentic selves. Your partner respects your individuality and encourages you to pursue your passions and interests, even when they differ from their own. 

They appreciate that your uniqueness is what makes you special and celebrate it rather than trying to change you.

If you’re obsessed with cats? They shower you with cute cat videos. 

If you love going for late-night walks, they will put their coat on at the stroke of midnight to join you for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

Final thoughts: 

Shushing off intrusive thoughts of doubt that may pop out of nowhere can be a real challenge for many people when it comes to their relationships.

The doubt can then fester into something that can destroy your peace and your partners’.

But, if your partner shows his love through most of these signs, you may be looking at your forever home.

Lily Gareth

Lily Gareth

Beirut-based writer with a flair for all that is artistic. Follow her on Instagram: @raysofdisarrays

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