10 signs you’re in a relationship with an exceptionally loyal person

Loyalty isn’t just about having a partner who doesn’t cheat on you.

Yet it’s often one of the most important things people think about when they consider their partner to be “loyal”.

But just because your partner is faithful, that doesn’t mean they’re an exceptionally loyal person.

Want to know if you’re dating a truly loyal person? Here are 10 signs to look out for!

1) They never talk bad about you behind your back

A loyal person wouldn’t dream of talking badly about you behind your back.

If they do say anything about you to their friends or family, it’ll be positive. Like telling them places you went, achievements you’ve made, or how you’re doing generally.

They wouldn’t talk about your sex life, joke about your insecurities, or mock the things you’ve shared with them when at your most vulnerable.

Instead, they’ll keep the things that happen in private private.

Why? Because they’re exceptionally loyal to you, your secrets, and all the deep and meaningful things that happen in your relationship.

2) They don’t talk badly about other people they “like”

Just like they wouldn’t talk badly about you behind your back, a loyal person also wouldn’t talk smack about people they claim to like.

They wouldn’t spend the entire day with their friend – being as nice and supportive as ever – then come home to you and talk trash about them for hours.

They also wouldn’t be as kind as ever to your Mom or sister while you’re visiting for dinner – and then slate them all as soon as they leave.

Instead, they’ll have respect for people enough to be kind in person and kind behind the scenes. Even if they don’t particularly like this person, they’ll be civil and polite.

But they wouldn’t be outright two-faced. And yes, there’s a big difference between being two-faced and staying civil to someone you don’t click with!

3) They discuss issues with you first (not their friends or family)

Another thing a loyal person wouldn’t do is talk to everyone except you about the relationship issues you’re having.

If you went through their phone (which is a contentious subject), you wouldn’t find streams of messages in the group chat about how annoying you are.

You also wouldn’t find out from their friend that you’re having bedroom problems – rather than them.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you talk to each other about your concerns, feelings, and intimacy issues. And you work through things together, rather than apart.

That being said, sometimes it’s good (and healthy) to seek advice from a trusted friend about a relationship issue. It can offer a different perspective on things and help you progress things better than you could on your own.

But this shouldn’t be the first thing the person you’re dating does whenever you’re having issues. Plus, the conversation should be respectful, rather than condemning!

4) They honor your wishes, even when you’re not around

When you’re a loyal person, you don’t break promises as soon as your partner’s back is turned. That means if you asked them not to do something, they wouldn’t do it just because “you’d never know”.

You’d never hear them say: “I promised [partner’s name] I wouldn’t, but she’ll never know!”

Or: “I’ll do it – but just don’t tell [partner’s name], as he wouldn’t like it/he’d kill me if he found out!”.

Like if they promised they wouldn’t smoke or drink tonight, but then they do it because “you’ll never know”. Or if they invite friends over and you ask them not to let anyone go in your bedroom – but they do it anyway “as long as no one tells you”.

Someone who does these things isn’t as loyal as you might think.

Because when you’re dating an extremely loyal person, they’ll honor your wishes even when you’re not around. And they have respect for you and your boundaries – no matter where they are or who they’re with.

5) They never cheat on you

It should go without saying that a loyal person wouldn’t ever cheat on you in a relationship – but this point still has to make the list somewhere!

When you’re dating someone extremely loyal, it just isn’t in their bones to break your trust and be unfaithful – no matter the circumstances.

They wouldn’t do it if they were drunk. They wouldn’t do it if it was a “dare”. They wouldn’t even do it if they (or you both) were going through a rough patch.

They just wouldn’t.

6) They’re always honest with you

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Another thing an exceptionally loyal person categorically would not do is lie to you.

Loyal people have integrity, and they pride themselves on it. Lying about the serious stuff is something they don’t do with the person they claim to love.

They wouldn’t fake a scenario to get you off their case. They wouldn’t make up a story to make themselves sound better than they are.

And they wouldn’t hide things from you in the hopes you never find out the truth.

Instead, honesty is the best policy for them – and they tell you the truth about all things (and never give you a reason to think otherwise).  

7) They are consistent with you

Another sign you’re in a relationship with an extremely loyal person is if they are consistent in how they act and treat you.

This includes consistency in their communication and their overall behavior towards you.

Like they’d never message you frequently one day – then flat-out ghost you the next. They also wouldn’t be loving and caring one week – and completely cold the next time they see you.

You never find yourself thinking you know them and where you stand one week, and then thinking they’re a completely different person the next.

Instead, their love and support for you is always the same.

And ultimately, you can rely on them. You know exactly what you’re getting with them and you don’t feel confused about where you both are with the relationship.

8) They share their passwords

My partner and I know each other’s phone passwords. We’re both very private people and we’d never go through each other’s personal messages.

But we see no reason to hold back on giving our passwords.

Yet a guy I dated in school refused to show me his password. Whenever he typed it in, he’d hide his phone from me. If he got a text when we were together, he locked his phone immediately and put it away.

I eventually found out he was cheating. And sharing personal details about us in his group chats. Which is why he never wanted me to see his phone…

The moral of the story is that loyal people have no problem sharing their passwords with the person they’re dating. They have nothing to hide – at all – and they see no reason to hold back on giving you these things.

9) They have long-lasting friendships

A loyal person isn’t just loyal to you. They’re also loyal to the other people they have in their lives.

They’re not constantly flitting from one person to another.

They don’t have all new friends – who keep changing every month that passes.

Instead, they have very strong, stable, and long-lasting friendships. The friends they have, they may have had for years and years and years.

And even though they may have some good friends from the past that they don’t speak to anymore, they’re still somewhat loyal in how they talk about them.

10) They don’t insult your family

Another sign you’re in a relationship with an exceptionally loyal person is if they never say a bad word about your family.

Family is important to everyone, regardless of any issues you may have between yourselves. It’s a sensitive subject and something to be respectful of.

An exceptionally loyal person knows this – and wouldn’t be disrespectful by badmouthing your family.

If you’re venting about your family, they might join in and support you. Or they might defend you in a situation that calls for it.

But they wouldn’t do anything that makes you feel like they’re disrespecting your family or the boundaries you have.

Final thoughts

Dating someone exceptionally loyal can be a wonderful experience.

They won’t ever cheat on you, that’s for sure. Or lie to you – even about the small things.

But, most importantly, you’ll feel a complete sense of trust in them. They won’t break their promises and they’ll always be respectful towards you, your family, and the other people in their lives.

Even though it’s important to have love for a relationship to last, it’s also important to have trust, respect, and a deep sense of loyalty to each other.

And if you’re dating someone who displays some or all of these behaviors – I have great news. You’re in a relationship with one of the good ones – so try not to let them go!

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